Investigation Guide

Written by EM Erebus

What is being called an “Investigation Event” is typically a style of event that lasts over a period of time in which players can investigate a mystery by speaking to multiple NPCs at their own pace and on their own time. The purpose of this guide is to offer some tips for completing these quests, and explain some of the protocol used by me, EM Erebus,┬áso that you can hopefully avoid unnecessary confusion.


The Investigation NPCs respond to specific keywords or combinations of keywords. As a rule I will always have every NPC I create respond to “hello”, in order to indicate that they are related to the event and that they were created by me (though it is possible that some legacy NPCs are still around that might respond to hello). “Hello” may be enough to start down the dialogue chain, sometimes it is not. Some NPCs can only be conversed with if you have a special key phrase acquired elsewhere. For example, I may not want anyone to acquire knowledge from an NPC before speaking to me or another NPC, so even though the NPC will respond to “hello”, I may ask you to find Tim and tell him “I seek the holy grail”, in order to begin an investigation.

Keyword Hell

Generally speaking, the keywords will obey certain rules:

  • In a conversation, keywords will always be found within the NPCs text. For example, if Tim says, “Yes I can help you find the holy graaaaaaiiiiill…”, the keyword you are looking for will be somewhere in his statement (or a prior one). Exceptions to this rule will be rare.
  • Dialogue is not always a straight line. I will try to trick you by using multiple keywords in a single statement, and some of those branches will iterate through several keywords before reaching a dead end. For example, the statement in the previous bullet point could have both “help” and “holy” as keywords that lead down entirely separate dialogue paths. If you get stuck, check your journal to see if there are any possible keywords you missed.
  • In the exceptional cases where the keyword is not found in the NPC’s dialogue, while these cases will be rare they will (hopefully) be fairly obvious as to their nature. If you get stuck, feel free to send me an email and let me know where you are stuck. I will review the NPC and determine if I went overboard.
  • Often times, keywords will be a single word. Occasionally they will be multiple words. In these instances you will see the phrase appear in the NPC’s text surrounded by brackets or quotations. For example, the NPC might say, “Yes, I can help you find the [Holy Grail]…”, indicating that “Holy Grail” is the keyword. Likewise, the NPC might put the key phrase in quotes, e.g. Ask me about the “Holy Grail”.
  • On some occasions, an NPC will require a particular item be given to them in order to hear the next statement. This works by specifying a graphic, so for example if an NPC requests a gold ring, any gold ring graphic can be given to the NPC, but please note that you cannot get the item back once it has been given. Furthermore, if the item you give triggers the NPC’s dialogue, only you will be able to see the text. In other words, only the giver can see the dialogue that is triggered.

Remember, if you have any trouble with the quest or get stuck, feel free to send me an email at