The Rangers Guild

Greetings Seeker,
Long have I traveled across the vast wilderness of Britannia, often in pursuit of a quest’s end but always in search of a deeper meaning. From Britannia’s highest peaks, to her lowest swamp, through ancient forest growth in the sweltering heat or the darkest winter cold, and over her most wind-swept and tempestuous seas, I have come to know every plot of land and sea there is to map. Yet, the more I learn of this land the more I come to realize how many secrets she hides. These secrets, however, are not guarded jealously, but offered freely to those willing to walk her hidden paths. We are but two puzzles, she and I, and the more I puzzle over her mysteries and discover her secrets, the more I uncover that which is hidden… in me. This is what it means to be a ranger.

If you are reading this, it must mean you are contemplating the path of the ranger. I congratulate you for this consideration alone, for to approach the choice is the first step in the search for the inner light. The guild is open to all who seek to follow the path of the ranger, but know that the path towards enlightenment which all rangers walk is one fraught with peril and mystery. For among Britannia’s many secrets are revelations dark indeed. Your strength shall be tested. Your mind, challenged. Your soul, tried. But those willing to dedicate themselves to the eight virtues in service to the kingdom shall attain a reward beyond anything material: the respect and fellowship of fellow rangers, and a chance to become something more than yourself.

Welcome, seeker, to the Rangers Guild of Skara Brae.

~Shamino Sallé Dacil

Ranks & Titles

Rank Point Req. Reward
Recruit 0
Lookout 20 Sash
Scout 40 Kilt / Boots (Gargoyle: Apron)
Sentry 80 Studded Tunic (Gargoyle: Leather Tunic)
Pathfinder 120 Studded Gloves (Gargoyle: Leather Leggings)
Warden 160 Studded Leggings (Gargoyle: Leather Kilt)
Ranger 240 Studded Sleeves (Gargoyle: Leather Arms)
Master Ranger 320 Studded Gorget (Gargoyle: Necklace)
Ranger Commander 400 Cloak (Gargoyle: Wing Armor)
All uniform pieces are blessed, shard-bound, and “Owned By”. It is advised to NOT put any Ranger Guild armor on mannequins, as the “Owned By” attribute may cause them to disappear.

Point System

Advancing in the ranks of the Rangers Guild requires dedication to the path. Those that aspire to master the path will be considered on several criteria, subject to the judgement of the Guildmaster. The Guildmaster shall call a promotion ceremony at interval to award those who achieve the next rank. Those that wish to advance must arrive in the uniform parts they have already received in order to receive their promotion.

Points: 1 – 5
The Gargish people may have been on to something in counting Persistence among their chief virtues, for what would Britannia be if her heroes did not answer the call of danger and hardship time and time again, knowing the peril and tribulation which awaited them? Present yourself at the beginning of the event in order to earn the most basic recognition.
Added Rule (3/18/18): For each consecutive mission attended you shall earn an additional point, up to a maximum of 5. If a mission is missed however you shall start over at 1. The new rule applies moving forward.

Points: 1 – 5
The Rangers Guild hunts and quests as a team, but those that go above and beyond the normal call of duty and battle to take on particularly precarious challenges or uncover the riddles and mysteries of our enemies shall be recognized for their deeds.

Points: 1 – 5
The pursuit of Spirituality is a quest of self-discovery. However, the path is not some mere passing act of introspection, but rather a continuous forging and refinement of the spirit. Likewise, the path of the ranger is not limited to simply learning the lay of the land, but rather in learning of one’s innate connection to it. Those that seek the spirit of Sosaria within them and strive to live and act in accordance to the world in which they inhabit, shall advance much more quickly as a ranger.

Points: 1 – 5
The Rangers Guild has pursued many mysteries across Britannia. When such mysteries bear their enigmatic heads the Guildmaster may call upon the guild to investigate certain matters and complete a report of their findings. Reports will only be necessary when requested by the Guildmaster.

Note: Point distribution is determined by the judgement of the EM during events, as they see fit to award them.

Current Roster

Name Rank
aoLOLita Recruit
artifice Recruit
Bao Recruit
Breseis Recruit
Capital-D Recruit
Cathy Earnshaw Recruit
Damia Recruit
Dawn Sonoma Recruit
Dev Cortair Recruit*
Disonic Recruit
Dundee Recruit
Gia Recruit
Jarik Recruit
JIMBO Recruit
Lizie Recruit
Maints Magic Recruit
Matt Logan Recruit
Meanwan Recruit
Meeko Recruit
Mielikki Terra Recruit
Mr Crowley Recruit
Naughty Minx Recruit
prin Recruit
Rhiannon Recruit
Ronan Recruit
Sarah Recruit
Severence Recruit
Stewart-Little Recruit
The Peacemaker Recruit
Zalan Recruit

*Eligible for promotion.
Roster last updated April 1st, 2018