[EVENT] The Fall of the Demon

11/13/2017 – The guards met with Magister Rainard at Castle Blackthorn to address the urgent matter of the demon Xaerhaonohr who, having struck a demonic pact with the royal guard, would eventually come to demand his price which was to slay the Wayward Knight. Fortunately, Rainard had in his possession a mace recovered from the vault of the Mysterium Fidei by Ricardo the thief that was said to be able to bind and imprison the demon. Rainard informed the guards that he had prepared a special area to summon and bind Xaerhaonohr.

When the royal guard entered Rainard’s moongate they found themselves on a platform suspended in the void. Without delay, the magister began to summon the demon. Xaerhaonohr rose from a pillar of flame demanding to know why he was summoned, and then expressed rage at the guards for attempting to bind him and get out of their pact. The demon immediately disappeared, however Rainard assured them that it was unable to escape the wards that had been placed. Being unable to escape, the demon had slipped into a separate dimensional plane within Rainard’s magical prison and it was there they would have to pursue him. Slipping through a rift created by the clever mage, the royal guards found themselves in a dark, cavernous tunnel filled with the strange demonic apparitions of Xaerhaonohr battling them all along the way until, at the very end of the plane they moved through another one, engaging themselves in one final, epic struggle against Xaerhaonohr’s wrath.

However, when Xaerhaonohr’s form was at last brought down, and Magister Rainard struck the beast with the enchanted war mace, the demon laughed cruelly for some unknown reason. Xaerhaonohr then revealed a chilling truth: the mace that they possessed was a false one, and held no power over them. He had, the entire time, carried on a ruse for his own amusement only to reveal that they had been played. But who had deceived them? Ricardo? Or some other mastermind….