[EVENT] The Lazar House

8/17/2017 – Gathering at the Blue Boar one warm summer evening, several adventurers encountered a mysterious stranger who revealed himself to be the famous bard, Iolo FitzOwen. He explained that he had been wandering Britannia for many years, embarking upon many adventures, and that he returned to Britain after hearing about many of recent troubles in Britannia, such as the rise of the Knights of Mondain, and a plague that had recently swept the city of Britain. Many of the adventurers had heard the same rumors Iolo did, and together they set out to investigate further.

Their first stop was the Britain Healers, where they spoke to Falworth the Healer. They learned that the plague had spread throughout the city in less than a week and that the symptoms included coughing, bleeding, and skin abnormalities. Falworth believed that the disease was being carried by rats, and asked the adventurers for their help finding the pests. The group searched through the two warehouses in Britain, finding several enormous rodents skulking about in the shadows, and even found a few boldly in the open. All of the rats they found were slain, but there is suspicion that there may be more hiding in the city.

During their search they encountered vile sludge seeping up from out of the sewers, leading them into its stinky depths. Deep in the sewers they found some sort of unidentifiable mass of poisonous substance throbbing in the sewage. Whether the thing was alive or not was not clear. They destroyed disgusting mass and all the sludge that was collecting up in the drains and returned to the surface stinking to high heaven, but victorious.

Falworth thanked them profusely and advised them to visit the Lazar House if they wished to further assist. When the group arrived at the Lazar House, where those afflicted with the plague had been quarantined, they only found Joan the Caretaker alone in the building. She told a story of how a mysterious woman had come into the home using unheard of magic to instantly and totally cure the inhabitants of the house. She would then ask the newly cured patients for their assistance to “save the world”, though did not specify “from what”. Having had their lives saved, the formerly-afflicted were obliged to agree to her request. Joan said she found it odd that after visits from many great magicians, that this mysterious woman was able to cure all with such ease so soon after the outbreak, and then to ask a request. Many of them, Joan said, were impoverished citizens who had little going for them.

On the table Joan kept a list of the patients that had been admitted to the Lazar House. Many of them were said to have left Britain, but Joan stated that a few remained in Britain for a time, and that if they were sought out perhaps more answers could be gained. After speaking to the caretaker, Iolo advised the group that he wished to follow a separate lead, and left his fellow adventurers to seek out the lingering former patients of the Lazar House. He advised them that, should they find one, they should ask “what happened at the Lazar House?” They parted ways, but not before Iolo sang a song about their illustrious adventure and said he hoped to meet them again.

What Happened At The Lazar House?
♪ Oh, the heroes of Britain.. ♪
♪ ..on footstools they sat! ♪
♪ Bravely they fought.. ♪
♪ against the poison rat! ♪
♪ When the foul sludge came a’crawlin’.. ♪
♪ On the burning acid they were fallin’.. ♪
♪ Bravely they fought.. ♪
♪ and vanquished the disease! ♪
♪ In muck and stink and… relative ease… ♪
*clears throat*
♪ When the heroes visited the house lazar.. ♪
♪ They learned a mysterious lady from afar.. ♪
♪ Had cured the citizens! ♪
♪ Cured their disease! ♪
♪ But the mystery remained as to her fees… ♪
♪ The saga shall continue! ♪