[EVENT] The Initiation

2/15/2018 – At the Rangers Guild Hall, Shamino officially established the new Rangers Guild and opened up recruitment. Several adventurers volunteered to join the guild as recruits. Afterwards Shamino led their first mission to a camp of lumberjacks that he had hired to gather resources for improvements to the guild hall. According to a report Shamino had received, there had been sightings of demons in the woods and the camp may had been in danger.

Upon locating the camp in Spiritwood they found it swarming with Hedge Demons. The rangers pushed the demonic invaders back into the woods, however they soon found that Reginald, the foreman of the lumberjacks had been abducted. According to one of the lumberjacks he had been taken to the hedge maze, and the rangers quickly went in pursuit. Along the way to the hedge maze they encountered an Arcane Hedge Demon who informed them that a mage was involved in rousing the demons of the hedge maze and was behind the effort to steal Reginald, for the purpose of using him to summon something called the Hedge Lord. The Arcane Hedge Demon said they could fight the mage if they wished, however Reginald would surely be taken to the Underhedge, or they could go directly to Reginald himself and pull him from the grasp of the demons. The rangers ultimately chose to save Reginald. After rescuing him they returned to Skara Brae, where the shaken foreman was left to rest and be tended to by the healers.