[EVENT] Council Meeting – 2/21/17

On February 21st at 8:00 pm EST, Lord Blackthorn shall preside over a Council Meeting at Castle Blackthorn.

Lord Blackthorn: *nods to Uriah and Grim*
Welcome back your Royal Highness
Lord Blackthorn: Good evening.
Uriah Heep: Hail M’lord
Grim: Nice Evening my lord
Lord Blackthorn: It seems we are light in attendance this evening.
Grim: Indeed
Lord Blackthorn: Quite alright.
Uriah Heep: No idea where the Skara governess is
Lord Blackthorn: This may yet be a brief meeting.
Lord Blackthorn: On to business, then.
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Grim, how fares Yew?
Grim: In light of recent things it is recoverying well
Lord Blackthorn: I have heard that the Ranger Ardos was found dead in his home.
Grim: That is new I was unware of my lord
Lord Blackthorn: This was the ranger that assisted us in our search for information pertaining to the lich.
Jack Sparrow: good evening sire
Lord Blackthorn: Good evening Governor
Jack Sparrow: brb wife needs assistance
Grim: I beleieve that we will have prisoners out cutting wood in the Yew Forest
Grim: Since Lumberjacks refuse
Lord Blackthorn: For what cause?
Grim: To keep wood production up
Uriah Heep: Those Yew woods are unsafe now!
Grim: Bah!
Grim: They are prisoners and must serve there debts
Jack Sparrow: back
Grim: We are also in the process for taxing traverles to and from Heartwood
Lord Blackthorn: That seems a heavy burden on the elves that dwell there.
Grim: After all there cities is located within Yew
Grim: and Yew is there first line of defense
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Grim: Cant get into heartwood without going through Yew
Lord Blackthorn: If you deem it necessary, then so be it.
Lord Blackthorn: The lich that endangers Yew was spotted in the gypsy lands of Ilshenar two days ago.
Lord Blackthorn: It seemed to anticipate the Guards’ attempt to follow the gypsy sage.
Lord Blackthorn: However the guards were incapable of vanquishing the fiend.
Jack Sparrow: not for the lack of trying sire
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: The means to be it may be found in the spell on the tablets.
Lord Blackthorn: Yet, gypsy artifacts have a way of… fading into the mist, so to speak.
Jack Sparrow: i have some sages working on sire
Lord Blackthorn: I doubt they will be recoverable for very long.
Lord Blackthorn: Therefore I proclaim that any that seek to uncover the secret, have only a short time to do so.
Uriah Heep: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Once we figure out the secret, the sage may be able to proceed.
Lord Blackthorn: This may be our only hope of preventing another catastrophe.
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Jack, you say you have some sages working on the tablets?
Jack Sparrow: yes i do sire
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Jack Sparrow: i sent scouts to all of the mountains that had the signs
Lord Blackthorn: As I understand, there are eight tablets, containing eight words of power
Jack Sparrow: some did not return
Lord Blackthorn: The order of the words depends on the order of the story.
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, there is a powerful ancient white wyrm guarding the mountains in the area, I have heard.
Jack Sparrow: we have all 8 but they are working on hte order
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Grim, do you have anything further to report?
Grim: Na my Lord
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Jack, how fares Trinsic?
Jack Sparrow: very well indeed sire
Jack Sparrow: the traders have been very busy
Jack Sparrow: so our town stone is looking good and should last quite some time
Lord Blackthorn: Excellent
Lord Blackthorn: It would seem Trinsic is in good hands.
Jack Sparrow: other than that all is quiret
Jack Sparrow: quiet*
Lord Blackthorn: It is especially important that, in the coming months, we prepare ourselves for the worst.
Jack Sparrow: my guards will be attending to the lich in 2 days time
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Fortifications to the major cities may be necessary
Lord Blackthorn: The threat of the Knights of Mondain is still present in my memories.
Jack Sparrow: i understand sire
Lord Blackthorn: At the last encounter with them at full strength, the guards suffered a grievous loss.
Lord Blackthorn: Governor, do you have anything more to report on Trinsic?
Jack Sparrow: nay sire
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: In that case I open the floor to any who has a matter to address.
Lord Blackthorn: *looks around*
Lord Blackthorn: *and nods*
Jack Sparrow: quiet room
Lord Blackthorn: If there is no other matter to discuss, then I call this meeting to a close.
Jack Sparrow: thank you sire
Jack Sparrow: sorry I was a few minutes late
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you all for your attendance.
Lord Blackthorn: Long live Britannia!
Uriah Heep: Have a good eve sire
Jack Sparrow: Long live Britannia
Lord Blackthorn: Have a good eve.