[EVENT] The Dark Monks

8/24/2017 – Gathering at Castle Blackthorn, the guards met with Sir Dupre himself, who, after having been located and rescued from his previous harrowing adventure, was glad to provide assistance. He told the guards that royal spies had been covertly tracking the citizens who had left their homes to become ambushers, such as some of individuals healed in the Lazar house, and had at this point acquired a mole from within the strange cult that was willing to help them. Before embarking upon their adventure, Sir Dupre led the guards to the Yew winery, where they purchased robes to disguise themselves and observe the meeting to which they would travel. Now dressed for the part, the guards returned to Britain and made their way to the Lost Lands through the sewers.

In a hidden area on the other side of the tunnels, they encountered Sheldon, the insider that would assist the guards. He seemed to think there was something very wrong about what was going on and no longer wished to help the cultists’ cause. He summoned a moongate to the meeting area, located on Terra Sanctum, and found several robed citizens gathered before an obelisk.

Before long, an old woman appeared before them, and spoke of the need to save Britannia from a great evil that had affected her own world from far away. She introduced herself as Mordra and promised to lead the common people where all of the heroes and governors and the king had failed. The people were eager to help Mordra with her mysterious ritual and began to chant at the obelisk, but no sooner had the ritual begun had Sir Dupre gave the order to attack and stop whatever it was they were doing. The guards fought a desperate battle against many cultists and even elemental forces which seemed to manifest around the obelisk, until finally defeating all of the cultists entirely… but too late.

Mordra, claiming success, vanished in a pillar of fire. Though questions remained as to the nature of the ritual, many other questions had been answered that night. Indeed, it seemed it was this Mordra after all that had visited the Lazar house, and was the mysterious figure behind the trade route ambushers, and who was responsible for the mysterious caches being found across Britannia. What was not clear, however, was just what terror had been wrought by the ritual that had been conducted that day. Only time would tell.