[EVENT] Council Meeting – 8/27/16

On Tuesday, August 27thย at 8:00 PM EST, Lord Blackthorn shall preside over a Council Meeting.

Meeting Transcript
Lord Blackthorn: *looks around*
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Sparrow.
Lord Blackthorn: Are you awake, Governor?
Jack Sparrow: back
Jack Sparrow: greetings Sire
Lord Blackthorn: Good evening.
Jack Sparrow: seems we’re alone tonight
Lord Blackthorn: It would seem only the two of us are present for the Council Meeting.
Lord Blackthorn: Yes.
Welcome back your Royal Highness
Lord Blackthorn: Perhaps you can tell me how Britain fares.
Jack Sparrow: this should be a short meeting then
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, quite short, unless another governor decides to show up.
Jack Sparrow: i can tell you how Trinsic fares
Lord Blackthorn: *rubs his face*
Lord Blackthorn: Trinsic, yes. My apologies.
Jack Sparrow: no problem sire
Mr.Crowley: i killed all the governors
Lord Blackthorn: *glances back*
Jack Sparrow: we are all set for our festival on September 19th
Lord Blackthorn: *looks to Jack Sparrow*
Lord Blackthorn: Ah yes. The festival.
Lord Blackthorn: What events are being planned for the festival?
Jack Sparrow: the tailors have just about done
Jack Sparrow: we will have a shard wide Corgul hunt
Jack Sparrow: as the 9th of September is Talk like a pirate day, we always have something in Trinsic to mark the occasion
Jack Sparrow: 19th
Lord Blackthorn: *grins*
Jack Sparrow: we will be giving out pirate hats crafted by a Drunken Pirate
Jack Sparrow: Dispiro Malas
Jack Sparrow: sorry about that
Lord Blackthorn: Quite alright
Jack Sparrow: i tried to dispel Mr Crowley
Lord Blackthorn: *chuckles*
Lord Blackthorn: Why is that, I believe he is here to apply for court jester.
Jack Sparrow: nay, he is a former Governor
Jack Sparrow: retired
Jack Sparrow: he is also the Hand of Trinsic
Lord Blackthorn: His service is most appreciated.
Lord Blackthorn: What of the mongbat infestation? Have the roads remained clear?
Jack Sparrow: aye, we have not seen any in over a month now
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: I look forward to seeing the festival you have planned.
Lord Blackthorn: Is there anything else you wished to report, Governor?
Jack Sparrow: there will be rum and ale
Jack Sparrow: no, that’s if for tonight
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Jack Sparrow: oh and plenty of wenches ๐Ÿ™‚
Lord Blackthorn: *chuckles*
Lord Blackthorn: A festival does need ladies, I agree.
Jack Sparrow: there is one other thing
Jack Sparrow: planning is just starting for the Pheonix Festival
Lord Blackthorn: The Phoenix Festival.. this is a separate event?
Jack Sparrow: the 1st meeting is on the 9th of September
Jack Sparrow: yes
Jack Sparrow: it’s an annual all day event
Jack Sparrow: to honor the memory of Lady Pheonix
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Jack Sparrow: a lot of people hold events throughout the day
Jack Sparrow: Mr Crowley and Aavie co-ordinate it
Lord Blackthorn: That does sound like a good festival.
Jack Sparrow: i’m sure Aavie will be in touch with our wonderful EM to make him aware
Lord Blackthorn: I shall be looking forward to this one as well.
Lord Blackthorn: Where will it be located?
Jack Sparrow: the main hq is her Keep in Skara
Aavie: whew
Jack Sparrow: but depending on the event the locations vary
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Jack Sparrow: ah, there is Lady Aavie now ๐Ÿ™‚
Aavie: Hello
Lord Blackthorn: Good evening
Aavie: are we talking about Phoenix Fest?
Jack Sparrow: I’ll leave the floor open to her ok?
Lord Blackthorn: Very well.
Lord Blackthorn: Lady Aavie if you have something to say about the festival you may speak.
Aavie: where are we on the subject
Lord Blackthorn: The governor was telling me where it is to be located.
Aavie: Phoenix Festival is a player ran event we run every year
Aavie: several people join in and hold different events and the locations will vary
Aavie: some will be in player homes
Aavie: other take place in the cotton fields and such
Aavie: some in town
Aavie: Lady Dev is a co-planner
Aavie: we will hold a meeting on September 9th at 8pm EST to start the planning
Lord Blackthorn: Ah
Aavie: and set a date for the festival itself
Aavie: we hold them on Saturdays, so it shouldn’t coincide with anything else on Legends
Aavie: that I know of at this time
Aavie: you are welcome of course to join us
Aavie: either by event or just come visit, take a vacation, and play the games that we will provide
Aavie: *snickers*
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Aavie: we can turn the tables on you!
Lord Blackthorn: Perhaps I shall be able to be present, time permitting.
Aavie: *giggles*
DevilsOwn: we don’t “let Kings win”
DevilsOwn: *grin*
Lord Blackthorn: *chuckles*
Lord Blackthorn: Quite alright.
Lord Blackthorn: *looks to DevilsOwn*
Lord Blackthorn: Good evening, Governor.
DevilsOwn: evenin m’Lord, sorry for my tardiness
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Are you prepared to speak of Skara Brae?
DevilsOwn: other than early plans for the Festival all remains quiet in Skara
Jack Sparrow: good evening Lady Dev
DevilsOwn: evenin Jack
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Commander Forthwin has informed me that he has finished extracting the latest seal.
DevilsOwn: wonderful
Jack Sparrow: that is good news
Lord Blackthorn: The strange labirynth that was found beneath the cemetary has collapsed in on itself as well.
DevilsOwn: good, twas a nasty place
Lord Blackthorn: In two days time, the guard shall be summoned to break the seal and venture within.
Lord Blackthorn: By now, I suspect it is becoming rather routine.
DevilsOwn: *shudder*
Lord Blackthorn: I expect the guards to be on the lookout for any clues that may help to uncover further
Lord Blackthorn: information.
Jack Sparrow: I shall try my best to attend
DevilsOwn: were it routine Ynise’s robe collection would not be so large
Lord Blackthorn: From the reports I have received, there has been little of note in the tombs so far discovered.
Lord Blackthorn: If possible I would prefer to find the tombs first – before they find us, as in Moonglow.
Jack Sparrow: very true sire
Lord Blackthorn: But I cannot help but wonder, if Magister Rainard’s warnings are coming true now.
Aavie: I promise to make all the events I can, but Junior High sports kick off with the return of school
Lord Blackthorn: That seal remained intact for lo these many centuries, without causing a single problem.
Aavie: *grumbles about teenagers being so wishy washy*
Lord Blackthorn: Yet now, as we purge these tombs, we are beginning to see Undead Legions.
Lord Blackthorn: I fear the worst may be yet to come.
DevilsOwn: they do seem to get stronger each time
Lord Blackthorn: Indeed, we would not have found the 3rd seal, if that undead legion had not attacked Moonglow.
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
DevilsOwn: I wonder if we are finding them according to some madman’s design
Lord Blackthorn: If that is true, it is imperative that we find out.
DevilsOwn: I will ask the scouts to comb the lands from Skara to Brit
Jack Sparrow: i’ll do the same from Trin to Skara
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Most importantly, be on the lookout for any clues or information
Lord Blackthorn: that may lead us to uncover this mystery.
Lord Blackthorn: Even I, with all of my knowledge of those times, know very little about these foes.
Lord Blackthorn: My old friend never spoke of them to me.
Lord Blackthorn: This is all I have to say on the matter.
Jack Sparrow: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Seeing as how we have no other governors present, this meeting is adjourned.
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you Governors, for your reports.
DevilsOwn: thank you, Sire
Aavie: if I may
Jack Sparrow: *thank you sire*
Lord Blackthorn: *glances back*
Lord Blackthorn: Yes?
Aavie: how many towns are left without a Governor?
Aavie: I forgot to put my bid in for Vesper till a day too late
Lord Blackthorn: To my recollection, I believe Minoc is without a governor.
Aavie: perhaps next month I will have to change loyalty and such
Lord Blackthorn: Your service shall be appreciated.
Aavie: *smiles*
DevilsOwn: *smile*
Lord Blackthorn: Have a good evening, citizens
Lord Blackthorn: And long live Britannia!
Jack Sparrow: you too sire
Jack Sparrow: and long live the king
Aavie: goodnight