[EVENT] Council Meeting – 11/15/16

On Tuesday, November 15th at 8:00 PM EST, Lord Blackthorn shall preside over a Council Meeting.

Lord Blackthorn: *nods to Zalan*
Zalan: Hail Lord
Zalan: Blackthorn
DevilsOwn: evenin m’Lord
Lord Blackthorn: Good evening.
Lord Blackthorn: I decided it would be appropriate, perhaps, given the season, to have a change of scenery.
DevilsOwn: *smile*
Zalan: Aye
DevilsOwn: very thoughtful
Uriah Heep: indeed
DevilsOwn: and it all looks delicious
Lord Blackthorn: Enjoy the feast, freshly cooked from the Royal Kitchen.
Zalan: Looks might fine
Lord Blackthorn: *smiles*
DevilsOwn: Sire, it seems we’re short a few governor’s tonite
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, the royal chef is quite talented.
Lord Blackthorn: That is quite alright.
DevilsOwn: mmmm yummy
Zalan: *eats*
Lord Blackthorn: Britannia seems on the precipice of a new era of peace.
DevilsOwn: that would be nice, so many battles lately
Zalan: That would be good peace
Lord Blackthorn: Perhaps in a darker time I would require their presence more.
Lord Blackthorn: Nevertheless I do look forward to hearing your words.
Uriah Heep: thought I heard someone upstairs
Lord Blackthorn: Governor DevilsOwn, how fares Skara Brae?
DevilsOwn: Skara is in fine shape shape, Sire
Lord Blackthorn: Welcome.
Savoua Fair: Pardon my lateness.
DevilsOwn: I wish I had news, but all is well, and as you said, peaceful
DevilsOwn: evenin Sav
Lord Blackthorn: We are close to winter in Skara Brae.
DevilsOwn: aye, already the snow flies
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
DevilsOwn: but all fields are tilled under for their sleep
Lord Blackthorn: I always find a particular melancholy in Skara Brae in winter times.
Lord Blackthorn: *chews on an apple*
DevilsOwn: must be the slower pace, m’Lord
DevilsOwn: and the darkened skies
Lord Blackthorn: Indeed
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you for your report
Savoua Fair: Last meeting wasnt this sparce was it?
DevilsOwn: no indeed, Sav
Lord Blackthorn: I believe we have a few more governors at the previous council.
Lord Blackthorn: Had, I mean to say.
Zalan: Maybe they got snowed in
DevilsOwn: *smile*
Lord Blackthorn: However Britannia is coming upon a new time of peace.
Lord Blackthorn: All of the cities are prospering in their industries.
Lord Blackthorn: The Kingdom has largely been focused on exploring the newly discovered lands of Eodon.
Savoua Fair: The Festivals look intresting.
Lord Blackthorn: Ah, yes
DevilsOwn: aye, a large celebration
Lord Blackthorn: I hope to see what the good crafters of Britannia can accomplish this season.
Lord Blackthorn: As well, I have heard there is a new competition being organized.
Lord Blackthorn: An Ironman competition, as it is called.
Zalan: *eats the pie*
Savoua Fair: yes if he can get it going
Lord Blackthorn: I would very much like to observe the competition.
Savoua Fair: i think i talked him into doing it cross shard then winners copy to yest
Savoua Fair: test
DevilsOwn: he plans things so very well
Savoua Fair: im a paintball addict
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, I hope to see this competition come together.
Lord Blackthorn: Commander Forthwin is presently organizing the next mission for the guards.
Savoua Fair: thats when people will turn up
Lord Blackthorn: In two days time the guard shall attack the sixth and final knight of Mondain.
Lord Blackthorn: With this, the threat of these knights shall be eliminated forever.
Lord Blackthorn: However I worry for what may be uncovered in the tomb.
DevilsOwn: they have all been formidable foes
Lord Blackthorn: The “Pallid Knight” as he was once known, was not a very strong fighter.
Lord Blackthorn: As a tactician, however, he was without peer.
Lord Blackthorn: The guards must tread carefully when they enter his tomb.
Lord Blackthorn: There is no telling what trickery may lie within.
Lord Blackthorn: However the guard has proven itself on many occasions now.
Lord Blackthorn: I have total confidence they shall succeed in their quest.
Lord Blackthorn: *eats a slice of bacon*
Lord Blackthorn: Delicious.
Lord Blackthorn: *turns to Zalan*
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Zalan
Lord Blackthorn: I would like to hear an update on Yew, and the previously mentioned undead threat.
Zalan: There is something foul a foot in Yew
DevilsOwn: *frown*
Zalan: Skeltal Dragons havve appeared
Zalan: and killed many of the sheep and a few shepards
Savoua Fair: Tomb related?
Zalan: More related to the Lich in the Yew Cryptt
Zalan: Some of the lumbjacks that work for the mill refuse to go into the woods
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, there seems to be a lich roaming about, unfortunately.
Lord Blackthorn: *frowns*
Zalan: They have seen the Lich
Zalan: and other undead
Zalan: I was hoping after the passing of the Hollow
Savoua Fair: Lumberjacks drink too much.
Zalan: the undead would disperce
Zalan: There was one adventure that went into the crypt
Zalan: he recovered a box
Zalan: with ancient runes carved into it
Zalan: it seems to pulse with very dark energy
Zalan: the runes look very old
Lord Blackthorn: *looks at the box*
Zavan: My master box
Zavan: you cant have it
Lord Blackthorn: *looks at Zavan*
Lord Blackthorn: What is the meaning of this
Zavan: you will die Zlan
Zavan: Zalan
Zavan: Port Ort
Savoua Fair: Aberition?
DevilsOwn: good grief!!!
Zavan: Maters box
Lord Blackthorn: This is an outrage!
Uriah Heep: we have a governor killed in teh castle?!?!
Lord Blackthorn: NAme your master
Zavan: It is a scereat
Zavan: you shall know him, soom
Zavan: sooon
Zavan: Yew will perish
Lord Blackthorn: You have made a grave mistake today spirit.
Savoua Fair: My history and gossip is rusty. Whos Zavan?
Lord Blackthorn: I know not.
DevilsOwn: I don’t know
Lord Blackthorn: *checks on Zalan*
DevilsOwn: I fear he’s quite dead, Sire
Savoua Fair: Smak him a lil.
Lord Blackthorn: *checks Zalan’s pulse*
Savoua Fair: An evil twin from Bizzaro?
DevilsOwn: the force of the bolt nearly stopped my heart!
Lord Blackthorn: A minion of this lich, I suspect.
Savoua Fair: Splash some wine on him.
Lord Blackthorn: I can feel no pulse from his body.
Uriah Heep: A bounty on all undead may be needed
Savoua Fair: A powerful caster it must have been…how dit it cast in here?
Uriah Heep: aye that is odd
Lord Blackthorn: A difficult question to answer.
DevilsOwn: perhaps this liche is more powerful than others
Uriah Heep: strong magics too, to overcome the power of the castle
Savoua Fair: Call the Professer!!
Lord Blackthorn: *pulls the body out*
DevilsOwn: *weeps*
Lord Blackthorn: I must deliver the Governor the healers immediately
Lord Blackthorn: This meeting is, unfortunately, adjourned.
DevilsOwn: g,nite m’Lord
Uriah Heep: *sigh*
Lord Blackthorn: I shall form an investigation into his death very soon.
Savoua Fair: I almost feel bad you had to go through all that for my sake?
Uriah Heep: G’nite Sire
DevilsOwn: I’d do anything, for you, Sav, anything, yes I’d do anything for youuuuu
Lord Blackthorn: There is nothing to feel about except the death of this man.
Lord Blackthorn: Now please, excuse me.
Lord Blackthorn: Kal Ort Por