Many odious beasts wander the lands of Sosaria, but sometimes the strange and unpredictable magics in the land can result in abominations that even to the most unnatural beasts can seem too abhorrent for this world. In these pages one shall find a catalog of many of these dread creations.

festeringdeath Festering Death
This can almost nearly not be described as a creature but rather a manifestation of fel magics. While it does not seem to move, the festering death shall spill an acidic substance when struck. The true danger, however, seems to be its tendency to act as a beacon for the dead.
ghoullord Ghoul Lord
Ghouls are said to exist in an agonizing state between the corporeal and the ethereal, but dark magics and fel energies can sometimes twist many ghouls together in a disjointed but amalgamated form. These ghouls, forced together against their will and yet paradoxically acting as one, lash out in violent ways spewing forth their ghostly energies in every direction.
skeletallord Skeletal Lord
How can a skeleton move without the presence of muscles and nerves, even if decayed? This has long been a question among many magical scholars, for to animate a body after such extensive decay requires great magical force. The Skeletal Lord, on the other hand, is another question altogether. While a skeleton, at the time of its animation resumes its old form with each bone floating into place, a skeletal lord can form quite by accident when multiple formations are taking place at once. Held together by astonishing power, the skeletal lord is thus bestowed with extraordinary strength and speed for its massive size. This is a monster not to be taken lightly.
tormentedwraith Tormented Wraith
The practitioners of dark magics tend not to come upon such a path but for their evil hearts. Those that toy with the powers of life and death with reckless disregard for those they might affect are wont to practice their evil methods on unwilling participants, sometimes for knowledge and sometimes for their own sadistic pleasure. The tormented wraith is the unfortunate result of the latter tendency. Having been subjected to the worst imaginable tortures, a soul becomes utterly broken and enslaved to the whims of its master. Knowing only fear, the tormented wraith will lash out at those that seek to harm its master, summoning great strength and magic in doing so. The only merciful end for them is to be vanquished forever.
garbageelemental Garbage Elemental
While not an elemental in strictest magical sense, this monstrosity has been given such a name for its nature of being “garbage, taken form”. This disgusting freak of nature can only be the result of a magical anomaly resulting in unpredictable manifestations. The garbage elemental, being composed entirely of refuse and rubbish, has a tendency to spill an acidic substance when it is struck, and possesses unnatural strength as a result of its magical bonds. Adventures are advised to bathe thoroughly after an encounter with the garbage elemental.
giantmutatedrat Giant Mutated Rat
As if giant rats weren’t bad enough, when subjected to unpredictable magical anomalies, a giant rat can be mutated even further, resulting in a beast with unnatural strength, magical powers, and carrying with it a potent disease.
hedgedemon Hedge Demon
Long ago, the Grandmaster Mage Relvinian attempted to harness the powers of demons to serve mankind, performing his dark work in his manor at the center of a massive hedge maze. He later disappeared, and his old, decaying home still to this day bears a perpetual infestation of demons. Some of these otherworldly creatures have taken to the hedge maze itself, making a home of it, and lashing out at those that dare intrude.
flamingbones FLAMING BONES
These ancient warriors have been battling in the fires of hell for centuries. Having been burned away of everything but their bones and their hatred, these walking skeletons are the ultimate soldier.
toweringabomination Towering Abomination
There are legends that say that before man, giants ruled the lands. We know giants today as the brutish ogres, clumsy ettins, despicable trolls, loathsome cyclops and cruel titans that wander Britannia’s dungeons, but the giants of yore, it is said, were a virtuous and noble race that governed the land wisely. These are, of course, only myths. The remains of these alleged giants have eluded royal archaeologists for as long as the study has existed. Yet, these towering abominations found among the legions of the dead seem so much unlike the conventional giants of Britannia. Where did the ancient remains, whose classification seems to elude all known species of Britannia, come from? Until the forces of darkness decide to share their secrets, we may never know.