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[EVENT] The Dark Monks

8/24/2017 – Gathering at Castle Blackthorn, the guards met with Sir Dupre himself, who, after having been located and rescued from his previous harrowing adventure, was glad to provide assistance. He told the guards that royal spies had been covertly tracking the citizens who had left their homes to become ambushers, such as some of individuals healed in the Lazar house, and had at this point acquired a mole from within the strange cult that was willing to help them. Before embarking upon their adventure, Sir Dupre led the guards to the Yew winery, where they purchased robes to disguise themselves and observe the meeting to which they would travel. Now dressed for the part, the guards returned to Britain and made their way to the Lost Lands through the sewers.

In a hidden area on the other side of the tunnels, they encountered Sheldon, the insider that would assist the guards. He seemed to think there was something very wrong about what was going on and no longer wished to help the cultists’ cause. He summoned a moongate to the meeting area, located on Terra Sanctum, and found several robed citizens gathered before an obelisk.

Before long, an old woman appeared before them, and spoke of the need to save Britannia from a great evil that had affected her own world from far away. She introduced herself as Mordra and promised to lead the common people where all of the heroes and governors and the king had failed. The people were eager to help Mordra with her mysterious ritual and began to chant at the obelisk, but no sooner had the ritual begun had Sir Dupre gave the order to attack and stop whatever it was they were doing. The guards fought a desperate battle against many cultists and even elemental forces which seemed to manifest around the obelisk, until finally defeating all of the cultists entirely… but too late.

Mordra, claiming success, vanished in a pillar of fire. Though questions remained as to the nature of the ritual, many other questions had been answered that night. Indeed, it seemed it was this Mordra after all that had visited the Lazar house, and was the mysterious figure behind the trade route ambushers, and who was responsible for the mysterious caches being found across Britannia. What was not clear, however, was just what terror had been wrought by the ritual that had been conducted that day. Only time would tell.

[EVENT] Talking to Wisps

8/22/2017 – Several guards answered the call of Magister Rainard, who dumped on them a task he had no interest in undertaking himself, regarding it as rather dull. He explained that the guards were to seek out a mage at the Lycaeum by the name of Heigel and help him with whatever quest he was on, as he supposedly claimed his work had gathered unwanted attention from dangerous elements. He pointed towards many of the recent events as well as intuitions he himself had that gave him reason to believe he might be in danger. The guard complied and met with Heigel, finding him in one of the libraries in the Lycaeum.

Heigel explained he was working on interdimensional movement, or rather observing it. Similar in nature to an astronomer studying celestial objects, but not quite the same, his work involved attempting to detect objects and forms that existed outside of their own dimension. Much of the field is still fairly new however; while the handful of mages that study interdimensional movement can sometimes detect shift patterns in the ethereal void, often times they can only see fragments of a form or shifting points without context, and so much remains a mystery as to what is moving about outside of Sosaria. Heigel explained, however, that he had a possible breakthrough that could provide an alternative means to learning about elements outside of Sosaria, but that he would require the guards’ protection as he had reason to believe there was a malevolent force that sought to halt his work.

They first began their journey by visiting the famous magician Gilforn. Gilforn, it was widely known, and he was sure to remind the guards in case they forgot, was his discovery of the Ilshenar facet. Gilforn is one of Britannia’s foremost experts on moongate magic, and was in the middle of an experiment when they arrived. The guards humored the eccentric mage by listening to him blather on for some time about moongates before at last asking him for a copy of his latest book, to which he readily offered up many copies in the hopes that the guards would spread the word and get people to buy his books. With the books in hand, the guards departed.

Heigel explained that the reason he wanted the book was to trade with a wisp. The manifestations from the xorinite dimension, or wisps as we know them, are curious beings that seem to travel interdimensionally themselves, however they exist as information brokers and rarely ever offer any kind of information without some kind useful information that they need in return. One such wisp by the name of Xorinus had wished for the latest research of Gilforn as he was a foremost expert on moongates. Heigel hoped that the information that Xorinus could give in return would help them understand what was going on outside of Sosaria.

The guards ventured into Ilshenar and traveled to the entrance of the wisp dungeon, where they found three curious figures: men by the names of Jessie Cook, Ray Higgins and Andrew Lloyd, names which some of the guards recognized as names from the Lazar House roster. The leader Jessie claimed that he would not let Heigel move forward with his work – work which he claimed was endangering Sosaria. The strange men claimed they were on a quest to save Sosaria from the evil that men like Heigel were going to unleash. Several ambushers leapt from behind trees and mountain rocks to kill the guards, but ultimately all of the ambushers included the three men from the Lazar house had been slain.

Upon entering the wisp dungeon, the group soon found the wisp Xorinus. Heigel offered the book but wanted to clarify the nature of the deal they would soon make. Xorinus attempted at first to back out of their original deal, offering them other information but as Heigel persisted, Xorinus soon relented out of its severe need for the information in Heigel’s possession. The wisp absorbed the information in Gilforn’s book and then proceeded to explain that it would give Heigel the ability to exchange messages with a being from another world. The being, the wisp explained, was a mage by the name of Mythran, who himself sought to exchange correspondence with someone within Sosaria to discuss the Time Lord’s spell that resulted in the opening of the Valley of Eodon, as well as the malevolent forces that had taken notice of this.

Heigel afterwards thanked the guards for their help when they returned to the Lycaeum and said they may cross paths again.

[EVENT] A Tiny Voice, A Heavy Burden

Hail Legends.

The self-paced event “A Tiny Voice, A Heavy Burden” will begin on 8/21 and end on 8/28. You can find Sherry the Mouse on her pillow in Castle British, and you can start the quest by simply saying “hello”. If you have any trouble, I have written a basic guide to how self-paced events work here:

If you run into any problems or if you get stuck, feel free to email me. Good luck!

[EVENT] The Lazar House

8/17/2017 – Gathering at the Blue Boar one warm summer evening, several adventurers encountered a mysterious stranger who revealed himself to be the famous bard, Iolo FitzOwen. He explained that he had been wandering Britannia for many years, embarking upon many adventures, and that he returned to Britain after hearing about many of recent troubles in Britannia, such as the rise of the Knights of Mondain, and a plague that had recently swept the city of Britain. Many of the adventurers had heard the same rumors Iolo did, and together they set out to investigate further.

Their first stop was the Britain Healers, where they spoke to Falworth the Healer. They learned that the plague had spread throughout the city in less than a week and that the symptoms included coughing, bleeding, and skin abnormalities. Falworth believed that the disease was being carried by rats, and asked the adventurers for their help finding the pests. The group searched through the two warehouses in Britain, finding several enormous rodents skulking about in the shadows, and even found a few boldly in the open. All of the rats they found were slain, but there is suspicion that there may be more hiding in the city.

During their search they encountered vile sludge seeping up from out of the sewers, leading them into its stinky depths. Deep in the sewers they found some sort of unidentifiable mass of poisonous substance throbbing in the sewage. Whether the thing was alive or not was not clear. They destroyed disgusting mass and all the sludge that was collecting up in the drains and returned to the surface stinking to high heaven, but victorious.

Falworth thanked them profusely and advised them to visit the Lazar House if they wished to further assist. When the group arrived at the Lazar House, where those afflicted with the plague had been quarantined, they only found Joan the Caretaker alone in the building. She told a story of how a mysterious woman had come into the home using unheard of magic to instantly and totally cure the inhabitants of the house. She would then ask the newly cured patients for their assistance to “save the world”, though did not specify “from what”. Having had their lives saved, the formerly-afflicted were obliged to agree to her request. Joan said she found it odd that after visits from many great magicians, that this mysterious woman was able to cure all with such ease so soon after the outbreak, and then to ask a request. Many of them, Joan said, were impoverished citizens who had little going for them.

On the table Joan kept a list of the patients that had been admitted to the Lazar House. Many of them were said to have left Britain, but Joan stated that a few remained in Britain for a time, and that if they were sought out perhaps more answers could be gained. After speaking to the caretaker, Iolo advised the group that he wished to follow a separate lead, and left his fellow adventurers to seek out the lingering former patients of the Lazar House. He advised them that, should they find one, they should ask “what happened at the Lazar House?” They parted ways, but not before Iolo sang a song about their illustrious adventure and said he hoped to meet them again.

What Happened At The Lazar House?
♪ Oh, the heroes of Britain.. ♪
♪ ..on footstools they sat! ♪
♪ Bravely they fought.. ♪
♪ against the poison rat! ♪
♪ When the foul sludge came a’crawlin’.. ♪
♪ On the burning acid they were fallin’.. ♪
♪ Bravely they fought.. ♪
♪ and vanquished the disease! ♪
♪ In muck and stink and… relative ease… ♪
*clears throat*
♪ When the heroes visited the house lazar.. ♪
♪ They learned a mysterious lady from afar.. ♪
♪ Had cured the citizens! ♪
♪ Cured their disease! ♪
♪ But the mystery remained as to her fees… ♪
♪ The saga shall continue! ♪

[EVENT] The Prophecy of Naxalitor

8/10/2017 – Adventurers gathered at the Encyclopedia Magicka in Moonglow due to word spreading that the famous mage Mariah was looking for help. When Mariah arrived they learned that she had been given a letter from Queen Zhah of Ter Mur during her recent visit to her friend Naxalitor the Seer, who had fallen ill after experiencing a mind-crushing vision. The letter itself was intended for Lord Blackthorn, so as a precaution Mariah asked the adventurers to escort her to Britain so that she may deliver the letter safely. The letter was sealed and though Mariah was very curious as to the contents of the letter, she felt it better to deliver it to the king without reading.

They began their adventure by traveling to the moongate of Moonglow. However as they arrived, they encountered a rather pathetic looking gargoyle named Anailem. He claimed that evil men were preparing to assassinate Naxalitor before he could be moved to the Royal City. He could provide very few other details, and said that he couldn’t take this news to the other gargoyles because he was an outcast among his people. Mariah and her protectors were highly skeptical, but Mariah decided to travel back to the Holy City anyways to make sure her friend was safe.

Once they arrived, Mariah spoke briefly to Queen Zhah before, as Anailem had predicted, a band of men arrived to attack the building where Naxalitor was resting. These men had all the appearances of seemingly ordinary Britannians, dressed plainly and in some cases poorly as if they were impoverished. The adventurers made quick work of these rag tag fighters and as the dust of the battle began to settle, Anailem snuck up behind Mariah and snatched the letter right out of her bag. He led them all on a chase around the Holy City until finally being cornered. No where else to run, Anailem was forced to give back the letter and confess his deception. He attempted to lie his way out at first but upon further interrogation, he revealed that he had been recruited by a strange “old lady”, who wore a dark dress. He stated that she had found him in one of the refugee camps and promised him that he could be accepted by his people again should he help her with a simple task. That task was to convince Mariah to return to the Holy City, and while she and her protectors were distracted to snatch the letter and return it to her. Despite his crimes Mariah was willing to let him go, only if he promised not to serve evil again. He agreed, but whether he carries through with that promise is anyone’s guess.

That adventure behind them, Mariah and her guards returned to the moongate and traveled to Britain. Once they arrived at Castle Blackthorn they found Magister Rainard in the courtyard. Rainard and Mariah had a brief conversation in which Mariah expressed her belief that there was a larger force at play than simply the Knights of Mondain. Whatever voice it was the Pallid Knight claimed to hear could also be behind the so-called “old lady” and the peasant attack at the Holy City.

Before Mariah left she urged those present to keep watch for the poor and vulnerable, those most susceptible to sinister manipulations of whatever evil was working behind the scenes. She also said she would assist again if called upon, and bid her protectors farewell.

[EVENT] A Cruel Plan Indeed

8/7/2017 – The guards met with Magister Rainard who informed them of his other research project stemming from the invasion of the Lycaeum by the Knights of Mondain and the theft of a particular book. Rainard explained in his usual eloquent way that he was able to determine that the title of the stolen book was Perveniens Reliquias Vetustatis and after pouring through various scholarly tomes, was able to find cross-references to the purloined primer indicating what kind of information had been written in it. He said he was able to determine a number of different relics described in the book, but one stood out to him as pertaining to Mondain. The item was called the Eye of Twilight, a black lens which the dark lord Mondain was speculated to have used in his work to bind Sosaria to his gem. Rainard was skeptical, as no real evidence exists for how Mondain was able to achieve such a profound magical feat.

Through covert action, Magister Rainard had employed royal scouts to track down the last known owner or location of this dark relic, finding that it was said to be in the possession of a Priest of Mondain known as Decimus. His last known location, as it happened, was the Ice Dungeon in Felucca. The guards followed Rainard to the chilling depths and found a ritual area recently used. A magical projection appeared before them, presumably of Decimus, as a kind of recorded message meant for his followers in which he claimed that the Knights of Mondain were no longer aligned with the plans of the Priests of Mondain, and indeed were on a separate path altogether. He warned against trusting the Knights as he claimed they had stolen his relic, the Eye of Twilight and took it to the Yew Crypt in Trammel to conduct a dark ritual. Decimus also seemed to hint at some other plot of his, implying he worked against the kingdom, disturbing many present who observed the message. The guards immediately rushed to the Yew Crypt to attempt to stop the Knights of Mondain.

At the Yew Crypt, they found the Knights past their gathered legions in the middle of a ritual with the Eye of Twilight. The guards fought valiantly against  the Knights’ fiendish followers and even took on the all-powerful knights themselves, finding that they were weakened from the ritual. However, before they could attack the Pallid Knight, he claimed that the ritual was done, and the guards’ efforts were now in vain.

The Pallid Knight revealed in a strange explanation the nature of the ritual which they had conducted. He claimed that Mondain the Wizard was in fact still alive and calling forth to him from beyond the stars, where he and his army await to reclaim Sosaria once again. According to the Pallid Knight, when the Gem of Immortality was shattered, not only was Sosaria separated into duplicate worlds but so it was its people – but only its people. Those that dwell outside of Sosaria endured not the same fate, existing only as one rather than as many spread across duplicate worlds. The ritual’s purpose, boasted the Pallid Knight, would bind those entering into the Shattered Worlds to the whole gem retroactively – causing them to exist on every shard, rather than just on one. The effect would hasten Mondain’s conquering of Sosaria and the fall of Britannia. The Pallid Knight said that the fate of the Britannians had been sealed, and that he and his knights would take pleasure in watching everything that the Britannians had built crushed into dust. He then disappeared.

As the dust settled, Magister Rainard found his way to the relic, which he promptly destroyed.

[EVENT] August Events and message from Erebus

Hail Legends,
In August you can expect to see the rumblings of a new threat to Britannia in the upcoming 20th Anniversary Arc set to begin this month, and I intend to make sure Legends gets the royal treatment. I’m putting out events galore to give you, yes.. you!.. an opportunity to actively participate in the story as much as I am capable. Most of the events will be primarily roleplay driven, meaning mostly interactive with fairly light to moderate combat, and no rewards. I have marked the events on the UO Calendar, Facebook, and here to indicate this.

If you would like to imbue a little spirit into your Britannian adventure, I encourage you to read the global fiction as it is published on, come to the events, relax, have fun, and then come back to for a event summary in case you’re a little lost on what’s going on.

Edit: This post has been updated with all of events for August and certain changes have been made to the event dates. See you in Britannia.

8/7 – A Cruel Plan Indeed
On Monday, August 7th at 8:00 PM EST, meet at Castle Blackthorn.
Note: This will be a moderate roleplay event with moderate combat, no reward.

8/10 -The Prophecy of Naxalitor
On Thursday, August 10th at 8:00 PM EST, meet Mariah the Mage in Moonglow.
Note: This is a primarily roleplay event with some light to moderate combat, no reward.

8/17 – The Lazar House
On Thursday, August 17th at 8:00 PM EST, meet at the BLUE BOAR TAVERN in Britain.
Note: This is a primarily roleplay event with moderate combat, no reward.

8/21 – A Tiny Voice, A Heavy Burden –
On Monday, August 21st, Sherry the Mouse will emerge from her hole with a task.
Note: This is a Self-Paced Investigation Style event that players can do at their own leisure; it will be made available for 1 week.

8/22 – Talking to Wisps
On Tuesday, August 22nd at 8:00 PM EST, meet with Magister Rainard at Castle Blackthorn for a quest.
Note: This will be a mostly roleplay event with light combat, no reward.

8/24 – The Dark Monks
On Thursday, August 24th at 8:00 PM EST, meet Sir Dupre at Castle Blackthorn to investigate the recent events.
Note: This will be a roleplay event with moderate to hard combat, no reward.

8/25 – Council Meeting
On Friday, August 25th at 8:00 PM EST, Lord Blackthorn shall preside over a Council Meeting.

8/31 – A Weapon Forged In Flame
On Thursday, August 31st at 8:00 PM EST, meet with Commander Forthwin at Castle Blackthorn.
Note: This will have minimal roleplay, heavy combat, and will have a reward.

9/7 – Haunting of Skara Brae
On Thursday, September 7th at 8:00 PM EST, meet at the RANGER’S GUILD in Skara Brae.
Note: This will be a interactive roleplay even with minimal to moderate combat, no reward.