[EVENT] Yew Investigation – 1/19/17

On Thursday, January 19th at 8:00 PM EST, meet at Castle Blackthorn.

Event Summary: At the castle, Magister Rainard explained to the guards that Lord Blackthorn was initiating an investigation into the recent death of Governor Zalan, who was assassinated at a Council Meeting. Initial investigations indicated that Governor Zalan had been given a box, which was stolen at the time of his death by a wraith assassin, by a ranger named Ardos who lived in Yew. When the guards found Ardos’ home, it was being stalked by a wraith that called itself Inaos. Wraith Inaos summoned its minions to fight the guard, but eventually disappeared when the guard defeated them. Ranger Ardos emerged from his cabin, appearing anxious and paranoid. He explained that he had found the box inside of the Yew crypts on an altar that appeared to be dedicated to the Shadow Lords. Upon taking the box he was chased out by Wraith Inaos, and had been pursued ever since. Ardos had little else to offer the guard except that he heard a lumberjack named Pielt had seen something relevant.

The guards traveled to Pielt’s cabin, to where he soon arrived from out of the woods. Pielt explained having come across an open sarcophagus at the Lich Ruins to the south, with markings he was attempting to read before being chased away by the liches. The guard accompanied him to the Lich Ruins where, after battling the infamous Liches of Yew, Pielt was able to examine the markings, finding that they were a part of an old gypsy curse placed upon the open sarcophagus.