[FICTON] Memories Once Lost IV

The battle had been brutal. Perhaps one of the most brutal to occur in a chain of defeats beginning with what the armies of British believed would be their heaviest blow yet against the Dark Lord, until six infernal knights rose amidst the madness of war and began their unholy campaign; slashing through every knight that would challenge them, and every tactic or magic their enemies could conceive, and pushing Lord British’s armies back across a warpath once made wet with the Legion’s blood – now being drenched with the blood of Sosarian Knights. The Knights of Mondain, they had been dubbed. Six armored monsters of immeasurable strength, that even if struck down would rise to fight again. They violently reversed the tides of war and now it was the Sosarians who were forced into retreat in battle after battle until only a fraction of their once glorious army remained in a final, desperate fight.

There had been no finer force in the history of Sosaria that so effectively battled against the kind of unnatural abominations that filled Mondain’s Legions, yet all their skill and wisdom could not match the incomprehensible power of the arcane mysteries Mondain unlocked in the course of the war with the help of his extraordinary gem. The battle had not been long; the Sosarians were permitted to wreak a momentary havoc upon the Legion until the wretched Knights determined to step in. After so much loss and devastation, what remained of Sir Nathaniel’s army stood together as silence fell over the field and the Legion and the Knights surrounding them stepped back from fighting. The two armies rested.

It did not take long before one of the Six Knights approached the wary Sosarians. In his unholy armor he stood towering above most of the soldiers on the field, marching with heavy steps as his once-white platemail, paled from faded stains of blood, clanked and rustled noisily and stopped midway between the two armies. Seeing now that the mysterious warrior wished to speak, Sir Nathaniel approached alone.

The Sosarian commander spoke grimly. “If thou wishest to speaketh of the terms of our surrender, then permit me to say this: we will not submit ourselves to the tyranny of Mondain. Not now. Not ever.”

The pale knight spoke, his voice lightly echoing behind his helm. “Thou wouldst fight to the death. I would expect no less.”

“Then what dost thou want?” Nathaniel remarked calmly, but bitterly.

“A second duel to compliment our previous spar,” uttered the pale knight.

Nathaniel was silent for a moment, attempting to understand what was meant. He gestured dismissively. “Speaketh plainly, fiend, or kill me! I will not guess at thy riddles.”

“No riddles,” spoke the pale knight. “A battle between two champions. I shall represent my legion. Thou shalt represent thine. Whosoever wins shall be declared the victor of this battle. If thou art victorious, thy knights shall be permitted to leave.”

Nathaniel sneered. “How can I be victorious… thou hast proven impervious to death and in possession of an unholy power. Thine only desire is to make of me a mockery.”

“It is true, I cannot die. But overcoming me in battle shall be sufficient for victory. My strength may be unstoppable. However the choice now is to commit thyself and thy peers to a certain death, or to fight in single-handed combat for a chance at life. If thou art defeated the result will be the same. What sayest thou?”

“Thou leavest me no choice, thou cruel terror. I will consent to these terms.”

The pale knight lifted his sword. “A wise choice, ‘old friend’. It is better this way.”

Nathaniel stood stunned for a few seconds, before quietly stammering, “..Alastair?”

He only barely managed to regain his senses in time to evade the pale knight’s greatsword crashing downward towards his head. Striking the ground, the force of the sword caused an explosion of dirt into the air and sent Nathaniel tumbling. He quickly gathered to his feet and met the pallid knight’s second blow with equal ferocity, blocking the strike with one of his own. The force of the two strikes sent both swords reeling backwards and from there the two warriors of legend went to work.

Nathaniel could hardly believe that his old friend, whom he had witnessed dying on the battlefield by his sword, was now alive and the worst foe he had ever faced in his life wielding strength that took everything within him to withstand. Yet, as the two warriors crossed swords and scored hits against each other, there was no doubting the familiar style of Alastair’s fighting technique which Nathaniel had come to recognize after years of sparring. Alastair had always been a competent warrior, but not one of particular note.

But now… with the unreal power of Mondain behind him, he was an unstoppable force. Nathaniel landed strike after strike, but no matter how grievous the blow the Pallid Knight would push forward, never losing strength while fighting a slow battle of attrition against the accomplished knight, Sir Nathaniel. Weary from a seemingly endless duel, Nathaniel’s guard went down just long enough to earn a mind-shattering blow from his former friend. He attempted to stand at first, but then rested on his knees.

Through heavy breaths, Nathaniel spoke, “Thou traitor… fiend… art thou going to finish me? Thou hadst ample opportunity…”

The Pallid Knight looked down to his defeated foe. “Thou art experiencing first hand the fate of this kingdom. The unavoidable fate of a slow, painful defeat. For even if the Knights of British vanquish every soldier in my lord’s legion, we shall take every strike and every blow and we shall march into the court of British himself, and rid Sosaria of this usurper for all time. Thou wilt be known in the stories as the traitor, the villian, the enemy of justice and order and the children of future ages shall hate thee for generations to come. Call me not traitor, brother, for I bring the light of our lord’s justice down upon the lies and the crimes of the usurper, the false king, thy king, Lord British.”

Sir Nathaniel only shook his head, disoriented and in despair. “Thou art a monster, and thou shalt be sto-“

“We shall not be stopped!” the Pallid Knight interrupted. “I have seen every trick and strategy and magical concoction thou hast devised, and nothing thou hast attempted found success. If one of the most accomplished knights of Sosaria could not defeat the servants of Mondain, then who dost thou suppose shall?”

In a fit of rage Nathaniel screamed, thrusting himself to his feat and attempting a strike against his odious foe but this swing was parried with little effort and the enraged knight was sent hurdling to the ground.

The voice of the Pallid Knight was now low, and ominous. “There is only one way to defeat us, Sir Nathaniel.”

From where Mondain’s Legions were gathered, the soldiers parted way as a cart pulled by an ogre crawling across the ground lumbered towards the Pallid Knight. Upon it stood an armor stand bearing a set of gleaming, golden platemail armor similar in dimension to the armor of the other cursed knights. Nathaniel looked back from where he lay and then slowly stood.

“Sully mine own soul with the unholy magic of Mondain? Never.”

“Sir Nathaniel,” the Pallid Knight began, “Thou art the most gallant and noblest knight I have ever known. Yet is thy conviction a match for the will of Mondain? Perhaps not, and thou art right to be afraid.”

Nathaniel spit out some blood. “Deceiver. For what cause wouldst thou deliver unto me the weapon of thy bane, except to deceive me, and maketh me thine unwitting slave?”

The Pallid Knight stood silent for a moment, and then spoke. “It is true that I have betrayed thee. But in all of our time together, I have never deceived thee. We endure equal risk alike in this matter. Yet my purpose is not to beguile thee. It is to see, for once and for all, if thou art truly willing to do what it takes to defend thy liege, thy kingdom, and thy people. Show me of what honor thou art truly capable.”

A suspenseful silence fell upon the whole of the battlefield as Sir Nathaniel stood scowling at the Pallid Knight. Defeated and broken, he faced certain death in every conceivable scenario, save one. Die a glorious but empty death, or roll the dice for a chance to save his kingdom. He turned now to gaze upon the enchanted armor.

Hatred and angst alike burned brightly in Nathaniel’s eyes.

[EVENT] October Events

10/25 – The Final Ride of the Knights of Mondain Part I
On Wednesday, October 25th at 8:00 PM EST, meet with Commander Forthwin at Castle Blackthorn.

10/26 – Council Meeting
On Thursday, October 26th at 8:00 PM EST, Lord Blackthorn will preside over a Council Meeting.

10/27 – The Final Ride of the Knights of Mondain Part II
On Friday, October 27th at 8:00 PM EST, meet with Commander Forthwin at the meeting point.

10/31 – Night of the Dead
On Tuesday, October 31st, answer the call of Faolan the Druid to conduct the Ritual of Passage on the night of Samhain.
Note: This will be a roleplay event with minimal combat.

[EVENT] The Final Battle of the Shattered Obelisk

9/27/2017 – After all of the sacrifice and loss, the Royal Britannian Guard rallied one more time for what could be their final attempt to halt the relentless onslaught of the Titans of Pagan. Meeting at Castle Blackthorn, Commander Forthwin spoke grimly of the overwhelming odds against Britannia, but also of the plan in motion to strike back. Despite their many appearances and apparent defeats across the invaded cities of Britannia, the Titans never seemed to die. Rather, they would only gather their strength and invade again and again, slowly but surely wearing down the brave defenders of the kingdom until the inevitable moment that Britannia’s defenders could fight no more.

The book which the thief Ricardo recovered from the vault of the Mysterium Fidei held the key: lost, arcane knowledge of ancient Sosaria pertaining to the binding of spirits and elements. Magister Rainard along with the highest echelons of magicians had worked tirelessly to learn and adapt this knowledge in order to formulate their own spell to bind four of the most powerful beings that Britannia had ever seen. However while the mages made their last minute preparations, Commander Forthwin ordered the guards to assist with imminent invasions that would mark the final push of the Titans in their quest to conquer Britannia.

The guards first rallied with Iolo who was leading the defense of Trinsic. There was barely enough time for Iolo to brief the guards on the situation before massive waves crashed against Trinsic’s shoreline, from which elementals and malformed monsters originating in the deep sea marched onto dry land. The guards swiftly defeated the initial invasion before Iolo sent them to Jhelom, warning them that this would only be the beginning should their plan against the Titans fail.

In Jhelom, the guards met with Sir Dupre who was leading the defense against Pyros. They did not have to wait long before an onslaught of fiery forms descended onto the island, lighting up the streets of Jhelom with battle. Most frightening was a massive flaming form of dragon fire erupting upon a wooden guard post. The guards knew that if this was only a taste of what was to come, failure would not be an option. As the battled simmered down Sir Dupre sent them to find Shamino in the mountain pass of Wind, where a dire situation was unfolding.

The guards met with Shamino who explained that the Titan Stratos was at work in the mountain passes brewing a powerful storm that had the potential to completely level Britain itself. The very notion of such raw power sent chills down every spine as they charged into the mountain passes to seek out the wind elementals that were beginning to churn the air. The guards were able to halt this initial attempt at laying waste to the entire city of Britain, which Shamino thanked them and sent them on their way with the knowledge that the next attempt might end in profound devastation.

Through Shamino’s moongate, the guards encountered Mariah near the entrance of Deceit. Deceit, a dungeon wherein many ancient bodies were buried, was a coveted location for one such as Lithos, the Mountain King. As they entered into the mountains they were set upon by moving earth and the waking dead as the ground rumbled slightly beneath their feet. It seemed then that the guards were only seeing a preview of what was likely happening in the depths of the dungeon. Vanquishing Lithos’ front line would at least buy them some time, however.

After defeating the initial emergence of Lithos’ forces, Mariah led the guards to the Shrine of Honesty, where a small camp had been set up. Many who had worked tirelessly to enact their plan were there: Commander Forthwin, Magister Rainard, Ricardo the thief, Shamino, Sir Dupre, and Iolo. Mariah was given the Mysterium Fidei tome by Rainard and, after saying what may have been her final farewells to her friends, she led the guards into the Plane of the Shattered Obelisk.

It was there that she began the ritual that would contain the Titans for good. In the very center of the ritual area, a tall obelisk of solid blackrock reassembled from pieces recovered from Pagan and with the help of the guards began to absord the overwhelming power of the Titans. However the power being channeled into the obelisk was so great, it was too much for Mariah and, despite her mastery of magic, succumbed briefly to the intense flow of energy as she became filled the combined essence of the four titans and became a Titan of Ether. Pulsing with god-like power the Titan became unstable and out of control, lashing out at the guards. An intense battle followed on the Plane of the Shattered Obelisk but, thank the virtues, the seemingly infinite power of the Titan of Ether was pushed back into the obelisk, and Mariah saved from its grip.

From there they returned to Britannia, and on that very day it is said Lord Blackthorn recovered from his injuries and announced the formation of a parade in honor of those who fought bravely in the defense of the kingdom of Britannia.

[EVENT] Mordra’s Game

9/20/2017 – Magister Rainard met with Dev Cortair and Savoua Fair in need of assistance for a special mission called for by the recently arrived mage from the world of Pagan, Mythran. Rainard had stated that the book which Ricardo had found in the vault of the Mysterium Fidei contained ancient Sosarian knowledge on the binding of spirits and elements, knowledge which he believed could serve as a way to stop the titans. Rainard as well as many of the most skilled mages in the kingdom were hard at work devising a spell that would bind the titans, however Mythran believed their efforts might be in vain if Mordra remained loose to twist the hearts and minds of their fellow Britannians to serve the titans. They determined then that action would need to be taken in order to prevent any action taken against the titans to be undermined from the clever machinations of Mordra. Rainard ordered Dev and Savoua to meet with Mythran at a place he had requested, and sent them along through a moongate.

They found Mythran shortly thereafter in the wisp circle near the Dungeon Shame, where he explained that long had he and Mordra clashed in battles of wits which usually involved each attempting to outsmart the other in a long-standing deadly game. Their first step would be to find a hideout of several cultists in Mordra’s service that were hiding in a mountain pass near Shame. After clearing out the cave where the cultists were living, the three adventurers encountered a cultist who seemed to know Mythran, and gave him a rune as a part of some implied deal which Mythran had not before explained. Before opening a moongate from the rune he explained that he had no idea where it would lead, and that they should be ready for anything.

What they found on the other side was that they were in the middle of the Umbra arena, which had been completely sealed to prevent escape, while Mordra stood above the pit watching them. Suddenly, Mythran turned to Dev and Savoua and said he had tricked them, that he was in fact a servant of the titans now as he realize they were the true power to revere and that in order to join Mordra’s cult, he had been required to bring any guards he could into the trap so that they may be killed and the Britannians’ efforts thwarted for good. However, Mordra suddenly cast a spell on Mythran that wrapped him in magical bindings and explained that she was not going to fall for his ruse against her, after which she summoned an army of demons to slaughter the three adventurers, followed by a legendary warrior-king of Pagan known as Khumash-Gor.

After a harrowing battle all of Mordra’s minions had been defeated, and Mythran freed from the magical barrier. When Mordra attempted to escape however she found she was unable to teleport away. Mythran in turn revealed that while she had been working tirelessly to subvert the citizens of Britannia against their own kingdom, he had been studying the magical knowledge recorded by the mages of Britannia over the course of the ages, and had learned a great deal about how Britannians teleport. Using that knowledge had constructed a charm which would prevent Mordra from being able to teleport away while in its presence. A fight between the two ensued as Mythran magically pulled Mordra into the pit and tried to take away her book, however before he could she began to chant the words of power for the Armageddon spell. Before she could finish he used his Pagan magic to open a portal into the ethereal void, and pulled her through before the portal closed again. Before long, a different moongate appeared in the arena leading back to Castle Blackthorn.

Dev and Savoua encountered Magister Rainard, who learned from a wisp that had been instructed to relay a message from Mythran in the event of what had occurred occuring that Mythran had originally reached out to Mordra to convince her that he wanted to join her side. She knew, of course, that it was a ruse, but Mythran knew that she knew, and even knew that she knew that he knew. Mordra played along with the request, knowing that Mythran knew that she was only playing along, but directed him to the location of some her cultists as well as an agent that would give him a rune. The deal between them however, stipulated that Mythran would not be able to know where the rune would lead. Mordra believed this would be her ace in the hole. Mythran however had something else in mind. And so, giving himself to chance and hoping that the guards would emerge victorious against Mordra’s minions, he was ultimately able to prevent her escape using magic with which she had not yet been acquainted. The wisp had told Rainard that Mythran and Mordra had become separated in the ethereal void, and so the leader of the cult may still be at large, but her forced departure and delayed presence in Britannia would be enough to allow them to act against the titans without Mordra’s interference.

All that remained then was the grim hope that the ancient magical knowledge of the Mysterium Fidei would be enough to contain the vast powers of the elemental Titans.

[EVENT] An Ancient Weapon

9/14/2017 – Gathering at Castle Blackthorn, the guards met with Magister Rainard who informed them that he may have had a solid lead on finding the legendary vault of the Mysterium Fidei. Many of the relics from their time had become lost, while others were passed down through generations or sold among collectors. Rainard was able to find that a number of relics had been inherited by of an old Magincian noble by the name of Lord Silas many years ago, many of which he had sold. The old noble was a difficult man to locate, but Rainard was able to find out that he had sold several books pertaining to the Mysterium Fidei to a mage in Moonglow by the name of Herman. Thus, he ordered the guards to find Herman in Moonglow and learn what he knew. The information they needed revolved around a key which was said to both reveal and unlock a doorway into the vault, which would indicate the vault occupied some kind of shadowy dimension not unlike the tombs which they had sealed the Knights of Mondain away before.

Upon finding Herman he indicated that he did purchase books from Lord Silas. When asked about the key, he said he did not have it but was aware of a mage who may have acquired it from the elusive Magincian noble named Antonios, an evil magician that dwelled in the depths of Dungeon Shame along with other unsavory mages that had been banished from the realm. He offered to help them in exchange for being permitted to tag along with the guards.

At Shame, they encountered the foul mage and after a daring battle they were able to vanquish him inside the western mage tower deep in the heart of the dungeon. Herman was able to find the key but before he revealed the doorway to the guards, he removed his robe and wizard hat and revealed himself to be none other than the legendary thief, Ricardo.

The famous thief explained he had been searching for the great vault all along himself, and had intended to assist the guards. Though Magister Rainard had originally ordered the guards to return with the key, the mischievious Ricardo couldn’t wait to enter the vault, and opened up the hidden doorway for all to enter.

Inside they encountered frenzied demons roaming the dark, ancient hallways and very soon found two crystals, one which was still in tact and contained the bound souls of many demons and the other, shattered. It seemed that if the guards were going to uncover the treasures of this place, they were going to have to contend with the escaped monsters roaming the halls. Many of the guards ran off on their own search of the ancient vault, but some followed Ricardo as he made his way through the twisting corridors until at last coming upon a room wherein they found a mace that was unmistakably the fabled mace of Xaerhaonohr the demon. Along with the mace, Ricardo noticed a tome that was concerning the magical knowledge of binding powerful spirits. Though Ricardo did not see any present need for such a book, he felt at the time it may be wise to take it. Once found, he helped the guards escape the chaotic halls of the vault and later, it was heard, Ricardo had honorably turned over the mace and the mysterious tomb to Magister Rainard.

[EVENT] The Haunting of Skara Brae

9/7/2017 – The guards gathered at the Ranger’s Guild of Skara Brae, meeting with the famous ranger, Shamino. Shamino explained that he had an interaction with a being known as Lithos, whose arrival had caused a spiritual upheaval resulting in the disturbance in the earth between the Skara Brae stables and Iver’s Rounding, as well as the undead now wandering the small satellite island. This disruption had caused the appearance of a well of souls, a manifestation of a crossroads between the physical and spiritual realms. Normally these manifestations are not observable by the eyes of living beings, but powerful magic had forced its exposure. Shamino asked the guard to help him investigate what was happening, which the guard readily agreed.

They traveled by ferry to Iver’s Rounding, quickly vanquishing the undead that aimlessly wandered its shores before finding the well locked up tight. Once Shamino was able to crack open its hidden entrance, the group entered into the spiritual realm.

Shamino remarked on several features of the spiritual realm. For one, nothing that was seen was real, but rather only an illusion born from the experience of the souls that dwelled in it. The road they walked was lined with candles that were meant to guide the way for the souls of the dead to find the sacred flame. Along the road they entered a town – a place which, Shamino explained – was a manifestation of many souls’ inability to move on from aspects of their former lives. The dead could become stuck in the town, unable to let go of regrets. They often lacked short term memory and from time to time would display no sense of continuity. Some ghosts were present enough to communicate, while others were so far gone, or unprepared to speak, that no conversation could be held.

Moving through the town, Shamino and the group immediately attempted to reach the sacred fires, but found a magical barrier obstructing all movement through a gate leading to the fires. Immediately Shamino ran to the nearby temple of souls in the town, but found it was fragmented and ripped apart by magic force. Shortly thereafter they began interrogating whichever ghosts they could find that were able to communicate, but would find they would vanish mid-conversation. After further investigation they realized that the threat was coming from the surrounding woods, a manifestation symbolizing darkness and unknown, where malevolent spirits often wandered and where souls could easily become lost. When the guard entered they encountered a fair number of these restless spirits before finding a gathering of necromancers performing a ceremony dedicated to Lithos under the direction of none other than Mordra. The guards interrupted the ceremony and vanquished the necromancers, however Mordra was able to get away.

The guards then proceeded back through the gate, where the magical barrier had now vanished, and proceeded to the sacred fires to find a physical manifestation of Lithos himself guarding the fires. After it was defeated, Shamino stated he would remain with the well of souls for a little while longer to ensure no further aggression could threaten its integrity. If souls ready to move on could not enter the flames and return to the natural cycle, he explained, it would cause major problems throughout all of Sosaria.

Sometime later it was reported that the well of souls took on a newer, larger form, however it is suspected that once the titans are vanquished…. IF they are vanquished…. the well will return to its invisible state once the physical-spiritual barriers have properly healed.

[EVENT] September Events

9/12 – One Last Clue
On Tuesday, September 12th at 8:00 PM EST, meet with Magister Rainard at Castle Blackthorn.
Note: This will be a primarily roleplay event, with moderate combat and no rewards.

9/14 – An Ancient Weapon
On Thursday, September 14th at 8:00 PM EST, meet with Magister Rainard at Castle Blackthorn.
Note: This event will have minimal roleplay, heavy combat and stealable rewards. Bring a character that can steal *and* fight!

9/20 – Mordra’s Game
On Wednesday, September 20th at 8:00 PM EST, meet with Magister Rainard at Castle Blackthorn.
Note: This will be a moderate roleplay event with moderate to heavy combat and no reward.

9/27 – The Final Battle of the Shattered Obelisk
On Wednesday, September 27th at 8:00 PM EST, meet with Commander Forthwin at Castle Blackthorn.
Note: This event will feature a lot of roleplay, HEAVY combat, has rewards, and likely will go well over an hour.

[EVENT] A Weapon Forged In Flame

8/31/2017 – Gathering at Castle Blackthorn, the guards were expecting to meet with Commander Forthwin but were greeted instead by the frowning visage of Magister Rainard. Having found a crucial lead in his search for the vault of the Mysterium Fidei, Rainard took command to pursue it, leaving Forthwin with the dull business of organizing Britannia’s defenses against the threat of the titans. However, as Magister Rainard began briefing the guards, he suddenly vanished before their very eyes as each guard present was suddenly subjected to a nightmarish vision of a demonic statue standing in Rainard’s place, through which Xaerhaonohr’s vile voice resonated, instructing them to seek out his hidden lair in the mountains north of Britain so they could retrieve the weapon that was promised to permanently destroy the six Knights of Mondain. When the vision dissipated, the guards relayed to the confused Magister what they beheld. Irritated by the news, Rainard begrudgingly fetched Commander Forthwin, who was determined to lead the guards on such a quest. When Commander Forthwin arrived, they set out through the forests north of Britain.

Along the way they were ambushed by fiery demons, whose presence seemed to have been heralded by the mysterious fires that had recently burned the farm houses outside of Britain. Fighting through these hordes, they arrived at a cave where a mysterious door awaited them. Upon stepping through they entered into a fiery chasm where none other than Xaerhaonohr awaited them. The crafty devil explained that his weapon was near completion, but he could only finish the infernal weapon while being entertained. From the piles of bones littered about the cavern, the remains of undead paladins emerged to fight the guards while the demon went to work banging his hammer on a strange material.

However, as Xaehaonohr was nearly finished, a strange presence made itself known. From out of the lava a powerful, elemental being emerged – perfectly unrecognizable beneath the molten rock but its overwhelming powers undeniable. Attracted no doubt by the awesome powers of the weapon being forged, several magical elementals manifested in the flowing lava to attack the guards. Though the threat was great, the guards only barely managed to ward off the threat, and the being sunk beneath the lava once again, but the demon’s weapon was ruined.

Thinking quickly, Xaehaonohr conceived of another idea, and immediately went to work. Once finished, he announced that the guards would not even need a physical weapon to thwart the Knights of Mondain, for the power to defeat them had been imbued upon their very souls. Indeed, the guards now were the weapon. The demon swore that the next time the guards encountered the Knights of Mondain, they would possess the ability to strike them down forever.

Note: Credit and gratitude goes to EM Dramnar who built the lava-fall decorations, for which I am very grateful!

[EVENT] The Dark Monks

8/24/2017 – Gathering at Castle Blackthorn, the guards met with Sir Dupre himself, who, after having been located and rescued from his previous harrowing adventure, was glad to provide assistance. He told the guards that royal spies had been covertly tracking the citizens who had left their homes to become ambushers, such as some of individuals healed in the Lazar house, and had at this point acquired a mole from within the strange cult that was willing to help them. Before embarking upon their adventure, Sir Dupre led the guards to the Yew winery, where they purchased robes to disguise themselves and observe the meeting to which they would travel. Now dressed for the part, the guards returned to Britain and made their way to the Lost Lands through the sewers.

In a hidden area on the other side of the tunnels, they encountered Sheldon, the insider that would assist the guards. He seemed to think there was something very wrong about what was going on and no longer wished to help the cultists’ cause. He summoned a moongate to the meeting area, located on Terra Sanctum, and found several robed citizens gathered before an obelisk.

Before long, an old woman appeared before them, and spoke of the need to save Britannia from a great evil that had affected her own world from far away. She introduced herself as Mordra and promised to lead the common people where all of the heroes and governors and the king had failed. The people were eager to help Mordra with her mysterious ritual and began to chant at the obelisk, but no sooner had the ritual begun had Sir Dupre gave the order to attack and stop whatever it was they were doing. The guards fought a desperate battle against many cultists and even elemental forces which seemed to manifest around the obelisk, until finally defeating all of the cultists entirely… but too late.

Mordra, claiming success, vanished in a pillar of fire. Though questions remained as to the nature of the ritual, many other questions had been answered that night. Indeed, it seemed it was this Mordra after all that had visited the Lazar house, and was the mysterious figure behind the trade route ambushers, and who was responsible for the mysterious caches being found across Britannia. What was not clear, however, was just what terror had been wrought by the ritual that had been conducted that day. Only time would tell.