[EVENT] The Prophecy of Naxalitor

8/10/2017 – Adventurers gathered at the Encyclopedia Magicka in Moonglow due to word spreading that the famous mage Mariah was looking for help. When Mariah arrived they learned that she had been given a letter from Queen Zhah of Ter Mur during her recent visit to her friend Naxalitor the Seer, who had fallen ill after experiencing a mind-crushing vision. The letter itself was intended for Lord Blackthorn, so as a precaution Mariah asked the adventurers to escort her to Britain so that she may deliver the letter safely. The letter was sealed and though Mariah was very curious as to the contents of the letter, she felt it better to deliver it to the king without reading.

They began their adventure by traveling to the moongate of Moonglow. However as they arrived, they encountered a rather pathetic looking gargoyle named Anailem. He claimed that evil men were preparing to assassinate Naxalitor before he could be moved to the Royal City. He could provide very few other details, and said that he couldn’t take this news to the other gargoyles because he was an outcast among his people. Mariah and her protectors were highly skeptical, but Mariah decided to travel back to the Holy City anyways to make sure her friend was safe.

Once they arrived, Mariah spoke briefly to Queen Zhah before, as Anailem had predicted, a band of men arrived to attack the building where Naxalitor was resting. These men had all the appearances of seemingly ordinary Britannians, dressed plainly and in some cases poorly as if they were impoverished. The adventurers made quick work of these rag tag fighters and as the dust of the battle began to settle, Anailem snuck up behind Mariah and snatched the letter right out of her bag. He led them all on a chase around the Holy City until finally being cornered. No where else to run, Anailem was forced to give back the letter and confess his deception. He attempted to lie his way out at first but upon further interrogation, he revealed that he had been recruited by a strange “old lady”, who wore a dark dress. He stated that she had found him in one of the refugee camps and promised him that he could be accepted by his people again should he help her with a simple task. That task was to convince Mariah to return to the Holy City, and while she and her protectors were distracted to snatch the letter and return it to her. Despite his crimes Mariah was willing to let him go, only if he promised not to serve evil again. He agreed, but whether he carries through with that promise is anyone’s guess.

That adventure behind them, Mariah and her guards returned to the moongate and traveled to Britain. Once they arrived at Castle Blackthorn they found Magister Rainard in the courtyard. Rainard and Mariah had a brief conversation in which Mariah expressed her belief that there was a larger force at play than simply the Knights of Mondain. Whatever voice it was the Pallid Knight claimed to hear could also be behind the so-called “old lady” and the peasant attack at the Holy City.

Before Mariah left she urged those present to keep watch for the poor and vulnerable, those most susceptible to sinister manipulations of whatever evil was working behind the scenes. She also said she would assist again if called upon, and bid her protectors farewell.