[EVENT] The Collector Part 1 – 9/15/16

On  Thursday, September 15th at 8:00 PM EST, meet Commander Forthwin at Castle Blackthorn.

Event Summary: The guards arrived at the castle to find Magister Rainard, in his typical foul mood with a letter in hand from an anonymous man known as “The Collector”. Supposedly, the Collector claimed to have acquired one of the tomb seals of a Knight of Mondain and was interested in striking a bargain. The Magister send the guard to his residence in Moonglow to see what it was that the Collector wanted. When they arrived, the Collector explained that he had an interest in the replica armors found with the Knights of Mondain that had been slain so far, and was interested in completing his collection. However, breaking the seal he had in his possession would lower its value. As a result, he wanted the guards to see out a rare crystal from Ilshenar which he had heard had come to surface, that was used by Meer Eternals long ago to channel large amounts of energy. The guard returned to the Magister who determined to lead the guard into Ilshenar, making Mistas their first stop due to the immensity of the ruins there. As it happened, they came across the crystal, and after fighting off a large Jukan ambush an angry meer spirit attacked them. Considering the danger the crystal would pose if falling into the wrong hands, Magister Rainard declared he would return the crystal to Lord Blackthorn and let him decide what course of action should be taken.