[EVENT] Night of the Dead – 10/31/2016

On Monday, October 31st at 8:00 PM EST, answer a druid’s call to complete an ancient ceremony.

Note: This will be a laid-back event with some roleplay and light combat. No rewards will be distributed.

Event Summary: Adventurers encountered Faolan the Druid, who instructed them of an ancient ceremony called the Ritual of Passage. The ritual was to be performed on the night of Samhain, when the world and the spirit world were closest together, and it would draw many spirits, some malevolent and some troubled. The troubled spirits, haunted by something they did in life, would be unable to find peace unless the adventurers could help console them. The adventures encountered four different spirits: a grieving carpenter whose neglect and sloppy workmanship resulted in the death of a neighbor’s child, a soldier whose loyalty to his best friend compelled him to break ranks during an intense battle and dooming his fellow soldiers, a lovelorn blacksmith who plotted the death of two knights competing over the lady he desired, but ultimately losing the lady in the end, and finally, a paladin from the time of Mondain, who broke his oath by conferring with dark forces in order to vanquish a greater evil. The carpenter and the soldier were able to find peace. The blacksmith was rebuked and turned away. The paladin, despite all attempts, could not be consoled, but said that if the adventurers could find his name and restore his honor, perhaps then he could find peace.