[EVENT] Mordra’s Game

9/20/2017 – Magister Rainard met with Dev Cortair and Savoua Fair in need of assistance for a special mission called for by the recently arrived mage from the world of Pagan, Mythran. Rainard had stated that the book which Ricardo had found in the vault of the Mysterium Fidei contained ancient Sosarian knowledge on the binding of spirits and elements, knowledge which he believed could serve as a way to stop the titans. Rainard as well as many of the most skilled mages in the kingdom were hard at work devising a spell that would bind the titans, however Mythran believed their efforts might be in vain if Mordra remained loose to twist the hearts and minds of their fellow Britannians to serve the titans. They determined then that action would need to be taken in order to prevent any action taken against the titans to be undermined from the clever machinations of Mordra. Rainard ordered Dev and Savoua to meet with Mythran at a place he had requested, and sent them along through a moongate.

They found Mythran shortly thereafter in the wisp circle near the Dungeon Shame, where he explained that long had he and Mordra clashed in battles of wits which usually involved each attempting to outsmart the other in a long-standing deadly game. Their first step would be to find a hideout of several cultists in Mordra’s service that were hiding in a mountain pass near Shame. After clearing out the cave where the cultists were living, the three adventurers encountered a cultist who seemed to know Mythran, and gave him a rune as a part of some implied deal which Mythran had not before explained. Before opening a moongate from the rune he explained that he had no idea where it would lead, and that they should be ready for anything.

What they found on the other side was that they were in the middle of the Umbra arena, which had been completely sealed to prevent escape, while Mordra stood above the pit watching them. Suddenly, Mythran turned to Dev and Savoua and said he had tricked them, that he was in fact a servant of the titans now as he realize they were the true power to revere and that in order to join Mordra’s cult, he had been required to bring any guards he could into the trap so that they may be killed and the Britannians’ efforts thwarted for good. However, Mordra suddenly cast a spell on Mythran that wrapped him in magical bindings and explained that she was not going to fall for his ruse against her, after which she summoned an army of demons to slaughter the three adventurers, followed by a legendary warrior-king of Pagan known as Khumash-Gor.

After a harrowing battle all of Mordra’s minions had been defeated, and Mythran freed from the magical barrier. When Mordra attempted to escape however she found she was unable to teleport away. Mythran in turn revealed that while she had been working tirelessly to subvert the citizens of Britannia against their own kingdom, he had been studying the magical knowledge recorded by the mages of Britannia over the course of the ages, and had learned a great deal about how Britannians teleport. Using that knowledge had constructed a charm which would prevent Mordra from being able to teleport away while in its presence. A fight between the two ensued as Mythran magically pulled Mordra into the pit and tried to take away her book, however before he could she began to chant the words of power for the Armageddon spell. Before she could finish he used his Pagan magic to open a portal into the ethereal void, and pulled her through before the portal closed again. Before long, a different moongate appeared in the arena leading back to Castle Blackthorn.

Dev and Savoua encountered Magister Rainard, who learned from a wisp that had been instructed to relay a message from Mythran in the event of what had occurred occuring that Mythran had originally reached out to Mordra to convince her that he wanted to join her side. She knew, of course, that it was a ruse, but Mythran knew that she knew, and even knew that she knew that he knew. Mordra played along with the request, knowing that Mythran knew that she was only playing along, but directed him to the location of some her cultists as well as an agent that would give him a rune. The deal between them however, stipulated that Mythran would not be able to know where the rune would lead. Mordra believed this would be her ace in the hole. Mythran however had something else in mind. And so, giving himself to chance and hoping that the guards would emerge victorious against Mordra’s minions, he was ultimately able to prevent her escape using magic with which she had not yet been acquainted. The wisp had told Rainard that Mythran and Mordra had become separated in the ethereal void, and so the leader of the cult may still be at large, but her forced departure and delayed presence in Britannia would be enough to allow them to act against the titans without Mordra’s interference.

All that remained then was the grim hope that the ancient magical knowledge of the Mysterium Fidei would be enough to contain the vast powers of the elemental Titans.