[EVENT] From Another Land – 7/7/16

Rumors have been spreading about the appearance of the mysterious traveling merchant, Nico Radu, to appear in Britannia. No doubt, a gate to his shop shall appear at the Counselor’s Guild Hall in Britain on Thursday, July 7th at 8:00 PM EST. Come and see his wares!

Event Summary: The guards found Nico Radu, a traveling gypsy merchant, sitting on the side of the road between Skara Brae and Britain. He offered a deal to the guards, in exchange for helping him, he would offer some of his wares. He asked the guards to clear the demons in Relvinian’s hedge maze so that he may have from it an old painting of Morganna, a famous gypsy seer. The guards dutifully vanquished the demon horde, and returned to Nico’s shop, where he offered them a chance to choose the item they wanted. However, once the guards made their choice, Nico stated that the wares were not immediately available, and that he would return with them at a later date. The guards were left wondering if this shady character would stay true to his word.