[EVENT] Talking to Wisps

8/22/2017 – Several guards answered the call of Magister Rainard, who dumped on them a task he had no interest in undertaking himself, regarding it as rather dull. He explained that the guards were to seek out a mage at the Lycaeum by the name of Heigel and help him with whatever quest he was on, as he supposedly claimed his work had gathered unwanted attention from dangerous elements. He pointed towards many of the recent events as well as intuitions he himself had that gave him reason to believe he might be in danger. The guard complied and met with Heigel, finding him in one of the libraries in the Lycaeum.

Heigel explained he was working on interdimensional movement, or rather observing it. Similar in nature to an astronomer studying celestial objects, but not quite the same, his work involved attempting to detect objects and forms that existed outside of their own dimension. Much of the field is still fairly new however; while the handful of mages that study interdimensional movement can sometimes detect shift patterns in the ethereal void, often times they can only see fragments of a form or shifting points without context, and so much remains a mystery as to what is moving about outside of Sosaria. Heigel explained, however, that he had a possible breakthrough that could provide an alternative means to learning about elements outside of Sosaria, but that he would require the guards’ protection as he had reason to believe there was a malevolent force that sought to halt his work.

They first began their journey by visiting the famous magician Gilforn. Gilforn, it was widely known, and he was sure to remind the guards in case they forgot, was his discovery of the Ilshenar facet. Gilforn is one of Britannia’s foremost experts on moongate magic, and was in the middle of an experiment when they arrived. The guards humored the eccentric mage by listening to him blather on for some time about moongates before at last asking him for a copy of his latest book, to which he readily offered up many copies in the hopes that the guards would spread the word and get people to buy his books. With the books in hand, the guards departed.

Heigel explained that the reason he wanted the book was to trade with a wisp. The manifestations from the xorinite dimension, or wisps as we know them, are curious beings that seem to travel interdimensionally themselves, however they exist as information brokers and rarely ever offer any kind of information without some kind useful information that they need in return. One such wisp by the name of Xorinus had wished for the latest research of Gilforn as he was a foremost expert on moongates. Heigel hoped that the information that Xorinus could give in return would help them understand what was going on outside of Sosaria.

The guards ventured into Ilshenar and traveled to the entrance of the wisp dungeon, where they found three curious figures: men by the names of Jessie Cook, Ray Higgins and Andrew Lloyd, names which some of the guards recognized as names from the Lazar House roster. The leader Jessie claimed that he would not let Heigel move forward with his work – work which he claimed was endangering Sosaria. The strange men claimed they were on a quest to save Sosaria from the evil that men like Heigel were going to unleash. Several ambushers leapt from behind trees and mountain rocks to kill the guards, but ultimately all of the ambushers included the three men from the Lazar house had been slain.

Upon entering the wisp dungeon, the group soon found the wisp Xorinus. Heigel offered the book but wanted to clarify the nature of the deal they would soon make. Xorinus attempted at first to back out of their original deal, offering them other information but as Heigel persisted, Xorinus soon relented out of its severe need for the information in Heigel’s possession. The wisp absorbed the information in Gilforn’s book and then proceeded to explain that it would give Heigel the ability to exchange messages with a being from another world. The being, the wisp explained, was a mage by the name of Mythran, who himself sought to exchange correspondence with someone within Sosaria to discuss the Time Lord’s spell that resulted in the opening of the Valley of Eodon, as well as the malevolent forces that had taken notice of this.

Heigel afterwards thanked the guards for their help when they returned to the Lycaeum and said they may cross paths again.