[EVENT] Words, Sharp As Swords

7/20/2017 – As the guards were gathering in preparation for a journey to the foul demon to make the dreaded bargain, a royal scout appeared only moments before their departure to report that an undead legion had suddenly appeared at the steps of the Lycaeum. Magister Rainard, who was leading the guards at the time, immediately sent the guards to protect the revered institution of Britannian knowledge from the careless dead. Fighting off the fierce invasion, the guards soon found it was none other than the Knights of Mondain who were behind the attack, having appeared through a strange portal at the northwestern tip of Verity Isle. As the invader’s ranks were broken the knights disappeared back through their portal leaving only confusion in their wake. After the dust had settled, Magister Rainard explained that he learned from an injured librarian of the Lycaeum that the Knights had appeared in order to take a particular book. The book, the librarian claimed, was sought after by a mysterious stranger a week prior but the librarian refused to lend it out as the subject of the book was concerning lost artifacts of Mondain, and the librarian felt it inappropriate given the recent attacks. Rainard speculated that it was in fact an agent of the knights that had sought the book, but he would need to research just what was in the book that the knights could possibly want.