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[EVENT] A Cruel Plan Indeed

8/7/2017 – The guards met with Magister Rainard who informed them of his other research project stemming from the invasion of the Lycaeum by the Knights of Mondain and the theft of a particular book. Rainard explained in his usual eloquent way that he was able to determine that the title of the stolen book was Perveniens Reliquias Vetustatis and after pouring through various scholarly tomes, was able to find cross-references to the purloined primer indicating what kind of information had been written in it. He said he was able to determine a number of different relics described in the book, but one stood out to him as pertaining to Mondain. The item was called the Eye of Twilight, a black lens which the dark lord Mondain was speculated to have used in his work to bind Sosaria to his gem. Rainard was skeptical, as no real evidence exists for how Mondain was able to achieve such a profound magical feat.

Through covert action, Magister Rainard had employed royal scouts to track down the last known owner or location of this dark relic, finding that it was said to be in the possession of a Priest of Mondain known as Decimus. His last known location, as it happened, was the Ice Dungeon in Felucca. The guards followed Rainard to the chilling depths and found a ritual area recently used. A magical projection appeared before them, presumably of Decimus, as a kind of recorded message meant for his followers in which he claimed that the Knights of Mondain were no longer aligned with the plans of the Priests of Mondain, and indeed were on a separate path altogether. He warned against trusting the Knights as he claimed they had stolen his relic, the Eye of Twilight and took it to the Yew Crypt in Trammel to conduct a dark ritual. Decimus also seemed to hint at some other plot of his, implying he worked against the kingdom, disturbing many present who observed the message. The guards immediately rushed to the Yew Crypt to attempt to stop the Knights of Mondain.

At the Yew Crypt, they found the Knights past their gathered legions in the middle of a ritual with the Eye of Twilight. The guards fought valiantly against  the Knights’ fiendish followers and even took on the all-powerful knights themselves, finding that they were weakened from the ritual. However, before they could attack the Pallid Knight, he claimed that the ritual was done, and the guards’ efforts were now in vain.

The Pallid Knight revealed in a strange explanation the nature of the ritual which they had conducted. He claimed that Mondain the Wizard was in fact still alive and calling forth to him from beyond the stars, where he and his army await to reclaim Sosaria once again. According to the Pallid Knight, when the Gem of Immortality was shattered, not only was Sosaria separated into duplicate worlds but so it was its people – but only its people. Those that dwell outside of Sosaria endured not the same fate, existing only as one rather than as many spread across duplicate worlds. The ritual’s purpose, boasted the Pallid Knight, would bind those entering into the Shattered Worlds to the whole gem retroactively – causing them to exist on every shard, rather than just on one. The effect would hasten Mondain’s conquering of Sosaria and the fall of Britannia. The Pallid Knight said that the fate of the Britannians had been sealed, and that he and his knights would take pleasure in watching everything that the Britannians had built crushed into dust. He then disappeared.

As the dust settled, Magister Rainard found his way to the relic, which he promptly destroyed.