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[EVENT] The Battle of Trinsic Part 1

4/6/2017 – Commander Forthwin met with the guards at Castle Blackthorn, where he discussed his plans to retake the docks quarter of Trinsic from the clutch of the dead. They traveled to Barrier Isle just off of Trinsic, and the Commander led the charge across the bridge to the walls of Trinsic. They met stiff resistance immediately upon knocking through the blockades, as swarms of undead descended upon them. Unrelenting, the guard pushed forward and faced off with several of the Knights’ most gruesome creations. The Knights themselves did not seem to make an appearance except for the Pallid Knight, who watched from afar until finally intervening himself, to reveal that the brave Sir Jeffrey, whom until recently had been fighting the undead alone in a berserk rage, had at last perished and remade as an undead minion of the Knight. The Pallid Knight loosed the undead Sir Jeffrey upon the guards forcing them to destroy him forever. As the body of Sir Jeffrey lay lifeless, finally free from the yoke of undeath, Commander Forthwin informed the guard that they were victorious, and that the docks were now under their control.


Hear ye, citizens of the realm!

The legions of the dead under the command of the powerful foes, the Knights of Mondain, have seized Trinsic with OVERWHELMING force!

All travelers are advised to avoid the city, and go with EXTREME caution!

Lord Blackthorn demands answers at the next meeting of the Governor’s Coucil!

Commander Arthur Forthwin of the Royal Guard announces plans to take back the city!

What a sad day! A tragic day! Will the heroes of the realm be able to vanquish the dead wandering Trinsic’s roads??

[EVENT] Premonitions of Annihilation – 3/28/17

The guards mustered at Castle Blackthorn, where they were greeted coldly by Commander Forthwin. The Commander informed them that they were to set out on a mission to investigate an undead disturbance reported by the royal scouts. Once they arrived at the reported valley near Trinsic they discovered a legion of the undead wandering within it. Fighting back the dead, the guards eventually found a cave where dead seemed to be gathering around a festering death. Once dispatched the Commander pushed away the muck to find, beneath the foul, odorous remains a stone, upon which was inscribed a dark warning from, to their collective horror, the Knights of Mondain. The stone indicated Trinsic as their target of attack.

Without hesitation Commander Forthwin summoned a moongate to the city of Trinsic, where they found the undead legions of the knights had already entered the city. They pushed back the restless dead to the entrance of the city and seemed on the verge of victory when none other than the Pallid Knight himself emerged from the woods, issuing a stark warning and summoning his other companions. The Knights of Mondain made quick work of the Royal Guard, pushing them back into the city and scattering them near completely in a moment of shear chaos. Near total defeat, Commander Forthwin issued an order of retreat, commanding the guards to fight their way to the docks where he left a moongate back to Britain. At Britain, Commander Forthwin swore to take immediate action in planning an assault to retake Trinsic. The city now remains under the clutches of the dead, led by the enigmatic Knights of Mondain.

[EVENT] Mystery of the Faith – 11/17/16

On Thursday, November 17th at 8:00 PM EST, meet with Commander Forthwin at Castle Blackthorn for a perilous mission.

WARNING!!!: This event will be more challenging than normal. Players are STRONGLY recommended to insure everything they have and leave anything they do not wish to lose in the bank. There may come a point where fallen bodies will be unrecoverable. Come prepared for anything.

Event Summary: The guards entered the tomb of the Pallid Knight, except upon entry they encountered the ancient warrior himself standing above his opened tomb. The Pallid Knight scolded the guards, claiming they were arrogant and that their entire adventure across the 5th preceding tombs was all a deception. He revealed that his five companion knights had never truly been destroyed, and claimed that they could not be destroyed. The Knights of Mondain, united, unleashed their fury on the Royal Guards and sent them on the run through a forgotten corridor of the tomb. What the guards found after escaping the Knights was an ancient battle ground riddled with the bones of ancient paladins belonging to an order called the Mysterium Fidei. The old bones started to come to life and the guards, weary from their catastrophic loss against the Knights of Mondain, had to fight for their lives to survive. By good fortune, they beat back the cursed paladin remains and found an escape out of the dread tomb.

[FICTON] Letter from the Rat King

A letter addressed to the lords of Castle Blackthorn, and made public by Lord Blackthorn.

hay big king man!
yu thenk yu big? thenk yu strong? com fyn owt how strong yu ar! harles man! yu muther smel lyk rich sope! yu dog! luk for stachu yes? want big meen stachu to kil big meen nyt? cant hav it! myn now! i fownd it its myn! says yull tak my big ston! i no think so! all tak yu muther! wat yu thenk of that? yu muther a dog! yu futher a turd farmer! yu futher com farm my turd! wat yu thenk of that? breng yu big army! i no scard! me an big rats crush yu up! mak yu bones in me treshur! cant win! no try! yu scard! scard lil dog! yu pee yu big king pants! to scard! yu muther gonner be big rat mumma! wat yu thenk of that big king man?
~big rat king

[EVENT] The Rat’s Treasure – 11/10/16

On Thursday, November 10th at 8:00 PM EST, meet with Commander Forthwin at Castle Blackthorn to begin an assault on a challenger calling itself “The Rat King”.

Event Summary: Commander Forthwin led the guards to the rats’ fort in Ilshenar where they encountered heavy resistance. Hidden inside of the cave, the Rat King and his Big Rats guarded their treasured pile of garbage, upon which rested the 6th and final seal of the Knights of Mondain. The guards vanquished the rats, and claimed their spoils.

[EVENT] Into Darkness – 10/20/2016

On Thursday, October 20th at 8:00 PM EST meet Commander Forthwin at Castle Blackthorn.

Event Summary: Lead by Commander Forthwin, the guards entered into the recently discovered 5th stone, and after battling through an unusual variety of hostile spirits, they came at last unto the tomb of the Eldritch Knight. Arising from his long slumber, the Eldritch Knight fought against the full strength of the Royal Guard but in the end, fell.

[EVENT] A Stone Unturned – 10/13/2016

On Thursday, October 13th at 8:00 PM EST, meet Commander Forthwin at Castle Blackthorn.

Event Summary: Commander Forthwin informed the guards about a very recent development affecting the city of Minoc. A miner, earlier in the day had by chance uncovered a passage deep in the mines. Later that day the miners began to fall under the influence of a magical affliction that turned them hostile. The unstable magics in the area also caused the very rock to come alive. The guards responded to the thread and battled their way towards the source. What they found, ultimately, was the 5th stone bearing the seal of a tomb for one of the Knights of Mondain.

[EVENT] Baron’s Revenge – 9/29/16

On Thursday, September 29th at 8:00 PM EST, meet at Commander Forthwin at Castle Blackthorn.

Event Summary: The guards broke the seal on the stone acquired from the Collector, and invaded the tomb within. Inside they found a Knight of Mondain called the Burning Baron, who was swiftly vanquished.