Commander Arthur Forthwin
Age: 48
Home: Trinsic
Background: Arthur Forthwin had for many years served as a paladin in the Brotherhood of Trinsic. A veteran of many battles, Arthur’s only pursuit was the fight for good and the obliteration of evil in all of its forms. Seeing his potential to lead, Lord Blackthorn appointed him to lead his Royal Guards, and to continue his mission to keep Britannia safe from evil.
Magister Rainard
Age: 32
Home: Moonglow
Background: Hailing from the city of mages, Rainard is highly trained in the art of sorcery and alchemy. Through his hard work and intense study, Rainard has become a skilled and cunning mage, earning him a place among the royal wizards of Lord Blackthorn’s court. His duty is to handle matters of magical nature, and to seek out powerful, magical artifacts across Sosaria and secure them in Lord Blackthorn’s vault so that they might not fall into the wrong hands.


Heckles the Jester
Age: ??
Home: ??
Background: Heckles the Jester has for many years been the court jester of Lord Blackthorn, and has at times been known to beg the Royal Guard for their help, and typically to find his lost cat, Dom, who for one reason or another has found himself in some kind of trouble once again.


Dom the Cat
Dom is the pet of Heckles the Jester, who he named after the drink Dom Perignon. Dom is a mischievous cat who has a tendency to get himself in trouble, yet there often seems to be a purpose to his seemingly reckless behavior….
nicoradu2 Nico Radu
Age: 52
Home: ??
Background: Nico is a traveling gypsy merchant from a faraway land, the proprieter of Radu’s Cryptic Curiosities, Mystical Oddities, and Esoteric Antiques. He makes his living trading in oddities and often has strange and outlandish requests. Often times, he will provide a variety of wares, allowing those that dare to deal with him to choose the item of their desire, but sometimes these deals are not always what they seem…
Faolan the Druid
Age: 61
Home: Yew
Background: Like many followers of the ancient methods of druids, very little is known about Faolan’s background. The druid first became known when he conducted a druidic ceremony to speak with some of the lingering spirits of Britannia to put them to rest. The druids of Britannia are few in number; relics of another age, they are the final remnants of a dying belief stretching to the days before Lord British established the eight virtues. Though on the verge of extinction, Faolan and druids like him to continue to serve the land in what ways they can.
The Collector
Age: 48
Home: ??
Background: An eccentric rares collector of which very little is known, least of all his true identity. The Collector’s chief interest is in acquiring the finest and most exotic rare objects that can be found across Britannia. He appeared during a time when the Royal Guard was investigating the strange emergence of the sealed tombs of the Knights of Mondain – it was later revealed that the Collector had set the calamitous events in motion for the sole purpose of acquiring an authentic suit of armor forged by the dark wizard Mondain, even going so far as making a pact with a demon to accomplish his goal, but ultimately was thwarted in the end. Not strictly evil, nor particularly good, the Collector is concerned only with the adventure and thrill of acquiring the next rare and will do whatever it takes to get the object of his fancy.