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[EVENT] Following the Trail II

3/22/2018 – At the Rangers Guild Hall, Shamino met with the rangers to go over the recent events. The Assassin that had escaped from the Vesper sewers had proven elusive with no apparent tracks or trail. After traveling to the crossroads where the Assassin had been lost the week prior, Shamino began tracing the killer’s trail by taking note of loosely related clues and hunches. The rangers followed Shamino north towards the Mountains of Avarice, following it along the eastern edge until coming upon an ogre shaman that demanded payments in gold. When the rangers refused, the shaman and his band of ogres attacked.

After slaying the ogres the rangers continued following the Assassin’s vague trail, until Shamino noticed a strange substance floating of the coast of the Lost Hope Bay. Dundee volunteered to investigate the puddle and after swimming to it discovered an empty paint jar. Without warning strange, mis-colored monstrosities rose from the rolling waves around where the puddle of magic paint had floated and assaulted the rangers. The rangers were able to slay the beasts but no further explanation could be had as to this strange occurrence.

Still the rangers continued, pursuing the Assassin’s hidden trail and eventually came upon a fortress built in a valley tucked into the western reaches of the Mountains of Avarice, populated by a group of mercenaries belonging to the Hand of Death fighters guild of Jhelom. The rangers and the Hand of Death fighters engaged in battle under the eye of the Assassin who watched and waited for his turn to take the rangers on himself. When all others had fallen he jumped into the battle but after an arduous battle was slain. Though the rangers were unable to gain any information from him, they were able to retrieve the magical paints he had stolen, and gained some knowledge of his affiliations.

[EVENT] Following the Trail

3/15/2018 – At the Rangers Guild Hall, Shamino met with the rangers to discuss their next course of action. Shamino showed the rangers a note which he had found in the office of the murdered Sheriff of Yew, Guischard, which seemed to be from the Jean Clarion, the Sheriff of Vesper, in response to Guischard’s inquiry about an amulet he had found in the Deep Woods. From what Shamino could tell, Guischard had found an amulet left behind by the necromancers and had collected it as he had many other curiosities that he found in his investigations in the Deep Woods. Nevertheless, the amulet itself had never been found among his belongings and quarters.

Shamino instructed the rangers to meet with Sheriff Clarion in Vesper to further investigate the claim, but warned them to remain cautious, as he was uncertain if the sheriff was to be trusted. Upon arriving at Vesper, it did not take long for Clarion to find the rangers. Clarion acknowledged having received Guischard’s letter and had written him the response several months which the rangers had read at the Rangers Guild Hall. At first he seemed not to remember well the events of months ago, but later in the conversation confirmed that the amulet had been reported stolen by the shopkeeper at the Shimmering Jewel, Hugo. Seeing it as a common theft and having no further leads at the time, he saw no evidence of conspiracy or the need to investigate further. The Sheriff offered to help the rangers with their investigation, though he claimed there was no point in investigating further. The first lead they explored was to speak to Hugo at the Shimmering Jewel.

Hugo seemed forthcoming at first, confirming that he had reported the amulet as stolen to Clarion, for whom he expressed distrust and called a scoundrel. The theft had occurred three months ago. The amulet had been commissioned by an artist whose name he was unable to remember, but that the artist had asked him to make it using a peculiar gem the likes of which he had never seen before. After further questioning Hugo became nervous and refused to say anything more, but as the rangers leaned in to him further he cracked and revealed a curious piece of information, that he had not initially reported it stolen until Sheriff Clarion had come by asking about it. The reason, he said, was that a necromancer from the Mage’s Guild in Vesper had threatened him into silence. Flustered by the interrogation, he announced the end of it and walked into the backroom, slamming the door behind him.

The rangers met Sheriff Clarion outside, who preferred to remain outside during their interrogation as to not rile the jeweler further, and they discussed the information gained. When the rangers mentioned that it had been stolen three months ago and that it had been commissioned by a mysterious painter, Clarion suddenly realized these two clues coincided with another case he had been investigating regarding a missing painter named Sabino. The painter had been reported missing but there were no leads as to his disappearance, and so Clarion suggested speaking to the local painter, Alberta Giacco next.

The rangers learned from Alberta that the painter Sabino had come to Vesper to work on a particularly abstract kind of art using a new medium, but that he had disappeared before he could finish his work. Sabino had been a traveling painter, walking all across Britannia and was on his way to becoming a master of his craft before his disappearance. When Alberta learned the rangers were of Shamino’s Rangers Guild, she told them that Sabino told her that if something should ever happen to him, he had buried something important near a gravestone in the Vesper Cemetary marked with the name “Corey Quinn”.

The rangers sped to the Vesper Cemetary and after locating the correct gravestone, dug up a strange collection of magical paints. It was at that moment that a necromancer by the name of Nostriano appeared before them, the very same necromancer which the rangers suspected of having threatened Hugo. When the rangers refused to leave, Nostriano began to summon the dead in the graveyard to attack them, and eventually joined the battle himself. While he himself held enormous power he was soon defeated by the rangers. Nostriano attempted to flee by running the road north to Vesper, but fell dead to his wounds. Upon searching his body they located a bag containing a note which Nostriano seemed to have written to himself, writing that the secret passage to his laboratory had nearly been found out, and so he had devised a new passage way¬† using a false bookshelf to obscure it. With this clue in hand, and having rudely discovered Clarion and the magical paints missing after the battle, the rangers traveled to the Mage’s Guild and entered the secret passage into a dark sewer passage.

To their complete surprise, the rangers encountered none other than Jean Clarion, who during the battle with Nostriano had taken the magical paints and ran off. He claimed to have suspected a conspiracy afoot in Vesper, and had come down to the sewers on a hunch, and found something of great interest to the rangers – but without warning an assassin appeared behind him, stabbing the sheriff repeatedly until falling dead to the ground. The Assassin took the paints which Clarion had taken, and led the rangers on a chase through the sewers beneath Vesper before escaping into the woods west of Vesper.

The rangers attempted to track the Assassin’s footsteps through the woods, however they were traced to the crossroads and were lost among the many other footsteps found on the road. They resolved that Shamino, a master tracker, would be needed to track the elusive assassin, and went back into the sewers to investigate what was found. Inside the sewers was the necromancer’s laboratory hidden away, where several remains of tortured of victims were found, as well as a journal Nostriano had written, alluding to a mysterious master he served and also indicating that it was he that had taken Sabino and tortured him for information.

[EVENT] A Missing Ranger

The would-be rangers or adventurers met with Shamino at the Shattered Skull tavern, where he promised to lead them on a quest. However the matter was dire. It was said that the Sheriff of Yew, Ranger Guischard, had gone missing and Shamino was determined to locate him. They began their search in Yew by traveling to the Court of Truth. Outside they encountered a guard who confirmed the rumor that the Sheriff of Yew was missing, and permitted the guards to search Guischard’s office for any clues. They found within his office a number of strange, occult objects found within the Deep Woods as well as Guischard’s journal which detailed his suspicions and case over the course of several months. It seemed he believed there was a conspiracy afoot in Yew, and carried on the investigation alone in total secrecy to prevent the wrong people from learning about it and putting a stop to his efforts. He mentioned meeting with a contact at the docks named Peter, who had claimed to possess critical information that would blow the case wide open. This is where the entries ended.

Armed with this knowledge, Shamino advised the would-be rangers to see if they could find Peter at the docks while he continued searching the office. They did indeed find Peter, who told them that he had helped Guischard and that he could show them what he had showed the missing Sheriff, and opened a moongate. On the other side of the moongate the would-be rangers were met with a trap, surrounded by necromancers they fought for their lives against an undead onslaught. In the heat of battle Peter seemed to escape. When the dust had settled Shamino caught up with them after hearing about the treachery, and informing them of a curious letter he had found from the Sheriff of Vesper, addressed to Ranger Guischard; a possible lead for future investigation. For the Sheriff of Yew, however, they were too late, for scattered among the bones and bodies was Guischard’s eviscerated body.

Having completed their quest, they returned to the Shattered Skull where Iolo was waiting for them, and the former-guards cast their vote for which guild would be established. The Rangers Guild won the vote, and on that day Shamino announced the newly reformed Rangers Guild of Skara Brae was officially established.

[EVENT] A New Chapter

01/18/2018 – The now-former Royal Britannian Guards, having been dismissed from duty by Commander Forthwin and without a great villian to vanquish, found themselves with little to do, yet soon they found themselves answering a call to the Shattered Skull tavern in Skara Brae by the famous ranger Shamino, who announced his plans to reform the Rangers Guild of Skara Brae in order to assume the role of the now dismissed Royal Britannian Guards and that he would be looking for members to fill the ranks. No sooner had he finished his announcement, however, did his old companion Iolo FitzOwen wander in to the tavern to happily announce his own new guild, the Adventurers Guild. The two found themselves in a disagreement as to which guild should be established, with Shamino arguing in favor of the ranger’s tradition to protect Britannia, while Iolo promoted the glory of adventure for the sake of adventure. The two eventually agreed that they would have the former guards decide after each leading them on an adventure. Iolo quickly took the opportunity to lead them on an adventure first.

They began their adventure, as Iolo had promised earlier, to earn the glory of fighting murderous pirates by visiting Jhelom, a town which has been known for years to endure a perpetual plight of pirates in the southern seas. However, Iolo had reason to believe that as of late there had been a more elaborate organization taking place among some of the pirates, and he wished to learn more. He sent his would-be adventurers across Jhelom to search for clues from the local populace. They soon learned that there was indeed a cadre of pirates that had placed a stranglehold on trade going in and out of Jhelom by running a protection racket, allowing only certain merchants to pass through who were paid up. In addition, they found that the very same pirates and a fighters guild known as the Hand of Death were involved in rigging fights in the fighting pit. The adventurers followed that clue to the Hand of Death’s guild headquarters and located a note indicating that the pirates may have been stationed on Amoeba Island:

Upon taking a boat to the island, the adventurers discovered the pirate hideout of Captain Rockwell, and fought their way into the villian’s cavernous den. After defeating the pirates they found Captain Rockwell, who pleaded with Governor Grim, who had somehow managed to maneuver himself into the governor’s seat of Yew, Vesper and Jhelom, to spare him and continue offering him protection. The pirate accused the governor of some kind of treachery before fighting for his life, but ultimately choosing to die than submit himself to any kind of interrogation. With the pirates crushed, Iolo called an end to their adventure and sent them back home.

[EVENT] The Sage’s Journey Part 3 – 3/21/17

On Tuesday, March 21st at 8:00 PM EST, meet Sage Alonso at the Minoc Gypsy camp to continue the journey.

Summary: Now that Sage Alonso had had a chance to study the spells previously acquired, he summoned the guard to begin the attack. Having cast the spell that would allow him to locate the lich, he was able to determine that the lich was away from his “heart”, the object which had been said to be the source of his power, making it the ideal time to strike. The guards traveled to the crypts of Yew, battling desperately against the angered spirits of the place in a race against time before the unstoppable lich returned. They found deep within the catacombs an unusual series of caverns below filled with the undead, and eventually a strange room in which a large tree had taken root. They only arrived barely in time to cast Sage Alonso’s spell upon the heart, putting it in disrepair and making the lich vulnerable to attack. The lich attempted to thwart the guards but, now vulnerable, was vanquished forever. The guards emerged victorious, and Yew was saved from the threat posed by this ancient evil, but a lingering question remained: who was it that released the lich in the first place?

[EVENT] The Sage’s Journey Part 2 – 2/23/17

On February 23rd at 8:00 pm EST, meet with Sage Alonso at the gypsy camp near Minoc.


Event Summary: After meeting with Sage Alonso, the guards went back into Ilshenar in search for another spell that was needed to defeat the lich. On their way they encountered the lich powerful spirits that it had summoned, and suffered grievous losses to the lich before it disappeared. After recovering from their wounds, the guards and Sage Alonso carried on until they found old ruins in the center of Ilshenar, where Alonso claimed his people once dwelled before they took to wandering. While Alonso wandered off to study the ruins, an otherwise unremarkable music box spontaneously switched on, playing a strange melody. The guards were confronted by the rising bones of ancient gypsies that danced to the haunting tune. Once the guards neutralized the threat, Sage Alonso approached the music box and found inside of it the final spell that was needed.

[EVENT] The Sage’s Journey – 2/16/17

On February 16th at 8:00 pm EST, meet Sage Alonso at the gypsy camp near Minoc.

Event Summary: The guards met with Sage Alonso, who explained that in order to defeat the lich, they would have to learn two spells, one to locate him, and one to destroy his heart. He led them to Ilshenar, where after conferring with a local sage, determined that his ancestors had hidden the words of the spell on top of the nearby mountains. The guards split up and began their ascent of each of the mountains; meanwhile, the lich himself appeared, bringing his legions with him. After much chaos the guards had returned to Alonso with the words of power.

[EVENT] Yew Investigation Part 2 – 1/26/17

On Thursday, January 26th at 8:00 PM EST, meet in Castle Blackthorn to continue the Yew Investigations.

Event Summary: Thanks to the information revealed by Otis the Monk at the Council Meeting, Magister Rainard ordered the guard to the gypsy camp near Minoc to find the one called Sage Alonso to find out what he knew about the gypsy curse written upon the sarcophagus at the Lich Ruins in Yew. They found him sitting behind a runic ward. Alonso claimed that there were things in the woods that were after him, and that he could not leave his station lest they hunt him down. He seemed to hesitant to help at first, and shortly thereafter Wraith Inaos appeared, bringing along his undead minions. The guards fought Wraith Inaos multiple times, yet every time they seemed to defeat him, he would reappear somewhere else. Eventually, Inaos disappeared completely, its demise uncertain. For their assistance, Alonso thanked the guard, and pledged his help in their efforts against the lich that was behind Zalan’s murder, saying he would call upon them when he was ready.

[EVENT] Yew Investigation – 1/19/17

On Thursday, January 19th at 8:00 PM EST, meet at Castle Blackthorn.

Event Summary: At the castle, Magister Rainard explained to the guards that Lord Blackthorn was initiating an investigation into the recent death of Governor Zalan, who was assassinated at a Council Meeting. Initial investigations indicated that Governor Zalan had been given a box, which was stolen at the time of his death by a wraith assassin, by a ranger named Ardos who lived in Yew. When the guards found Ardos’ home, it was being stalked by a wraith that called itself Inaos. Wraith Inaos summoned its minions to fight the guard, but eventually disappeared when the guard defeated them. Ranger Ardos emerged from his cabin, appearing anxious and paranoid. He explained that he had found the box inside of the Yew crypts on an altar that appeared to be dedicated to the Shadow Lords. Upon taking the box he was chased out by Wraith Inaos, and had been pursued ever since. Ardos had little else to offer the guard except that he heard a lumberjack named Pielt had seen something relevant.

The guards traveled to Pielt’s cabin, to where he soon arrived from out of the woods. Pielt explained having come across an open sarcophagus at the Lich Ruins to the south, with markings he was attempting to read before being chased away by the liches. The guard accompanied him to the Lich Ruins where, after battling the infamous Liches of Yew, Pielt was able to examine the markings, finding that they were a part of an old gypsy curse placed upon the open sarcophagus.

[NEWS] Governor Zalan Assassinated!

We are sad to report that on November 15th during a dinner meeting hosted by Lord Blackthorn, Governor Zalan of Yew was assassinated by a wraith while attempting to give his report on Yew. The assailant seemed to come after an enigmatic box recovered from the crypts of Yew. Employing magic within Lord Blackthorn’s castle, the wraith swiftly struck down Governor Zalan before taking the box and fleeing. Zalan showed no signs of life after his fall but was immediately rushed to the local healers for examination. Lord Blackthorn has sworn to address this injustice.