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[EVENT] Mystery of the Faith – 11/17/16

On Thursday, November 17th at 8:00 PM EST, meet with Commander Forthwin at Castle Blackthorn for a perilous mission.

WARNING!!!: This event will be more challenging than normal. Players are STRONGLY recommended to insure everything they have and leave anything they do not wish to lose in the bank. There may come a point where fallen bodies will be unrecoverable. Come prepared for anything.

Event Summary: The guards entered the tomb of the Pallid Knight, except upon entry they encountered the ancient warrior himself standing above his opened tomb. The Pallid Knight scolded the guards, claiming they were arrogant and that their entire adventure across the 5th preceding tombs was all a deception. He revealed that his five companion knights had never truly been destroyed, and claimed that they could not be destroyed. The Knights of Mondain, united, unleashed their fury on the Royal Guards and sent them on the run through a forgotten corridor of the tomb. What the guards found after escaping the Knights was an ancient battle ground riddled with the bones of ancient paladins belonging to an order called the Mysterium Fidei. The old bones started to come to life and the guards, weary from their catastrophic loss against the Knights of Mondain, had to fight for their lives to survive. By good fortune, they beat back the cursed paladin remains and found an escape out of the dread tomb.

[EVENT] Council Meeting – 11/15/16

On Tuesday, November 15th at 8:00 PM EST, Lord Blackthorn shall preside over a Council Meeting.

Lord Blackthorn: *nods to Zalan*
Zalan: Hail Lord
Zalan: Blackthorn
DevilsOwn: evenin m’Lord
Lord Blackthorn: Good evening.
Lord Blackthorn: I decided it would be appropriate, perhaps, given the season, to have a change of scenery.
DevilsOwn: *smile*
Zalan: Aye
DevilsOwn: very thoughtful
Uriah Heep: indeed
DevilsOwn: and it all looks delicious
Lord Blackthorn: Enjoy the feast, freshly cooked from the Royal Kitchen.
Zalan: Looks might fine
Lord Blackthorn: *smiles*
DevilsOwn: Sire, it seems we’re short a few governor’s tonite
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, the royal chef is quite talented.
Lord Blackthorn: That is quite alright.
DevilsOwn: mmmm yummy
Zalan: *eats*
Lord Blackthorn: Britannia seems on the precipice of a new era of peace.
DevilsOwn: that would be nice, so many battles lately
Zalan: That would be good peace
Lord Blackthorn: Perhaps in a darker time I would require their presence more.
Lord Blackthorn: Nevertheless I do look forward to hearing your words.
Uriah Heep: thought I heard someone upstairs
Lord Blackthorn: Governor DevilsOwn, how fares Skara Brae?
DevilsOwn: Skara is in fine shape shape, Sire
Lord Blackthorn: Welcome.
Savoua Fair: Pardon my lateness.
DevilsOwn: I wish I had news, but all is well, and as you said, peaceful
DevilsOwn: evenin Sav
Lord Blackthorn: We are close to winter in Skara Brae.
DevilsOwn: aye, already the snow flies
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
DevilsOwn: but all fields are tilled under for their sleep
Lord Blackthorn: I always find a particular melancholy in Skara Brae in winter times.
Lord Blackthorn: *chews on an apple*
DevilsOwn: must be the slower pace, m’Lord
DevilsOwn: and the darkened skies
Lord Blackthorn: Indeed
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you for your report
Savoua Fair: Last meeting wasnt this sparce was it?
DevilsOwn: no indeed, Sav
Lord Blackthorn: I believe we have a few more governors at the previous council.
Lord Blackthorn: Had, I mean to say.
Zalan: Maybe they got snowed in
DevilsOwn: *smile*
Lord Blackthorn: However Britannia is coming upon a new time of peace.
Lord Blackthorn: All of the cities are prospering in their industries.
Lord Blackthorn: The Kingdom has largely been focused on exploring the newly discovered lands of Eodon.
Savoua Fair: The Festivals look intresting.
Lord Blackthorn: Ah, yes
DevilsOwn: aye, a large celebration
Lord Blackthorn: I hope to see what the good crafters of Britannia can accomplish this season.
Lord Blackthorn: As well, I have heard there is a new competition being organized.
Lord Blackthorn: An Ironman competition, as it is called.
Zalan: *eats the pie*
Savoua Fair: yes if he can get it going
Lord Blackthorn: I would very much like to observe the competition.
Savoua Fair: i think i talked him into doing it cross shard then winners copy to yest
Savoua Fair: test
DevilsOwn: he plans things so very well
Savoua Fair: im a paintball addict
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, I hope to see this competition come together.
Lord Blackthorn: Commander Forthwin is presently organizing the next mission for the guards.
Savoua Fair: thats when people will turn up
Lord Blackthorn: In two days time the guard shall attack the sixth and final knight of Mondain.
Lord Blackthorn: With this, the threat of these knights shall be eliminated forever.
Lord Blackthorn: However I worry for what may be uncovered in the tomb.
DevilsOwn: they have all been formidable foes
Lord Blackthorn: The “Pallid Knight” as he was once known, was not a very strong fighter.
Lord Blackthorn: As a tactician, however, he was without peer.
Lord Blackthorn: The guards must tread carefully when they enter his tomb.
Lord Blackthorn: There is no telling what trickery may lie within.
Lord Blackthorn: However the guard has proven itself on many occasions now.
Lord Blackthorn: I have total confidence they shall succeed in their quest.
Lord Blackthorn: *eats a slice of bacon*
Lord Blackthorn: Delicious.
Lord Blackthorn: *turns to Zalan*
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Zalan
Lord Blackthorn: I would like to hear an update on Yew, and the previously mentioned undead threat.
Zalan: There is something foul a foot in Yew
DevilsOwn: *frown*
Zalan: Skeltal Dragons havve appeared
Zalan: and killed many of the sheep and a few shepards
Savoua Fair: Tomb related?
Zalan: More related to the Lich in the Yew Cryptt
Zalan: Some of the lumbjacks that work for the mill refuse to go into the woods
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, there seems to be a lich roaming about, unfortunately.
Lord Blackthorn: *frowns*
Zalan: They have seen the Lich
Zalan: and other undead
Zalan: I was hoping after the passing of the Hollow
Savoua Fair: Lumberjacks drink too much.
Zalan: the undead would disperce
Zalan: There was one adventure that went into the crypt
Zalan: he recovered a box
Zalan: with ancient runes carved into it
Zalan: it seems to pulse with very dark energy
Zalan: the runes look very old
Lord Blackthorn: *looks at the box*
Zavan: My master box
Zavan: you cant have it
Lord Blackthorn: *looks at Zavan*
Lord Blackthorn: What is the meaning of this
Zavan: you will die Zlan
Zavan: Zalan
Zavan: Port Ort
Savoua Fair: Aberition?
DevilsOwn: good grief!!!
Zavan: Maters box
Lord Blackthorn: This is an outrage!
Uriah Heep: we have a governor killed in teh castle?!?!
Lord Blackthorn: NAme your master
Zavan: It is a scereat
Zavan: you shall know him, soom
Zavan: sooon
Zavan: Yew will perish
Lord Blackthorn: You have made a grave mistake today spirit.
Savoua Fair: My history and gossip is rusty. Whos Zavan?
Lord Blackthorn: I know not.
DevilsOwn: I don’t know
Lord Blackthorn: *checks on Zalan*
DevilsOwn: I fear he’s quite dead, Sire
Savoua Fair: Smak him a lil.
Lord Blackthorn: *checks Zalan’s pulse*
Savoua Fair: An evil twin from Bizzaro?
DevilsOwn: the force of the bolt nearly stopped my heart!
Lord Blackthorn: A minion of this lich, I suspect.
Savoua Fair: Splash some wine on him.
Lord Blackthorn: I can feel no pulse from his body.
Uriah Heep: A bounty on all undead may be needed
Savoua Fair: A powerful caster it must have been…how dit it cast in here?
Uriah Heep: aye that is odd
Lord Blackthorn: A difficult question to answer.
DevilsOwn: perhaps this liche is more powerful than others
Uriah Heep: strong magics too, to overcome the power of the castle
Savoua Fair: Call the Professer!!
Lord Blackthorn: *pulls the body out*
DevilsOwn: *weeps*
Lord Blackthorn: I must deliver the Governor the healers immediately
Lord Blackthorn: This meeting is, unfortunately, adjourned.
DevilsOwn: g,nite m’Lord
Uriah Heep: *sigh*
Lord Blackthorn: I shall form an investigation into his death very soon.
Savoua Fair: I almost feel bad you had to go through all that for my sake?
Uriah Heep: G’nite Sire
DevilsOwn: I’d do anything, for you, Sav, anything, yes I’d do anything for youuuuu
Lord Blackthorn: There is nothing to feel about except the death of this man.
Lord Blackthorn: Now please, excuse me.
Lord Blackthorn: Kal Ort Por

[FICTON] Letter from the Rat King

A letter addressed to the lords of Castle Blackthorn, and made public by Lord Blackthorn.

hay big king man!
yu thenk yu big? thenk yu strong? com fyn owt how strong yu ar! harles man! yu muther smel lyk rich sope! yu dog! luk for stachu yes? want big meen stachu to kil big meen nyt? cant hav it! myn now! i fownd it its myn! says yull tak my big ston! i no think so! all tak yu muther! wat yu thenk of that? yu muther a dog! yu futher a turd farmer! yu futher com farm my turd! wat yu thenk of that? breng yu big army! i no scard! me an big rats crush yu up! mak yu bones in me treshur! cant win! no try! yu scard! scard lil dog! yu pee yu big king pants! to scard! yu muther gonner be big rat mumma! wat yu thenk of that big king man?
~big rat king

[EVENT] The Rat’s Treasure – 11/10/16

On Thursday, November 10th at 8:00 PM EST, meet with Commander Forthwin at Castle Blackthorn to begin an assault on a challenger calling itself “The Rat King”.

Event Summary: Commander Forthwin led the guards to the rats’ fort in Ilshenar where they encountered heavy resistance. Hidden inside of the cave, the Rat King and his Big Rats guarded their treasured pile of garbage, upon which rested the 6th and final seal of the Knights of Mondain. The guards vanquished the rats, and claimed their spoils.

[EVENT] Night of the Dead – 10/31/2016

On Monday, October 31st at 8:00 PM EST, answer a druid’s call to complete an ancient ceremony.

Note: This will be a laid-back event with some roleplay and light combat. No rewards will be distributed.

Event Summary: Adventurers encountered Faolan the Druid, who instructed them of an ancient ceremony called the Ritual of Passage. The ritual was to be performed on the night of Samhain, when the world and the spirit world were closest together, and it would draw many spirits, some malevolent and some troubled. The troubled spirits, haunted by something they did in life, would be unable to find peace unless the adventurers could help console them. The adventures encountered four different spirits: a grieving carpenter whose neglect and sloppy workmanship resulted in the death of a neighbor’s child, a soldier whose loyalty to his best friend compelled him to break ranks during an intense battle and dooming his fellow soldiers, a lovelorn blacksmith who plotted the death of two knights competing over the lady he desired, but ultimately losing the lady in the end, and finally, a paladin from the time of Mondain, who broke his oath by conferring with dark forces in order to vanquish a greater evil. The carpenter and the soldier were able to find peace. The blacksmith was rebuked and turned away. The paladin, despite all attempts, could not be consoled, but said that if the adventurers could find his name and restore his honor, perhaps then he could find peace.

[EVENT] Council Meeting – 10/27/2016

On Thursday, October 27th at 8:00 PM EST, Lord Blackthorn shall preside over a Council Meeting at the castle.

Welcome back your Royal Highness
Lord Blackthorn: Be seated.
Lord Blackthorn: Hail, Britannia
DevilsOwn: hail!
Zath Cousteau: Hail.
DevilsOwn: I believe Jack is in a fugue
DevilsOwn: he generally snaps out of them
Zath Cousteau: Maybe he didn’t have enough rum.
DevilsOwn: many times the case, yes
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Zath, how is Minoc faring after its recent troubles?
Zath Cousteau: We are having to… handle… that affair… with discretion. Too many orfans dissappear too soon and people get too suspicious, you see…
Lord Blackthorn: ?
Lord Blackthorn: I was speaking of the miners…
Zath Cousteau: But I do fear we might be pushing the people too far into desperation. One of my caravans was assaulted for carrying 5 slabs of bacon!
Lord Blackthorn: Explain.
Zath Cousteau: Oh… right… the miners. I thought it was… err… something else… like a popular revolt to take the power or orphans dreaming of becoming heroes.
Zath Cousteau: To overthrow a “just and fair” government.
Lord Blackthorn: Ah, you jest.
Zath Cousteau: But my… professionals are handling that situation with the proper discretion, I assure you.
Lord Blackthorn: I see…
Lord Blackthorn: You have had no further troubles at the mines then?
Zath Cousteau: Death by steel poisoning seem to be a common thing to happen there. Mining issues, you see.
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Zath Cousteau: Nay. The production remains the same. Whipping the miners wouldn’t stop the natural draining of the veins.
Lord Blackthorn: You are aware, of course, of the travesty that occured recently at the mines, correct?
Lord Blackthorn: Involving one of cursed obsidian stones.
DevilsOwn: Zath may have been on retreat
Lord Blackthorn: Uncovering the stone seemed to have unleashed unpredictable magics in the area.
Lord Blackthorn: Infecting the miners as well.
Zath Cousteau: I haven’t been very privy of these matters. I have been busy trying to keep my people happy and in line.
Lord Blackthorn: Understandable. Loyalty is very important, wouldn’t you agree?
Zath Cousteau: This could explain why some of them might be acting suspicious.
Zath Cousteau: Verily.
Lord Blackthorn: Suspicious how?
Zath Cousteau: Some of my people have been… unruly…
Zath Cousteau: This matter has been quietly handled by my professionals as well.
Lord Blackthorn: Your professionals.
Zath Cousteau: Discretion is always important. *nods to self*
Lord Blackthorn: I assume, of course, that you mean your local guard.
Zath Cousteau: Of course, of course.
Zath Cousteau: *coughs lightly*
Lord Blackthorn: Very well.
Lord Blackthorn: Do you have anything further to report?
Zath Cousteau: I will investigate the event further myself and report at our next meeting.
Zath Cousteau: If needed, I will have the entrance to the mine where the artifact was found blown up and closed.
Lord Blackthorn: If that is necessary, then proceed.
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you, Governor.
Zath Cousteau: Thank you, Lord Blackthorn.
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Sparrow, how fares Trinsic?
Jack Sparrow: Well, sire
Jack Sparrow: for the 1st time in 3 years governing Trinsic
Jack Sparrow: i have no bad news to report
DevilsOwn: *smile*
Lord Blackthorn: That is good to hear.
Jack Sparrow: the trade road from Jhelom to Trinsic and from Trin to Skara & Britain
Jack Sparrow: have been cleared of all bandits and mongbats
Jack Sparrow: i have not heard of a single raid on a trader caravan in the last 30 days
Lord Blackthorn: You sound very optimistic. I trust your scouts have been thorough.
Jack Sparrow: i believe the increased presence of my city guards on the road has contributed
Jack Sparrow: of course once you pass by the city of Britain
Jack Sparrow: i’m hearing rumors of strangers in the Brit Cemetary
Jack Sparrow: as well as other cemetaries througout the kindom
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, the ghastly butchers have come to do their grisly work once again.
Jack Sparrow: kingdom*
Jack Sparrow: Dispiro Malas
Lord Blackthorn: They seem to haunt our graveyards for some unknown purpose, and then disappear.
Jack Sparrow: i have offered the governor of Brit my assistance in ridding their cemetary of these vileous creatures
Jack Sparrow: i have personnaly slain 40 of them myself
Lord Blackthorn: Yet, they always seem to return.
Jack Sparrow: and now have a stockpile of these strange carving knives
Jack Sparrow: that is all the news i have at this time
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you, Governor.
Jack Sparrow: oh
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Beowulf, welcome.
Jack Sparrow: you’re welcome sire
Lord Blackthorn: How fares the city of Moonglow?
DevilsOwn: *nudge*
Lord Blackthorn: *chuckles*
Lord Blackthorn: We’ll come back to you, governor.
Lord Blackthorn: Governor DevilsOwn
DevilsOwn: *smile*
Zath Cousteau: *scribles some notes and murmurs quietly to self some stuff regarding using those ghastly butchers strength*
DevilsOwn: as you know, m’Lord, we held the Phoenix Festival earlier this month
Lord Blackthorn: How fares Skara Brae?
DevilsOwn: attendance was low, but those that were there had a fun day
Lord Blackthorn: Ah, yes.
Lord Blackthorn: I was glad to attend the final event.
Jack Sparrow: *nods in agreement*
DevilsOwn: I’d like to mention that there were many helping hands
DevilsOwn: Zath, Aavie, Mr Crowley and Uriah all helped with events and planning
DevilsOwn: yes, I was especially pleased that you could attend the memorial, Sire
DevilsOwn: thank you
DevilsOwn: as for our little town, some of the farmers did not get their crops tilled under
DevilsOwn: and now must wait for the ferocious pumpkins to vanish
DevilsOwn: farmers are not very good fighters
DevilsOwn: and my patrols must keep watch for real dangers
Lord Blackthorn: It sounds as if you are well ahead of the matter.
DevilsOwn: I try to have sympathy, but the farmers were warned of this
DevilsOwn: *grin*
DevilsOwn: they’ll just have to have cold fingers later on
Lord Blackthorn: It is quite a mystery, that every year pumpkins seem to grow inexplicably in every patch of farm
Lord Blackthorn: Even where pumpkins were not even planted.
Lord Blackthorn: I wonder what is the cause for that.
DevilsOwn: I simply chalk it up to the magics of the dirt
Jack Sparrow: Haven’t you heard of Peter Pumpkin Seed?
DevilsOwn: *grin*
DevilsOwn: and they don’t attack unless you tickle them
DevilsOwn: so actually, pretty harmless
Lord Blackthorn: A rogue planting evil pumpkin seeds in all of the farms across Britannia.
Lord Blackthorn: That explanation sounds as outlandish as any other.
DevilsOwn: that’s all the news from Skara, m’Lord
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you.
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Zalan
Lord Blackthorn: How fares the town of Yew?
Zalan: I have a few things to report and talk about
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Zalan: As you can see I lost my wings and horns
Zalan: Exploring KotL can be a we bit dangerous
Zalan: I was studying the wheel of time and got hit by some mystic energy
Zalan: There are rumors that a lich has taken residents in the Yew Crypt’
Zalan: and that it is seeking power in Yew
Lord Blackthorn: *frowns*
Zath Cousteau: *perks up and starts writing more notes*
Zalan: It has been seen roaming the streets wieldingits dark magic
Lord Blackthorn: The streets of Yew?
Zalan: Yes
Zalan: The guards have been instructed to dispact
Zalan: it
Zalan: They have yet to do it
Zalan: They say it has ties to the Bane Chosen
Lord Blackthorn: What troubles has the lich caused?
Zalan: When has a litch ever done anything good
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Zalan: I believe it may seek a seat of Power amongst the Governors Council
Zalan: I fear that it is casting spells upon the population to achive this
Zath Cousteau: *whispers to self* Interesting. *writes more stuff down*
Zalan: Are not the election next month my lord?
Lord Blackthorn: They will be held in December.
Lord Blackthorn: A lich has no place on this council.
Lord Blackthorn: The undead are creatures of profound evil.
Zalan: I fear that with the casting of its spells it may be the next Governor of Yew
Zalan: That is all I have to report at this time
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: I will never permit a lich to hold a seat.
Zalan: What if it is elected?
Lord Blackthorn: I do not believe the people of Yew would elect an undead monster as their leader.
DevilsOwn: are they that good at disguise? that we could be fooled?
Zalan: I shudder at the thought, I hope you are right Lord
Lord Blackthorn: It is possible to employ magic to conceal one’s identity.
Zath Cousteau: Real monsters prefer to seize power without being elected or by being given a sword by a lady lying in a pound.
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, but truly insidious creatures have a way of sneaking through the shadows of our ignorance.
Jack Sparrow: *tries to hide the fact that he’s a vampire*
Zath Cousteau: *coughs* Ah, yes… verily…
Jack Sparrow: I’m just very pale
DevilsOwn: *looks harder at everyone in room*
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you for your report, Governor.
Lord Blackthorn: I have some news to report myself.
Zath Cousteau: For the report, I am no undead monster!
Lord Blackthorn: Recently as some of you know, Commander Forthwin lead another expedition into a tomb
Lord Blackthorn: The royal guard succeeded in slaying the knight.
Jack Sparrow: aye, i was there
Lord Blackthorn: I am curious to know, which knights have been encountered so far?
DevilsOwn: Lady of Despair?
DevilsOwn: hmmm
Lord Blackthorn: There are six, so the story goes. Until now we have only seen five.
Jack Sparrow: i have been present for killing 4 of them
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
DevilsOwn: I’m so confused, thought certainly we had slain six
DevilsOwn: such long battles, maybe that’s why
Lord Blackthorn: According to my reports, five have been defeated.
Lord Blackthorn: I am also curious to know if any observant adventures have noticed anything useful
Lord Blackthorn: from the tombs they visited
DevilsOwn: Wandering Knight, Burning Baron was the last one
Lord Blackthorn: The Commander has so far seemed entirely content with slaying the knights and departing quickly.
Lord Blackthorn: *thumbs through his notes*
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, the Dread Lord, was one. Then there was the Wandering Knight.
Lord Blackthorn: The Lady of Despair, and then the Burning Baron.
Lord Blackthorn: Most recently, the Eldritch Knight.
Lord Blackthorn: *frowns*
Jack Sparrow: so there’s still a 6th one at large then
DevilsOwn: would seem so
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, and it is this final knight which concerns me the most.
Lord Blackthorn: The old story of the knights tells of their leader, who was called the Pallid Knight.
Zath Cousteau: … Maybe… perhaps… on the odd chance… it would be better to beat said beast into submission and study its power to master and employ it at our benefit!
Lord Blackthorn: I would sooner see it vanquished forever. That power should not rest in anyone’s hands.
Zath Cousteau: Such a waste of good talent, slaying them all.
Lord Blackthorn: The Pallid Knight was said to be particularly cruel, and calculating.
DevilsOwn: I had thought all the Knights were equal, if the ones we’ve seen had a leader……
DevilsOwn: *shudder*
Lord Blackthorn: And, not unrelated, a letter recently arrived at the castle.
Lord Blackthorn: I shall post the letter later for public viewing.
Lord Blackthorn: However I will tell you now, it appears to be something calling itself the Rat King.
Lord Blackthorn: This Rat King claims to possess the final obsidian stone.
Lord Blackthorn: It seems rather coincidental for it to be addressing us now, at this very time.
Lord Blackthorn: The letter is an open challenge to the guard to face its army.
Jack Sparrow: Rat king?
Lord Blackthorn: I would normally toss such a demand but under these circumstances, I fear I cannot.
Zath Cousteau: Then we march and paint our streets red with their blood.
Jack Sparrow: i’m with Zath
DevilsOwn: Have you replied yet, m’Lord?
Lord Blackthorn: Therefore, in two weeks time Commander Forthwin shall organize an expedition to meet this king.
Lord Blackthorn: No.
Lord Blackthorn: Our reply will be sword and spell.
Jack Sparrow: and arrows
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Zath Cousteau: … Or… we could be more subtle. Polymorph one of our… professionals… and poison this “king” food.
Jack Sparrow: dipped in “cheese” sauce
Zath Cousteau: Cut their heart, then march through them, wetting the ground red with their blood while they are leaderless and confused.
Lord Blackthorn: We would still have to deal his army.
Zath Cousteau: An army is easier dispatched when it has no one to command.
Lord Blackthorn: True.
Lord Blackthorn: What of the risk to the stone it claims to have?
Jack Sparrow: we will find it and destroy like we did the otheres
Jack Sparrow: others*
DevilsOwn: The obelisk must be secured and opened
Zath Cousteau: Well, it could raise the king from the dead as an undead abomination. But that could be handled in some way or another.
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, securing it is of utmost importance.
Lord Blackthorn: When these stones become unstable they have a tendency to draw the undead.
Zath Cousteau: I shall… consult with some specialists of my clan regaring special… spices we could use to dismiss this “king”.
Zath Cousteau: Certain “spices” are useful to handle matters discretely. *nods to self*
Lord Blackthorn: Very well.
Lord Blackthorn: If you come to a solution, then you may present it to me.
Lord Blackthorn: In two weeks we shall engage them and find the stone.
DevilsOwn: Sire, Skara Brae’s guard stands ready to accompany the Commander
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you, Governor.
Zath Cousteau: We could gift this king a glorious cake as a token of appreciation. One laced with enough “spice” to kill a dinosaur.
Zath Cousteau: It is a very efficient method to dispose of a detractor. *nods to self*
Lord Blackthorn: Submit a plan to me. I will consider it.
Lord Blackthorn: That concludes my words this evening.
Jack Sparrow: thank you sire
Lord Blackthorn: Does anyone have a matter they wish to bring up before the council?
Jack Sparrow: Trinsic stands ready to meet and defeat this foe
Zath Cousteau: I shall prepare detailed notes of that plan.
Zath Cousteau: … Something is off place here.
Jack Sparrow: we seem to have a visitor
Zath Cousteau: I don’t recall calling for a friend.
Lord Blackthorn: If no one has anything to bring to the council, I call this meeting to a close.
Lord Blackthorn: Long live Britannia!
Lord Blackthorn: *glances to Lord Bones*
Jack Sparrow: we may have to deal with Lord Bones
Lord Blackthorn: Oh, do take off that ridiculous costume.
DevilsOwn: hehehe

[EVENT] Into Darkness – 10/20/2016

On Thursday, October 20th at 8:00 PM EST meet Commander Forthwin at Castle Blackthorn.

Event Summary: Lead by Commander Forthwin, the guards entered into the recently discovered 5th stone, and after battling through an unusual variety of hostile spirits, they came at last unto the tomb of the Eldritch Knight. Arising from his long slumber, the Eldritch Knight fought against the full strength of the Royal Guard but in the end, fell.

[EVENT] A Stone Unturned – 10/13/2016

On Thursday, October 13th at 8:00 PM EST, meet Commander Forthwin at Castle Blackthorn.

Event Summary: Commander Forthwin informed the guards about a very recent development affecting the city of Minoc. A miner, earlier in the day had by chance uncovered a passage deep in the mines. Later that day the miners began to fall under the influence of a magical affliction that turned them hostile. The unstable magics in the area also caused the very rock to come alive. The guards responded to the thread and battled their way towards the source. What they found, ultimately, was the 5th stone bearing the seal of a tomb for one of the Knights of Mondain.