[EVENT] The Portal of Dom – 6/16/16

On Thursday, June 16th at 8:00 PM EST, meet at Castle Blackthorn.

Event Summary: The guards showed up at the castle only to find it had been Heckles, Lord Blackthorn’s jester, that had called them. Heckles was distraught because his mischievous cat Dom had gone missing, and was thought to be in Blackthorn’s Dungeon. The guard quickly rushed to the dungeon and immediately found Dom, but the cunning cat eluded them, leading them deeper into a dungeon where they faced off with a major infestation of dragons and huge rodents. After chasing after Dom to the southern-most room in the dungeon, the fiendish feline began digging around in the trash, uncovering a strange magical anomaly that soon grew into an unstable rift. After the guards fended off the monstrosities of the dungeon, three huge, angry dogs came from through the rift. While the guard was attempting to put them down, Dom jumped into the rift, and it closed behind him. Afterwards, the guard returned to the castle to break the bad news to Heckles, who swore he would not give up the search for his cat.