[EVENT] Governor Meeting – 5/24/2016

On Tuesday, May 24th at 8:00 PM EST, Lord Blackthorn shall preside over a Council Meeting.

DevilsOwn: *smile*
Jack Sparrow: good evening Sire
DevilsOwn: evening m’Lord
Madam Bunnie: Good Evening Sir
Lord Blackthorn: Hail, Britannia
Welcome back your Royal Highness
Lord Blackthorn: You may be seated
DevilsOwn: love that my chair welcomes me
Lord Blackthorn: *examines a few documents*
Jack Sparrow: seems like we’re a few govs short
You see: Lady Damia [TMC]
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
DevilsOwn: ah, here’s another!
Lord Blackthorn: I am certain they will come along if they are not too busy.
Madam Bunnie: I don’t think she is this round, Dev
DevilsOwn: ohhh
Damia: good evening everyone
Jack Sparrow: Good evening Lady Damia
Jack Sparrow: *hugs*
Damia: *hugs*
Madam Bunnie: hiyas
DevilsOwn: Damia, if nobody else does it, I will enter your name on the Brit ballot next go around
DevilsOwn: if that’s alright with you
Damia: yes
DevilsOwn: *smile*
Lord Blackthorn: Governors, we shall begin this meeting as we are.
Damia: I will, I wanted to give others a turn
Lord Blackthorn: If any more governors are in attendance, I will give them their time to speak.
Lord Blackthorn: For now, let us get to it.
Lord Blackthorn: *looks down the table*
Lord Blackthorn: Lady Bunnie, would you care to report on Vesper?
DevilsOwn: *poke*
Lord Blackthorn: Lady Bunnie?
Madam Bunnie: Vesper has quieted down. Whatever was roaming the cemetaries has moved on
Lord Blackthorn: I see.
Lord Blackthorn: I heard reports of increased activity in the Vesper graveyard.
Lord Blackthorn: Was there any truth to that?
Jack Sparrow: *has heard rumors of undead in Minoc*
Madam Bunnie: I went by myself and did not see anything
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Do you have anything else you wish to add?
Madam Bunnie: not at this time Sire
Lord Blackthorn: Very well.
Lord Blackthorn: Lady DevilsOwn, tell me how Skara Brae fares, would you
DevilsOwn: Busy harvesting early beans and such
DevilsOwn: and the Huntsman is grumbling
Lord Blackthorn: Why is that?
DevilsOwn: he sometimes takes as payment the meat from the game he stuffs for people
DevilsOwn: and it seems there are not as many hunters as of late
Damia: darn vegans
DevilsOwn: I think he yearns for a fat turkey
Madam Bunnie: are they disapearing or just moved on from the area?
DevilsOwn: I think it’s just spring, actually
Damia: well how many stuffed turkeys do you need on your wall?
DevilsOwn: people busy with growing things, not hunting them
You see: stone table
Lord Blackthorn: Have you considered adding an additional bounty for prized game?
DevilsOwn: hmmm… I will approach him with that idea
DevilsOwn: a contest of sorts
Lord Blackthorn: Perhaps to spur some interest for local hunters. A monthly competition perhaps.
Lord Blackthorn: That is, if there is sufficient interest.
DevilsOwn: *smile*
Lord Blackthorn: That may satisfy your Huntmaster.
DevilsOwn: we shall see
Jack Sparrow: i think that when they added the dinosaurs to the list they “lost” some of the hunters
Lord Blackthorn: Why is that, do you think?
You see: book
Madam Bunnie: the dinosaurs ate them, Sire
You see: stone table
Jack Sparrow: dinosaurs are not picky eaters
DevilsOwn: *shudder*
Lord Blackthorn: *smiles slightly*
Lord Blackthorn: Yes. I can see how that would be the case.
Jack Sparrow: and the T-rex that recently spawned may be part of the problem
Lord Blackthorn: The creatures in Eodon are quite ferocious.
DevilsOwn: awful beast
Lord Blackthorn: Is there anything else you wished to add, Lady DevilsOwn?
Madam Bunnie: there are many tales of these creatures in Vesper. Often times people leave in search of them
DevilsOwn: other than that, all is well in Skara, sire
Madam Bunnie: and dont return
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Lord Sparrow, how fares Trinsic?
Jack Sparrow: well sire.
Jack Sparrow: preparations are underway for the upcoming election
Lord Blackthorn: Ah yes. We are only a week away now.
Jack Sparrow: my “volunteers” are “collecting” “donations” even as we speak
You see: stone table
Lord Blackthorn: Very good. I wish you the best of luck in your campaign.
Jack Sparrow: thank you sire
Lord Blackthorn: Does that conclude your report, Lord Sparrow?
Madam Bunnie: Aye, but I think I shall retire in support for another who wishes to run
Jack Sparrow: nay sire
Lord Blackthorn: Please, continue
Jack Sparrow: i have been getting reports of bands of wild mongbats have been terroizing the area near my city
Damia: mongbats?
Lord Blackthorn: That is most odd.
Jack Sparrow: aye, Mongbats *shivers*
Lord Blackthorn: What sort of damage are they causing?
DevilsOwn: large numbers or more ferocious?
Damia: (too much ale perhaps)
Jack Sparrow: well they seem to attacking the traders enroute from Trinsic to britain
Madam Bunnie: *whispers to Damia….Rum, I think*
You see: stone wall
Jack Sparrow: i sent out a party to investigate, but alas they never returned
Lord Blackthorn: All traders?
Damia: *it’s always rum with him*
Jack Sparrow: so it seems
You see: chaos banner
Lord Blackthorn: Do you have any idea what has riled these pests up?
Madam Bunnie: *coughs….rum*
Jack Sparrow: well we did have an incident a few years ago that started in a simuliar fashion
You see: Rose of Trinsic
You see: stone table
Lord Blackthorn: *thinks*
Lord Blackthorn: My memory fails me – remind me what had transpired
Jack Sparrow: there was an alchemist involved and he was experimenting on those vile creatures
DevilsOwn: uhoh
Damia: i remember that
You see: decorative carpet
Jack Sparrow: we were able to drive them back but the alchemist escaped
Jack Sparrow: so he may be back
Lord Blackthorn: Hmm, perhaps these vile creatures escaped into the environment
Damia: I’m pretty sure we got them all
Jack Sparrow: i will have my guards investigate the matter more fully and send you a report
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Keep me updated on this matter.
You see: stone table
Jack Sparrow: other than a odd report of a Pink Unicorn being sighted
Lord Blackthorn: *arches a brow*
DevilsOwn: *stifles giggle*
Jack Sparrow: but I believe the source was Hmm “intoxiicated” and not very reliable
Jack Sparrow: something about magenta rum
Lord Blackthorn: Fortunately Unicorns are not very dangerous.
Jack Sparrow: very true
Lord Blackthorn: Even if he did observe such a thing.
DevilsOwn: pink ones are most amicable
Lord Blackthorn: The mongbats, however, sound troublesome, and is a matter worth investigating.
Damia: Lets hope it’s not the alchemist experimenting with unicorns
Jack Sparrow: other than that, everything else seems to be ok
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: I did wish to touch on a few matters.
Jack Sparrow: aye, sire. I will work with the city’s paladins and my guards to investigate and report back
Lord Blackthorn: For one, I wish to extend my thanks to the guard for their assisting Magister Rainard.
Lord Blackthorn: As he has probably mentioned, I have tasked him with collecting powerful magical artifacts
Lord Blackthorn: Many old and powerful relics remain hidden, obscured by time and circumstance
Lord Blackthorn: Just waiting to see the light of day once again.
Lord Blackthorn: It is important, I believe, that we secure these items, that they may not fall into the wrong hands
Lord Blackthorn: The item recovered earlier this month is an ancient relic called the Firedoom Staff.
Lord Blackthorn: I’m sure some of you have heard of it before.
Jack Sparrow: i have a safe place in my governors office
Lord Blackthorn: Your offer is most appreciated, Lord Sparrow
Lord Blackthorn: But rest assured, my personal vault is the most secure location in the Kingdom
Jack Sparrow: *nods*
DevilsOwn: we have many adept thieves……..
DevilsOwn: *wink*
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Indeed. And no vault is truly full-proof. To think so, is the first flaw in its security.
Lord Blackthorn: There will likely be more items that require safe storage in the future.
Lord Blackthorn: The Magister will call upon the guard when that is necessary.
Lord Blackthorn: I also wished to give my thanks to the guard for their defense of Britain last week.
Lord Blackthorn: It is quite puzzling and unexpected that this invasion of undead appeared so suddenly.
Lord Blackthorn: I wonder – does anyone have any insights or speculation as to what this might mean?
DevilsOwn: tried to sneak thru the mountain pass, we stopped them
Jack Sparrow: they are usually more of a nusance in the fall
DevilsOwn: perhaps it is related to the sightings in the cemetary?
Lord Blackthorn: Perhaps.
Lord Blackthorn: From the reports, the force was not very formidable.
You see: Uriah Heep Duke of Skara Brae
Lord Blackthorn: It was vanquished quickly by the defenders.
Madam Bunnie: the cemetary has been quiet since then
DevilsOwn: a few fallen, but we did well
Lord Blackthorn: I would advise the guard to prepare themselves.
Lord Blackthorn: For if this is a part of something bigger, we can expect more attacks.
Lord Blackthorn: Until that time, I would advise that the graveyards be kept secure.
Madam Bunnie: I will place extra guards in the area
Jack Sparrow: of course sire
Madam Bunnie: and report if anything stirs again
Lord Blackthorn: I shall have my royal scouts watching the cemetaries as well.
DevilsOwn: perhaps escorts for the families of those buried there and wish to visit
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Jack Sparrow: excellent suggetion Lady Dev
Lord Blackthorn: See to it that any visitors are well guarded
Lord Blackthorn: Now, I have nothing more to say on the matter.
Lord Blackthorn: I would like to open the floor to anyone that wishes to address the council.
Lord Blackthorn: Or, for any matters the governors wish to discuss.
DevilsOwn: a question, if I may
Lord Blackthorn: *looks to DevilsOwn*
DevilsOwn: the Treasury of Skara Brae is quite full and I would like to put the funds to good use
DevilsOwn: how might I do that
You see: chair
You see: decorative carpet
Lord Blackthorn: How did you wish to use them?
DevilsOwn: I am open to suggestions
DevilsOwn: not just for Skara, but all the towns
Jack Sparrow: do you have a pact with one of the trader guilds?
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Aside from the available trade deals, I will have to ponder this question.
DevilsOwn: cousin Ynise makes use of the magics, yes
Lord Blackthorn: As I do not have an immediate answer.
You see: decorative carpet
DevilsOwn: just seems that they could be used for some good purpose
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: I will take your question into consideration.
DevilsOwn: thank you, m’Lord
Lord Blackthorn: Did anyone else have a matter they wish to bring before the council?
Madam Bunnie: Nay
Jack Sparrow: none sire
You see: stone table
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Very well.
Lord Blackthorn: With that, I bring this meeting to a close
Madam Bunnie: g’night Sir
Jack Sparrow: good night sire
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you for coming, my fellow Britannians
Lord Blackthorn: Long live Britannia!
Uriah Heep: Good night sir
Jack Sparrow: long live the king