[EVENT] Following the Trail II

3/22/2018 – At the Rangers Guild Hall, Shamino met with the rangers to go over the recent events. The Assassin that had escaped from the Vesper sewers had proven elusive with no apparent tracks or trail. After traveling to the crossroads where the Assassin had been lost the week prior, Shamino began tracing the killer’s trail by taking note of loosely related clues and hunches. The rangers followed Shamino north towards the Mountains of Avarice, following it along the eastern edge until coming upon an ogre shaman that demanded payments in gold. When the rangers refused, the shaman and his band of ogres attacked.

After slaying the ogres the rangers continued following the Assassin’s vague trail, until Shamino noticed a strange substance floating of the coast of the Lost Hope Bay. Dundee volunteered to investigate the puddle and after swimming to it discovered an empty paint jar. Without warning strange, mis-colored monstrosities rose from the rolling waves around where the puddle of magic paint had floated and assaulted the rangers. The rangers were able to slay the beasts but no further explanation could be had as to this strange occurrence.

Still the rangers continued, pursuing the Assassin’s hidden trail and eventually came upon a fortress built in a valley tucked into the western reaches of the Mountains of Avarice, populated by a group of mercenaries belonging to the Hand of Death fighters guild of Jhelom. The rangers and the Hand of Death fighters engaged in battle under the eye of the Assassin who watched and waited for his turn to take the rangers on himself. When all others had fallen he jumped into the battle but after an arduous battle was slain. Though the rangers were unable to gain any information from him, they were able to retrieve the magical paints he had stolen, and gained some knowledge of his affiliations.