[EVENT] Coming to Terms

7/28/2017 – Magister Rainard led the guards to Dungeon Hythloth, where they planned to find the demon Xaerhaonohr and renegotiate a deal. However, the demon appeared to have prepared a trap for them at the very entrance. When the guards attempted to enter, a strange magic went them north to the entrance of the demon temple, where before them they beheld the burning, crucified form of Rainard. The striking image of their leader suddenly spoke to them, begging for help before eventually laughing at them cruelly, and revealing itself to be the voice of Xaerhaonohr itself. The demon taunted the guards and said it was interested in making a deal with them, but that first he must have his fun. The guards entered the demon temple where they endured an exhausting battle against a variety of demonic hordes until finally Xaerhaonohr revaled himself. As the fires of battle simmered down, the demon offered his deal once again. The guards insisted on a renegotiation, demanding that the demon also release the souls of the paladins of the Mysterium Fidei if they accept. Xaerhaonohr was reluctant at first but eventually relented and agreed to the new terms. He explained that a kind of weapon capable of overwhelming Mondain’s magic would require time to forge, and that it would call the guards when it was ready and done.