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[EVENT] Night of the Dead

10/31/2017 – A mysterious moongate appeared near the Counselor’s Hall in Britain, where many adventurers passing through encountered a recently prepared druid circle, and shortly thereafter, Faolan the Druid himself. Faolan’s intention was, as it was the year prior, to perform the Ritual of Passage, where the druid started a great fire which was sanctified as a sacred fire through which troubled souls could enter to complete their existence and return to the circle of nature, but only if their conscience could be alleviated of whatever burden they carried after death.

The adventurers first heard the tale of a cartographer’s ghost who in life conspired out of bitterness and greed to defraud an explorer by stealing his treasure map and switching it with a false map that would lead to nothing. His action however doomed the explorer, for none had realized the false location was the home of brutal savages that killed the explorer. The cartographer only went looking for the explorer when the explorer’s wife had come looking for her missing husband. Along their journey together the two fell in love and eventually started a family, having a happy life thereafter. Yet despite it all the cartographer could not forgive himself for the lie upon which his happy life had been built. He wished for atonement but could find none from the adventurers, and he determined that he should wander forever with the guilt on his shoulders.

Another spirit appeared soon after, the ghost of a necromancer. The necromancer claimed he had become addicted to dark magic over the course of his life and lived in a tug of war between his addiction to evil ways and his conscience which caused him to desire a better path. The adventurers were able to convince the necromancer to enter the flame, but when he did the fires turned black and the necromancer revealed his true, living form. He stated his intention to learn the secrets of the druids and that soon others like him would reform Britannia entirely. After a perilous fight the druid was brought down, and Faolan warned them all that malevolent necromancers dwelled in the Deep Woods. Despite the interruption, Faolan was determined to help one more spirit.

The final spirit appeared before the flame. When he spoke many of the adventurers realized the spirit told a familiar story, and that he was the very same spirit that appeared before the flame the year prior, telling a tale they now realized was of the Mysterium Fidei, the Knights of Mondain, and the demonic pact that would lead to the doom of all involved. Though the knight was at first inconsolable and refused to think that ever compromising his principle was right, he began to see a new perspective that they had done the only thing their conscience would allow them to do, regardless of their principles. Though he was unable to say his own name, he asked the adventurers to remember him, and to find his ruined family’s home to the south of Trinsic.

A few ventured forth to see what they could find, and encountered an old, faded grave of Sir Jonathan Westley, the very ghostly paladin that had shown them the way before to the Wayward Knight.

[EVENT] The Final Ride of the Knights of Mondain

10/25/2017 – Expecting to meet with Commander Forthwin, the guards gathered in Castle Blackthorn but were instead greeted by none other than the Wayward Knight himself, who had awaken from his trance-like nightmare to issue a warning. The Knights of Mondain, according to the Wayward Knight, were on the march and on the very verge of invading Britain, the heart of the kingdom. No sooner had the Wayward Knight issued his dire warning did the agents of evil themselves announce themselves in Britain’s northwest quarter. Marching through a red moongate, the Legion of the Dead poured into Britain’s streets just as the Royal Guards arrived to meet them. A fierce battle ensued as the Wayward Knight lent his own sword for the carnage, fighting back the undead until the six sinister servants of villiany themselves appeared with a fresh surge of shambling soldiers preparing to overwhelm Britain’s defenses. However, the noxious knights did not realize the newly acquired blessing, or curse, depending on one’s perspective, with which the royal guards had been bestowed by the demon’s bargain which allowed them to permanently vanquish the seemingly immortal knights. When the Eldritch Knight fell in battle, the Pallid Knight issued a call to retreat and all of his companions and horrible minions broke through Britain’s defense into Castle British, where they sealed the entrance to ponder their next move. Weary from the grueling battle, the guards reluctantly refrained from further action to rest.

10/27/2017 – Two days later, the guards gathered once again, now under the command of Commander Arthur Forthwin, to invade the castle and route the Knights of Mondain for good. However before they could act the knights blew the second wall erected by the Royal Guard and unleashed a horde of undead upon the startled protectors. Undeterred, the royal guard faced the dire threat and pushed the undead back into the courtyard of Castle British, compelling the five remaining knights to ride out of Castle British and meet them on the field. One by one, the knights fell in battle, until only the Pallid Knight remained. Retreating to the throne room of his ancient nemesis, Lord British, the Pallid Knight swore he would fight until the very end. Unleashing a terrible fury, he proved to be the most vicious foe of them all but was ultimately ended. Though victory belonged to Britannia, very few could find it in them to celebrate such a grisly and somber end of these ancient knights of Mondain.

[FICTON] Memories Once Lost IV

The battle had been brutal. Perhaps one of the most brutal to occur in a chain of defeats beginning with what the armies of British believed would be their heaviest blow yet against the Dark Lord, until six infernal knights rose amidst the madness of war and began their unholy campaign; slashing through every knight that would challenge them, and every tactic or magic their enemies could conceive, and pushing Lord British’s armies back across a warpath once made wet with the Legion’s blood – now being drenched with the blood of Sosarian Knights. The Knights of Mondain, they had been dubbed. Six armored monsters of immeasurable strength, that even if struck down would rise to fight again. They violently reversed the tides of war and now it was the Sosarians who were forced into retreat in battle after battle until only a fraction of their once glorious army remained in a final, desperate fight.

There had been no finer force in the history of Sosaria that so effectively battled against the kind of unnatural abominations that filled Mondain’s Legions, yet all their skill and wisdom could not match the incomprehensible power of the arcane mysteries Mondain unlocked in the course of the war with the help of his extraordinary gem. The battle had not been long; the Sosarians were permitted to wreak a momentary havoc upon the Legion until the wretched Knights determined to step in. After so much loss and devastation, what remained of Sir Nathaniel’s army stood together as silence fell over the field and the Legion and the Knights surrounding them stepped back from fighting. The two armies rested.

It did not take long before one of the Six Knights approached the wary Sosarians. In his unholy armor he stood towering above most of the soldiers on the field, marching with heavy steps as his once-white platemail, paled from faded stains of blood, clanked and rustled noisily and stopped midway between the two armies. Seeing now that the mysterious warrior wished to speak, Sir Nathaniel approached alone.

The Sosarian commander spoke grimly. “If thou wishest to speaketh of the terms of our surrender, then permit me to say this: we will not submit ourselves to the tyranny of Mondain. Not now. Not ever.”

The pale knight spoke, his voice lightly echoing behind his helm. “Thou wouldst fight to the death. I would expect no less.”

“Then what dost thou want?” Nathaniel remarked calmly, but bitterly.

“A second duel to compliment our previous spar,” uttered the pale knight.

Nathaniel was silent for a moment, attempting to understand what was meant. He gestured dismissively. “Speaketh plainly, fiend, or kill me! I will not guess at thy riddles.”

“No riddles,” spoke the pale knight. “A battle between two champions. I shall represent my legion. Thou shalt represent thine. Whosoever wins shall be declared the victor of this battle. If thou art victorious, thy knights shall be permitted to leave.”

Nathaniel sneered. “How can I be victorious… thou hast proven impervious to death and in possession of an unholy power. Thine only desire is to make of me a mockery.”

“It is true, I cannot die. But overcoming me in battle shall be sufficient for victory. My strength may be unstoppable. However the choice now is to commit thyself and thy peers to a certain death, or to fight in single-handed combat for a chance at life. If thou art defeated the result will be the same. What sayest thou?”

“Thou leavest me no choice, thou cruel terror. I will consent to these terms.”

The pale knight lifted his sword. “A wise choice, ‘old friend’. It is better this way.”

Nathaniel stood stunned for a few seconds, before quietly stammering, “..Alastair?”

He only barely managed to regain his senses in time to evade the pale knight’s greatsword crashing downward towards his head. Striking the ground, the force of the sword caused an explosion of dirt into the air and sent Nathaniel tumbling. He quickly gathered to his feet and met the pallid knight’s second blow with equal ferocity, blocking the strike with one of his own. The force of the two strikes sent both swords reeling backwards and from there the two warriors of legend went to work.

Nathaniel could hardly believe that his old friend, whom he had witnessed dying on the battlefield by his sword, was now alive and the worst foe he had ever faced in his life wielding strength that took everything within him to withstand. Yet, as the two warriors crossed swords and scored hits against each other, there was no doubting the familiar style of Alastair’s fighting technique which Nathaniel had come to recognize after years of sparring. Alastair had always been a competent warrior, but not one of particular note.

But now… with the unreal power of Mondain behind him, he was an unstoppable force. Nathaniel landed strike after strike, but no matter how grievous the blow the Pallid Knight would push forward, never losing strength while fighting a slow battle of attrition against the accomplished knight, Sir Nathaniel. Weary from a seemingly endless duel, Nathaniel’s guard went down just long enough to earn a mind-shattering blow from his former friend. He attempted to stand at first, but then rested on his knees.

Through heavy breaths, Nathaniel spoke, “Thou traitor… fiend… art thou going to finish me? Thou hadst ample opportunity…”

The Pallid Knight looked down to his defeated foe. “Thou art experiencing first hand the fate of this kingdom. The unavoidable fate of a slow, painful defeat. For even if the Knights of British vanquish every soldier in my lord’s legion, we shall take every strike and every blow and we shall march into the court of British himself, and rid Sosaria of this usurper for all time. Thou wilt be known in the stories as the traitor, the villian, the enemy of justice and order and the children of future ages shall hate thee for generations to come. Call me not traitor, brother, for I bring the light of our lord’s justice down upon the lies and the crimes of the usurper, the false king, thy king, Lord British.”

Sir Nathaniel only shook his head, disoriented and in despair. “Thou art a monster, and thou shalt be sto-“

“We shall not be stopped!” the Pallid Knight interrupted. “I have seen every trick and strategy and magical concoction thou hast devised, and nothing thou hast attempted found success. If one of the most accomplished knights of Sosaria could not defeat the servants of Mondain, then who dost thou suppose shall?”

In a fit of rage Nathaniel screamed, thrusting himself to his feat and attempting a strike against his odious foe but this swing was parried with little effort and the enraged knight was sent hurdling to the ground.

The voice of the Pallid Knight was now low, and ominous. “There is only one way to defeat us, Sir Nathaniel.”

From where Mondain’s Legions were gathered, the soldiers parted way as a cart pulled by an ogre crawling across the ground lumbered towards the Pallid Knight. Upon it stood an armor stand bearing a set of gleaming, golden platemail armor similar in dimension to the armor of the other cursed knights. Nathaniel looked back from where he lay and then slowly stood.

“Sully mine own soul with the unholy magic of Mondain? Never.”

“Sir Nathaniel,” the Pallid Knight began, “Thou art the most gallant and noblest knight I have ever known. Yet is thy conviction a match for the will of Mondain? Perhaps not, and thou art right to be afraid.”

Nathaniel spit out some blood. “Deceiver. For what cause wouldst thou deliver unto me the weapon of thy bane, except to deceive me, and maketh me thine unwitting slave?”

The Pallid Knight stood silent for a moment, and then spoke. “It is true that I have betrayed thee. But in all of our time together, I have never deceived thee. We endure equal risk alike in this matter. Yet my purpose is not to beguile thee. It is to see, for once and for all, if thou art truly willing to do what it takes to defend thy liege, thy kingdom, and thy people. Show me of what honor thou art truly capable.”

A suspenseful silence fell upon the whole of the battlefield as Sir Nathaniel stood scowling at the Pallid Knight. Defeated and broken, he faced certain death in every conceivable scenario, save one. Die a glorious but empty death, or roll the dice for a chance to save his kingdom. He turned now to gaze upon the enchanted armor.

Hatred and angst alike burned brightly in Nathaniel’s eyes.

[EVENT] An Ancient Weapon

9/14/2017 – Gathering at Castle Blackthorn, the guards met with Magister Rainard who informed them that he may have had a solid lead on finding the legendary vault of the Mysterium Fidei. Many of the relics from their time had become lost, while others were passed down through generations or sold among collectors. Rainard was able to find that a number of relics had been inherited by of an old Magincian noble by the name of Lord Silas many years ago, many of which he had sold. The old noble was a difficult man to locate, but Rainard was able to find out that he had sold several books pertaining to the Mysterium Fidei to a mage in Moonglow by the name of Herman. Thus, he ordered the guards to find Herman in Moonglow and learn what he knew. The information they needed revolved around a key which was said to both reveal and unlock a doorway into the vault, which would indicate the vault occupied some kind of shadowy dimension not unlike the tombs which they had sealed the Knights of Mondain away before.

Upon finding Herman he indicated that he did purchase books from Lord Silas. When asked about the key, he said he did not have it but was aware of a mage who may have acquired it from the elusive Magincian noble named Antonios, an evil magician that dwelled in the depths of Dungeon Shame along with other unsavory mages that had been banished from the realm. He offered to help them in exchange for being permitted to tag along with the guards.

At Shame, they encountered the foul mage and after a daring battle they were able to vanquish him inside the western mage tower deep in the heart of the dungeon. Herman was able to find the key but before he revealed the doorway to the guards, he removed his robe and wizard hat and revealed himself to be none other than the legendary thief, Ricardo.

The famous thief explained he had been searching for the great vault all along himself, and had intended to assist the guards. Though Magister Rainard had originally ordered the guards to return with the key, the mischievious Ricardo couldn’t wait to enter the vault, and opened up the hidden doorway for all to enter.

Inside they encountered frenzied demons roaming the dark, ancient hallways and very soon found two crystals, one which was still in tact and contained the bound souls of many demons and the other, shattered. It seemed that if the guards were going to uncover the treasures of this place, they were going to have to contend with the escaped monsters roaming the halls. Many of the guards ran off on their own search of the ancient vault, but some followed Ricardo as he made his way through the twisting corridors until at last coming upon a room wherein they found a mace that was unmistakably the fabled mace of Xaerhaonohr the demon. Along with the mace, Ricardo noticed a tome that was concerning the magical knowledge of binding powerful spirits. Though Ricardo did not see any present need for such a book, he felt at the time it may be wise to take it. Once found, he helped the guards escape the chaotic halls of the vault and later, it was heard, Ricardo had honorably turned over the mace and the mysterious tomb to Magister Rainard.

[EVENT] A Weapon Forged In Flame

8/31/2017 – Gathering at Castle Blackthorn, the guards were expecting to meet with Commander Forthwin but were greeted instead by the frowning visage of Magister Rainard. Having found a crucial lead in his search for the vault of the Mysterium Fidei, Rainard took command to pursue it, leaving Forthwin with the dull business of organizing Britannia’s defenses against the threat of the titans. However, as Magister Rainard began briefing the guards, he suddenly vanished before their very eyes as each guard present was suddenly subjected to a nightmarish vision of a demonic statue standing in Rainard’s place, through which Xaerhaonohr’s vile voice resonated, instructing them to seek out his hidden lair in the mountains north of Britain so they could retrieve the weapon that was promised to permanently destroy the six Knights of Mondain. When the vision dissipated, the guards relayed to the confused Magister what they beheld. Irritated by the news, Rainard begrudgingly fetched Commander Forthwin, who was determined to lead the guards on such a quest. When Commander Forthwin arrived, they set out through the forests north of Britain.

Along the way they were ambushed by fiery demons, whose presence seemed to have been heralded by the mysterious fires that had recently burned the farm houses outside of Britain. Fighting through these hordes, they arrived at a cave where a mysterious door awaited them. Upon stepping through they entered into a fiery chasm where none other than Xaerhaonohr awaited them. The crafty devil explained that his weapon was near completion, but he could only finish the infernal weapon while being entertained. From the piles of bones littered about the cavern, the remains of undead paladins emerged to fight the guards while the demon went to work banging his hammer on a strange material.

However, as Xaehaonohr was nearly finished, a strange presence made itself known. From out of the lava a powerful, elemental being emerged – perfectly unrecognizable beneath the molten rock but its overwhelming powers undeniable. Attracted no doubt by the awesome powers of the weapon being forged, several magical elementals manifested in the flowing lava to attack the guards. Though the threat was great, the guards only barely managed to ward off the threat, and the being sunk beneath the lava once again, but the demon’s weapon was ruined.

Thinking quickly, Xaehaonohr conceived of another idea, and immediately went to work. Once finished, he announced that the guards would not even need a physical weapon to thwart the Knights of Mondain, for the power to defeat them had been imbued upon their very souls. Indeed, the guards now were the weapon. The demon swore that the next time the guards encountered the Knights of Mondain, they would possess the ability to strike them down forever.

Note: Credit and gratitude goes to EM Dramnar who built the lava-fall decorations, for which I am very grateful!

[EVENT] A Cruel Plan Indeed

8/7/2017 – The guards met with Magister Rainard who informed them of his other research project stemming from the invasion of the Lycaeum by the Knights of Mondain and the theft of a particular book. Rainard explained in his usual eloquent way that he was able to determine that the title of the stolen book was Perveniens Reliquias Vetustatis and after pouring through various scholarly tomes, was able to find cross-references to the purloined primer indicating what kind of information had been written in it. He said he was able to determine a number of different relics described in the book, but one stood out to him as pertaining to Mondain. The item was called the Eye of Twilight, a black lens which the dark lord Mondain was speculated to have used in his work to bind Sosaria to his gem. Rainard was skeptical, as no real evidence exists for how Mondain was able to achieve such a profound magical feat.

Through covert action, Magister Rainard had employed royal scouts to track down the last known owner or location of this dark relic, finding that it was said to be in the possession of a Priest of Mondain known as Decimus. His last known location, as it happened, was the Ice Dungeon in Felucca. The guards followed Rainard to the chilling depths and found a ritual area recently used. A magical projection appeared before them, presumably of Decimus, as a kind of recorded message meant for his followers in which he claimed that the Knights of Mondain were no longer aligned with the plans of the Priests of Mondain, and indeed were on a separate path altogether. He warned against trusting the Knights as he claimed they had stolen his relic, the Eye of Twilight and took it to the Yew Crypt in Trammel to conduct a dark ritual. Decimus also seemed to hint at some other plot of his, implying he worked against the kingdom, disturbing many present who observed the message. The guards immediately rushed to the Yew Crypt to attempt to stop the Knights of Mondain.

At the Yew Crypt, they found the Knights past their gathered legions in the middle of a ritual with the Eye of Twilight. The guards fought valiantly against  the Knights’ fiendish followers and even took on the all-powerful knights themselves, finding that they were weakened from the ritual. However, before they could attack the Pallid Knight, he claimed that the ritual was done, and the guards’ efforts were now in vain.

The Pallid Knight revealed in a strange explanation the nature of the ritual which they had conducted. He claimed that Mondain the Wizard was in fact still alive and calling forth to him from beyond the stars, where he and his army await to reclaim Sosaria once again. According to the Pallid Knight, when the Gem of Immortality was shattered, not only was Sosaria separated into duplicate worlds but so it was its people – but only its people. Those that dwell outside of Sosaria endured not the same fate, existing only as one rather than as many spread across duplicate worlds. The ritual’s purpose, boasted the Pallid Knight, would bind those entering into the Shattered Worlds to the whole gem retroactively – causing them to exist on every shard, rather than just on one. The effect would hasten Mondain’s conquering of Sosaria and the fall of Britannia. The Pallid Knight said that the fate of the Britannians had been sealed, and that he and his knights would take pleasure in watching everything that the Britannians had built crushed into dust. He then disappeared.

As the dust settled, Magister Rainard found his way to the relic, which he promptly destroyed.

[EVENT] Coming to Terms

7/28/2017 – Magister Rainard led the guards to Dungeon Hythloth, where they planned to find the demon Xaerhaonohr and renegotiate a deal. However, the demon appeared to have prepared a trap for them at the very entrance. When the guards attempted to enter, a strange magic went them north to the entrance of the demon temple, where before them they beheld the burning, crucified form of Rainard. The striking image of their leader suddenly spoke to them, begging for help before eventually laughing at them cruelly, and revealing itself to be the voice of Xaerhaonohr itself. The demon taunted the guards and said it was interested in making a deal with them, but that first he must have his fun. The guards entered the demon temple where they endured an exhausting battle against a variety of demonic hordes until finally Xaerhaonohr revaled himself. As the fires of battle simmered down, the demon offered his deal once again. The guards insisted on a renegotiation, demanding that the demon also release the souls of the paladins of the Mysterium Fidei if they accept. Xaerhaonohr was reluctant at first but eventually relented and agreed to the new terms. He explained that a kind of weapon capable of overwhelming Mondain’s magic would require time to forge, and that it would call the guards when it was ready and done.

[EVENT] Words, Sharp As Swords

7/20/2017 – As the guards were gathering in preparation for a journey to the foul demon to make the dreaded bargain, a royal scout appeared only moments before their departure to report that an undead legion had suddenly appeared at the steps of the Lycaeum. Magister Rainard, who was leading the guards at the time, immediately sent the guards to protect the revered institution of Britannian knowledge from the careless dead. Fighting off the fierce invasion, the guards soon found it was none other than the Knights of Mondain who were behind the attack, having appeared through a strange portal at the northwestern tip of Verity Isle. As the invader’s ranks were broken the knights disappeared back through their portal leaving only confusion in their wake. After the dust had settled, Magister Rainard explained that he learned from an injured librarian of the Lycaeum that the Knights had appeared in order to take a particular book. The book, the librarian claimed, was sought after by a mysterious stranger a week prior but the librarian refused to lend it out as the subject of the book was concerning lost artifacts of Mondain, and the librarian felt it inappropriate given the recent attacks. Rainard speculated that it was in fact an agent of the knights that had sought the book, but he would need to research just what was in the book that the knights could possibly want.

[EVENT] A Deadly Deal

6/22/2017 – The guards gathered at Castle Blackthorn and met with Magister Rainard, who asked them questions about their investigation. The Magister’s decision then was to send the guards back to the Wayward Knight to bring him news of the demon’s proposal. They found the Wayward Knight in a troubled trance, and used the seance spell that, according to Rainard, would fuse the astral plane and the physical plane for a short time that would allow them to enter whatever nightmare the Wayward Knight was wrestling with. They found, inside that dark vision a number of barriers and guardians meant to keep the guards out of a particularly troubling memory, but as the guards broke down the walls they found themselves taking on the very role the Wayward Knight once took when he slaughtered the denizens of Tune. Many ghostly spectres and memories of victims emerged from burning homes to fight the guards, who were compelled to put them down. After the battle they found the Wayward Knight in his cabin. Though many of the guards were reluctant to kill the knight, he was nevertheless willing to give his life to the cause.

It was learned in their conversation that the demon was once trapped inside of an enchanted mace, which was held in the vaults of the Mysterium Fidei long ago. It was from this weapon that the ancient paladins summoned the demon for the purpose of defeating the Knights of Mondain. The guards spoke to Magister Rainard later, and proposed attempting to capture the demon inside of the mace after it granted them the power to slay the knights. Rainard was hesitant, and claimed that the act could have drastic consequences, but it was not outside the realm of possibility. He went on to say he would look into finding out where the mace might be found, and in the mean time the guards would need to meet with the demon to negotiate their deal, to hopefully include the freedom of the ancient paladin souls it held.

[EVENT] The Counter Proposal

6/15/2017 – After the guards had gathered at Castle Blackthorn to see who had summoned them, a mysterious moongate suddenly appeared, leading to the Moonglow house of none other than the Collector, the avid rares collector who before had provided one of the tomb seals nearly a year ago. The Collector expressed his desire to complete his collection of replica armors as well as ensuring a safe Britannia in which to collect, and thus offered his assistance regarding the recent dealings with the demon. The Collector was aware that the guards were uneasy to sacrifice the noble Wayward Knight to the demon in exchange for weapons that could permanently kill the Knights of Mondain, but the Collector had reason to believe that the Wayward Knight was not everything that he seemed. He sent the guards into an ancient tomb which he had located in his dealings, and within the tomb the guards found the ghost of Lord Zachariah, who claimed to be the second-in-command to Lord Hightower of the Mysterium Fidei. Zachariah went on to say that the man inside the Wayward Knight’s armor was once a knight of the Mysterium Fidei, but he accepted the armor from Mondain for the power to defeat his foes. The armor in turn whispers dark purpose in his ear at all times, and no matter how hard he may try to do good, the influence of the armor will always drag him back to malevolent purpose.

Once the ghost had faded away, the Collector arrived at the scene and stated that it was quite possible that the Wayward Knight had a sincere desire to pursue virtue, but also equally possible that a malevolent purpose was festering beneath the armor using a sincere goodness to eventually deceive the guards. Some of the guards suggested that the Wayward Knight could possibly be saved, and considered ways to remove the armor from his body. The Collector asked the guards not to risk the welfare of Britannia for a single man, and urged them to take the deal offered by the demon.