[EVENT] The Final Battle of the Shattered Obelisk

9/27/2017 – After all of the sacrifice and loss, the Royal Britannian Guard rallied one more time for what could be their final attempt to halt the relentless onslaught of the Titans of Pagan. Meeting at Castle Blackthorn, Commander Forthwin spoke grimly of the overwhelming odds against Britannia, but also of the plan in motion to strike back. Despite their many appearances and apparent defeats across the invaded cities of Britannia, the Titans never seemed to die. Rather, they would only gather their strength and invade again and again, slowly but surely wearing down the brave defenders of the kingdom until the inevitable moment that Britannia’s defenders could fight no more.

The book which the thief Ricardo recovered from the vault of the Mysterium Fidei held the key: lost, arcane knowledge of ancient Sosaria pertaining to the binding of spirits and elements. Magister Rainard along with the highest echelons of magicians had worked tirelessly to learn and adapt this knowledge in order to formulate their own spell to bind four of the most powerful beings that Britannia had ever seen. However while the mages made their last minute preparations, Commander Forthwin ordered the guards to assist with imminent invasions that would mark the final push of the Titans in their quest to conquer Britannia.

The guards first rallied with Iolo who was leading the defense of Trinsic. There was barely enough time for Iolo to brief the guards on the situation before massive waves crashed against Trinsic’s shoreline, from which elementals and malformed monsters originating in the deep sea marched onto dry land. The guards swiftly defeated the initial invasion before Iolo sent them to Jhelom, warning them that this would only be the beginning should their plan against the Titans fail.

In Jhelom, the guards met with Sir Dupre who was leading the defense against Pyros. They did not have to wait long before an onslaught of fiery forms descended onto the island, lighting up the streets of Jhelom with battle. Most frightening was a massive flaming form of dragon fire erupting upon a wooden guard post. The guards knew that if this was only a taste of what was to come, failure would not be an option. As the battled simmered down Sir Dupre sent them to find Shamino in the mountain pass of Wind, where a dire situation was unfolding.

The guards met with Shamino who explained that the Titan Stratos was at work in the mountain passes brewing a powerful storm that had the potential to completely level Britain itself. The very notion of such raw power sent chills down every spine as they charged into the mountain passes to seek out the wind elementals that were beginning to churn the air. The guards were able to halt this initial attempt at laying waste to the entire city of Britain, which Shamino thanked them and sent them on their way with the knowledge that the next attempt might end in profound devastation.

Through Shamino’s moongate, the guards encountered Mariah near the entrance of Deceit. Deceit, a dungeon wherein many ancient bodies were buried, was a coveted location for one such as Lithos, the Mountain King. As they entered into the mountains they were set upon by moving earth and the waking dead as the ground rumbled slightly beneath their feet. It seemed then that the guards were only seeing a preview of what was likely happening in the depths of the dungeon. Vanquishing Lithos’ front line would at least buy them some time, however.

After defeating the initial emergence of Lithos’ forces, Mariah led the guards to the Shrine of Honesty, where a small camp had been set up. Many who had worked tirelessly to enact their plan were there: Commander Forthwin, Magister Rainard, Ricardo the thief, Shamino, Sir Dupre, and Iolo. Mariah was given the Mysterium Fidei tome by Rainard and, after saying what may have been her final farewells to her friends, she led the guards into the Plane of the Shattered Obelisk.

It was there that she began the ritual that would contain the Titans for good. In the very center of the ritual area, a tall obelisk of solid blackrock reassembled from pieces recovered from Pagan and with the help of the guards began to absord the overwhelming power of the Titans. However the power being channeled into the obelisk was so great, it was too much for Mariah and, despite her mastery of magic, succumbed briefly to the intense flow of energy as she became filled the combined essence of the four titans and became a Titan of Ether. Pulsing with god-like power the Titan became unstable and out of control, lashing out at the guards. An intense battle followed on the Plane of the Shattered Obelisk but, thank the virtues, the seemingly infinite power of the Titan of Ether was pushed back into the obelisk, and Mariah saved from its grip.

From there they returned to Britannia, and on that very day it is said Lord Blackthorn recovered from his injuries and announced the formation of a parade in honor of those who fought bravely in the defense of the kingdom of Britannia.