[EVENT] The Pact of Xaerhaonohr

5/25/2017 – The guards arrived at the dungeon of Hythloth, per the Wayward Knight’s instruction, and met the knight himself. He warned that the demon was hidden within Hythloth’s depths, and that the dungeon’s halls were particularly dangerous that day. A hard battle would have to be fought to find the demon. The guards pushed into the dungeon, slaughtering the many deadly denizens and braving the diabolical traps set for them, until finding at the deepest level the demon called Xaerhaonohr. It seemed to know the reason the guards were there, and immediately sought to make a deal. The demon attempted at first to trick the guards the same way it tricked the paladins so long ago, by offering a weapon that would defeat the Knights of Mondain but not kill them, however his ruse was exposed. And so, the demon corrected its deal, offering weapons that would most assuredly kill the Knights, but in return he demanded that the guards would have to slay the Wayward Knight when it was all over. The guards were hesitant to accept such a deal, and after failing to convince them, the demon decided to allow them time to consider the bargain.