[EVENT] Council Meeting – 1/24/17

On Tuesday, January 24th at 8 PM EST, Lord Blackthorn will preside over a council meeting at Castle Blackthorn.

Lord Blackthorn: Good evening, and welcome to my castle.
DevilsOwn: oh dear
Zath Cousteau: Good evening evil and fair Lord Blackthorn.
Lord Blackthorn: *glances at DevilsOwn*
Lord Blackthorn: Is something wrong?
DevilsOwn: forgive me, I must go and check the city stone
DevilsOwn: I will return
Lord Blackthorn: *nods once*
Lord Blackthorn: In the mean time, we shall begin.
Grim: I think she has multipul character problems
Lord Blackthorn: Much has occured since the last council meeting.
Lord Blackthorn: There are several issues to discuss, and we must determine how best to address these problems.
Zath Cousteau: I am afraid I haven’t been much privy of it. Minoc infrastructure problems and other… minor annoyances have kept me busy.
Grim: I heard my predocessor meet his fate here
Lord Blackthorn: I will explain some of the recent events.
Lord Blackthorn: Only two months ago the guard encountered a devastating loss.
Lord Blackthorn: Commander Forthwin led them to the tomb of the final knight of Mondain.
Lord Blackthorn: However, all did not go as expected.
Lord Blackthorn: The creature, known as the Pallid Knight, was already out of its resting place.
Lord Blackthorn: It declared that the royal guards had been deceived.
Lord Blackthorn: Deceived, for none of the knights previously attacked had been slain, as thought.
Lord Blackthorn: When united, these knights proved impossible foes. The guards were unable to defeat them.
Zath Cousteau: This is most grievious.
Lord Blackthorn: The Commander led them through a hidden passage, fraught with peril.
Lord Blackthorn: All the time, the knights gave chase, slaughtering everything in their path.
Lord Blackthorn: When the guard had escaped, they found themselves in a strange cave
Lord Blackthorn: A place scattered with ancient bones.
Lord Blackthorn: These were the bones of long-defeated paladins, whose remains rose to fight the guards.
Lord Blackthorn: Several guards reported an engraving on the wall.
Lord Blackthorn: The engraving identified these knights as an order called “Mysterium Fidei”
Lord Blackthorn: Admittedly, I have never heard of such a group.
Lord Blackthorn: The guards managed to escape the tomb, but the Knights of Mondain seemed to vanish entirely.
Lord Blackthorn: As it stands, I have received no reports as to their whereabouts.
Lord Blackthorn: I can only assume at this point, that they are planning something. Something very big.
Lord Blackthorn: When the time comes, we will have to defend the kingdom against these monstrosities.
Lord Blackthorn: Yet, I know not how they may be defeated.
Lord Blackthorn: Together, they are invincible.
Lord Blackthorn: Even apart, they seem incapable of dying.
Zath Cousteau: Surely, some of our scholars might be able to find something out. We must figure how to divide their forces, corrupt them against each other to weaken them.
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Zath Cousteau: If they planted the seed of doubt among us, we can retribute in kind.
Lord Blackthorn: Dividing them shall be no small task. The bond they possess seems impenetrable.
Lord Blackthorn: It is a component of their power.
Zath Cousteau: Prizes can be offered to one of them to corrupt them… prizes that can always be paid with a poisoned dagger to the their back.
Lord Blackthorn: Indeed, but what would an ancient and evil servant of Mondain desire, that we could possibly grant?
Lord Blackthorn: Other than our destruction, of course.
DevilsOwn: perhaps……
Zath Cousteau: With all due respect, my liege, you do have a basement filled with dangerous daemons.
Lord Blackthorn: *smirks*
Lord Blackthorn: *and looks towards DevilsOwn*
DevilsOwn: As they once served Mondain, perhaps a piece of the Gem of Immortality?
Lord Blackthorn: *rubs his chin*
Zath Cousteau: Nothing we promise them have to be delivered. Honour doesn’t win battles or save nations.
DevilsOwn: or could it maybe be used against them?
Lord Blackthorn: There seems to be a story floating about that the knights were born of the gem’s power.
Grim: I would think the Knights would try to raise their Master
Lord Blackthorn: The power of that gem was beyond the imagination. To harness even a fraction of that power
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Lord Blackthorn: would be overwhelming.
Zath Cousteau: And decrease their power? I dont think it is likely.
Lord Blackthorn: *looks to Grim*
Lord Blackthorn: Quite possible.
Zath Cousteau: Evil craves power over anything.
Lord Blackthorn: It is likely that the power they were granted has sustained them for lo these many centuries.
Lord Blackthorn: Indeed, it grants them their apparent invincibility as well.
Lord Blackthorn: Somehow, these knights were defeated once before.
Lord Blackthorn: Laid to rest before their quest of destruction could be completed.
Lord Blackthorn: I would wager that the victors could not discover a method to permanently destroy them
Zath Cousteau: The relics of the weapons that defeated them could hold some power over them in this case.
Lord Blackthorn: And thus, laid them to rest.
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Zath Cousteau: We could seek those. Maybe over it as bait to drag one of them to our side to weaken the rest.
Zath Cousteau: Then we dispose of that one after the others are put back to their next centuries long sleep.
Lord Blackthorn: Where would we find such weapons?
Zath Cousteau: Where was the site of their previous defeat?
DevilsOwn: Could the power that held them be contained in the obelisks we found?
Lord Blackthorn: *looks to Zath*
Lord Blackthorn: That site may not even be possible to determine anymore.
Lord Blackthorn: *looks to DevilsOwn*
Lord Blackthorn: The obelisks themselves seemed only to be seals. Carved with runes that kept the tombs hidden.
Lord Blackthorn: Yet, at this point, the obelisks have been destroyed so that the tombs could be entered.
Zath Cousteau: I shall whip the scholars in Minoc to see if they can find something. There must be something written in some lost tome.
Lord Blackthorn: The tombs, now dissapated into the ether.
Grim: Sounds like breaking the seals is what they wanted in hind sight
Lord Blackthorn: Indeed.
Lord Blackthorn: *looks to Zath*
Lord Blackthorn: I would recommend beginning your search with the bones of those ancient paladins.
Lord Blackthorn: The Mysterium Fidei.
Zath Cousteau: That shall be done.
Lord Blackthorn: The paladin’s remains were in close proximity to the Pallid Knight’s tomb.
Lord Blackthorn: From the reports, they all seemed to have died in some kind of battle fought long ago.
Zath Cousteau: I will procure them and do whatever descrated rite needed to extract their secrets.
Lord Blackthorn: Ah, but by now I speak metaphorically. The remains themselves can no longer be found.
Lord Blackthorn: Indeed, these tombs did not truly exist in our world, but as a sort of pocket dimension.
Lord Blackthorn: Their existence was only temporary, a manifestation wrought by the magic of the old runes.
Lord Blackthorn: It is a strange old magic, not often used in these times.
Lord Blackthorn: Nevertheless if you find information on the Mysterium Fidei, it may prove useful.
Lord Blackthorn: Until then, be on the lookout for anything that might be related to the knights.
Lord Blackthorn: When they return, it will not be a simple fight. Rest assured.
DevilsOwn: May help to check the Lyceum’s dusty old books, too
Zath Cousteau: No effort will be spared to procure information on those strange knights. My entire clan will be summoned to help.
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: There is yet another matter that commands our attention, that of the recent investigations.
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Zalan, in the November meeting, was assassinated by a mysterious wraith.
Lord Blackthorn: The wraith seemed to be drawn to a box that he had in his possession.
Lord Blackthorn: Last week, Magister Rainard had ordered the guard to investigate a lead in Yew.
Lord Blackthorn: A ranger, if I remember right.
Zath Cousteau: Indeed. It was most sad.
Lord Blackthorn: Will any speak towards what had been discovered?
Grim: The guard went to investigate in yew
Zath Cousteau: All I can say is that it wasnt my poison that took care of him, sadly!
Lord Blackthorn: *smirks*
Grim: Upon finding the ranger the Guard was attacked
Grim: by wraiths
Zath Cousteau: This is getting interesting.
Grim: a battle was fought there
Grim: After the Wraiths were defeated
Lord Blackthorn: Why were the wraiths there?
Grim: the guard was able to question the ranger
Zath Cousteau: Not my fault! Undeads aren’t my way of action.
Grim: I believe the wraith were there to silince the ranger
Zath Cousteau: Or they could have been their accomplice.
Grim: The ranger was very distracted and worried
Grim: he seemed almost hystircal
Grim: He gave an acount of his trip into the Yew crypts
Grim: and his escape from there
Grim: He then pointed us towards a lumber jack that found a strange ruins site
Grim: The lumber jack lead the guards to the area with a Sacharphagus
Grim: the guard was again attacked by Lichrs of Yew
Grim: I also found it strange that I could not take control of any of these undead
Grim: they were resistant to the power of Necromancy
Lord Blackthorn: Perhaps a greater power controls them.
Grim: I beleive he said something of ancient rune carvings
DevilsOwn: gypsy carvings, they were
Lord Blackthorn: Hmm
Otis: * clears his throat*
Lord Blackthorn: *glances back to Otis*
Zath Cousteau: I find this all to be much convenient.
Otis: My Lord may I speak
Lord Blackthorn: Very well. What is your name?
Zath Cousteau: I say we should… ask the Ranger… a bit more throughly.
Otis: My name is Otis
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Otis: Im a Lore Keeper from Empathy Abbey
Otis: I have a remants of scroll that may help
Lord Blackthorn: What does the scroll say?
Otis: * puts on his spectacles and retrieves a partial scroll from his satchel*
Otis: There was once a Lich that ruled Yew from the Shadows
Otis: His power was such that it rivaled the Ancient Liches of Kheldian
Otis: He feed upon the inhabits of Yew and Gyps
Otis: Part of the scroll has detorated over time
Otis: The Liches beating heart was kept in a rune covered box
Zath Cousteau: His feeding habits were fairly poor.
Otis: Magical wardings were placed upon the Yew Crypts
Otis: to hide it from the Lich
Otis: The Lich was intombed in a Sacrophagus
Otis: The scroll mentions a Gyps curse
Otis: I would suggest speaking to the gypsy Sage Alonso
Otis: He resides outside of Minoc
Lord Blackthorn: You know this gypsy?
Otis: He may know more about the Gypsy curse
Lord Blackthorn: How are you acquainted with him?
Otis: He is the only Gyps Sage that I know of My Lord
Lord Blackthorn: Ah
Otis: I believe he is the tent city outside of Minoc
Lord Blackthorn: This box then, it contained the lich’s heart.
Otis: Aye my Lord
Zath Cousteau: I will reach for him them. There are people in my clan that can make rocks sing. He will talk.
Lord Blackthorn: That must explain why the wraith came for it.
Otis: This is all I know my Lord
Lord Blackthorn: There is no need to become confrontational.. yet.
Lord Blackthorn: In two days time I shall have Magister Rainard send the guards to Minoc to investigate.
Lord Blackthorn: Then we shall learn more of this curse.
Zath Cousteau: Our enemy is moving and we have no intel on them, my liege. It is past time we go confrontational.
Otis: * bows*
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you, monk.
Lord Blackthorn: *looks to Zath*
Lord Blackthorn: We should be confrontational with our enemies. We do not know yet if this sage is an enemy.
Lord Blackthorn: He may just as well desire to help us.
Zath Cousteau: He is an asset that can be spent to gather intel over our enemies.
DevilsOwn: I wonder, was opening the sarcophogus just vandalism or was the intent to release the liche
Lord Blackthorn: *looks to DevilsOwn*
Lord Blackthorn: Was there any evidence at the sarcophagus to indicate either?
Otis: I have a theory my lord
DevilsOwn: not that I recall, just broken stonework
Otis: Smashing the seals has weakend Magical Barriers across the land
Otis: This may have been enough to free the Lich
Lord Blackthorn: Indeed, that is quite feasible.
Lord Blackthorn: Yet it may be difficult to know for sure.
Zath Cousteau: Or someone is using this to put smoke in front of us to further blind us and allow the enemy to move more freely.
Zath Cousteau: Maybe even someone among us.
Lord Blackthorn: What do you suggest, Governor Zath?
Zath Cousteau: We must hasten our investigations.
Lord Blackthorn: What do you propose?
Zath Cousteau: Find that ranger again. Have him talk. Get the gypsy to talk. Check facts. A trail will appear for sure.
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, I agree.
Lord Blackthorn: On Thursday the guard shall be assembled and sent out to investigate further.
Lord Blackthorn: They shall be instructed to find the gypsy and the ranger to learn more.
Zath Cousteau: We have to show our people they can trust their security and well being on us, lest they will sell us for crumbles to the enemy.
Zath Cousteau: Red ants are sure to make the ranger spill what he knows.
DevilsOwn: He was so very frightened last week, perhaps he is calmer now and will remember more details
Lord Blackthorn: He was being stalked by those wraiths. His state of mind is unquestionably suspect.
Zath Cousteau: We also have seats unfilled. Cities without a governor. We should seek worthy people to fill them to pass a sense of strength and unity to our people.
Grim: I believe alot of the cities do have Governors there just not present
Lord Blackthorn: If a citizen chooses to rise to the task, they should send word to me.
Zath Cousteau: New Magincia seat is unfilled.
Zath Cousteau: I am sure one of my clan people would be willing to take this burden.
Zath Cousteau: To help our people and not to increase our evil power and influence, of course. *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: The governor’s seat is an important position, not a boon to be passed around the family.
Grim: Jhelom has a most unsettling message on their bulletien board
Grim: I believe it to be treasoness
DevilsOwn: *frown*
Lord Blackthorn: *waves a dismissive hand*
Lord Blackthorn: Idle words.
Lord Blackthorn: If the governor decides to join a meeting then he can answer for those words.
Zath Cousteau: Indeed, my liege, but just remember if no other citizen decides to carry this burden, my clan is willing to put our time and wealth towards the good of our people.
Lord Blackthorn: I will take it into consideration.
Lord Blackthorn: Now, does anyone have a matter to bring before the council?
DevilsOwn: not I, m’Lord
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Very well. If there are no other matters, then this meeting is adjourned.
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you all for coming.
Zath Cousteau: Nothing much wrong going on Minoc. My dragoons are ensuring that order is kept.
DevilsOwn: thank you, Sire
Matt Logan: *stretches legs*
Zath Cousteau: Thank you, my liege.
Lord Blackthorn: Long live Britannia!
Grim: Good Nite My Lord