[EVENT] Honoring the Deal – 7/28/16

On Thursday, July 28th at 8:00 PM EST, meet Nico Radu at his shop to complete the transaction.

Event Summary: The guards returned to the gypsy cart of the mysterious traveling merchant, Nico Radu. They did not find him at his cart, but heard a distant melody coming from the woods, and followed it to find Nico next to a pond, playing a strange tune on his silverleaf flute. Many spirits of the wood emerged to dance to the tune, and attacked the guards. The forest itself seemed to come alive, moving to Nico’s song while lashing out at the intruders. Another strange spirit arose from the pond, called the Lord of the Wood. It danced to Nico’s tune until it finally attacked the guards, sending them on an elusive chase through the forest. The guards found several silverleaf flutes on the Lord of the Wood’s remains, but upon returning to the pool and the cart, Nico Radu was nowhere to be found. Just what power had Radu tapped in to?