[EVENT] A Deadly Deal

6/22/2017 – The guards gathered at Castle Blackthorn and met with Magister Rainard, who asked them questions about their investigation. The Magister’s decision then was to send the guards back to the Wayward Knight to bring him news of the demon’s proposal. They found the Wayward Knight in a troubled trance, and used the seance spell that, according to Rainard, would fuse the astral plane and the physical plane for a short time that would allow them to enter whatever nightmare the Wayward Knight was wrestling with. They found, inside that dark vision a number of barriers and guardians meant to keep the guards out of a particularly troubling memory, but as the guards broke down the walls they found themselves taking on the very role the Wayward Knight once took when he slaughtered the denizens of Tune. Many ghostly spectres and memories of victims emerged from burning homes to fight the guards, who were compelled to put them down. After the battle they found the Wayward Knight in his cabin. Though many of the guards were reluctant to kill the knight, he was nevertheless willing to give his life to the cause.

It was learned in their conversation that the demon was once trapped inside of an enchanted mace, which was held in the vaults of the Mysterium Fidei long ago. It was from this weapon that the ancient paladins summoned the demon for the purpose of defeating the Knights of Mondain. The guards spoke to Magister Rainard later, and proposed attempting to capture the demon inside of the mace after it granted them the power to slay the knights. Rainard was hesitant, and claimed that the act could have drastic consequences, but it was not outside the realm of possibility. He went on to say he would look into finding out where the mace might be found, and in the mean time the guards would need to meet with the demon to negotiate their deal, to hopefully include the freedom of the ancient paladin souls it held.