[EVENT] A Stroll Through A Troubled Soul

5/18/2017 – A week prior the royal investigators, on orders from Magister Rainard to employ a medium to investigate the clues found within the tomb beneath Trinsic, followed a forlorn trail of ghosts, faint but lingering still in Britannia. Though having difficulty remembering the past, they provided enough scant fragments of information to lead the investigators to the grave of a ghost that was said to know the location of the so-called “Wayward Knight”. When the investigators arrived at the grave to see if the ghost was present, they found the spirit of Sir Jonathan Westley, who seemed to be familiar with the knight. He led them through an unnatural rift beneath his grave to a curious cave wherein they found none other than the Wayward Knight himself, seemingly lost in some trance. Sir Westley explained that the Wayward Knight was suffering from inner torment, and only through another seance could they find him within his dream-like trance. When the investigators performed the seance they found themselves in a vision from the past. Struggling through a maze, they encountered the long-lost village of Tune, a town that had been destroyed in the Age of Darkness. After observing the peculiar horrors of the town they were encountered the Grave Digger, who opened the way for them to a solitary cabin. The man that emerged from the cabin, through apparently without his armor, was the Wayward Knight himself.

The Knight explained in a elaborate story how, during the Age of Darkness, Mondain used the power of the gem of immortality to forge seven invincible knights. These knights would go on to lead an unstoppable assault across Sosaria, besting Lord British’s greatest knights at every turn. For the Wayward Knight, there was a moment when he awoke from mind-altering evil of the cursed armor after annihilating the village of Tune. Troubled by his rediscovered conscience, he fled his evil brothers and returned to the Mysterium Fidei, an ancient order of paladins devoted to protecting artifacts and oddities. He informed them of the nature of the armor forged by Mondain and within their vaults they recovered a cursed object possessed by a demon said to make bargains. Demonic bargains, it is said, can sometimes twist the normal rules of reality, and in a desperate bid to defeat the knights the paladins of the Mysterium Fidei bargained with the demon for weapons to defeat their foes in exchange for their souls. The demon tricked them, however, promising weapons that could defeat the knights, but not kill them. In the end, the paladins were able to end the threat and lock the knights away in sealed tombs, and despite their attempts to resist the demon, it came nevertheless and slaughtered them all in various horrific massacres, while the Wayward Knight could only watch.

The Wayward Knight offered to bring the guards to the demon itself, that they may make a bargain themselves for the good of Britannia, and sent the guards on their way.