[EVENT] Hedge Hell

2/24/2018 – Believing that the troubles with the Hedge Maze were not over, Shamino led the rangers back to the lumber camp in Spiritwood to further investigate the dangers brewing within the maze. Upon speaking to Reginald, who had fully recovered since his harrowing experience, they learned that the Hedge Mage had been attempting to pull a “darker, quieter” hedge maze, which Shamino believed was this so-called Underhedge. The rangers initiated an assault on the hedge mage, fending off the scores of Hedge Demons and once again encountered the mysterious Arcane Hedge Demon in the cellar of Relvinian’s former abode, who told them frankly that he desired to put a stop to the Hedge Lord, and would send them to where he needed to go in order to stop the mage from summoning it. The Arcane Hedge Demon opened a gate to the Underhedge, a huge, dark, sprawling overgrown hedge maze where lost souls wandered eternally, and strange horrors and abominations lurked in the shadows.

Despite the overwhelming madness the rangers managed to find their way through the maze into a cavern where the Hedge Mage himself proclaimed the rangers as the sacrifice he would need to summon the Hedge Lord. However, he was quickly vanquished, and before long the Hedge Lord himself appeared before the rangers, claiming that he had determined the Hedge Mage to be the sacrifice. The Hedge Lord also stated that by his guidance the hedge maze would grow over the entire world, and that Britannia would become the Hedge Kingdom, and suggested that the rangers should kneel before him should they wished to be spared the utter madness of living in such a world. The rangers, of course, would not kneel, and engaged the Hedge Lord in a harrowing battle until finally defeating their foe.

With the Hedge Lord vanquished, Shamino determined that the dangers of the hedge maze had been calmed for the time being.