The Black Stone

On Thursday, April 21st at 8:00 PM EST, meet Commander Arthur Forthwin at the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn.

Event Summary: The Guards met with the Royal Wizard, Magister Rainard, who while expressing his skepticism of the matter, was nevertheless intrigued at the possible existence of magical relic of Mondain the Wizard. Rainard accompanied the Guards into Deceit, where he began to attempt deciphering the stone. Merely reading the stone began to unleash awful powers as an overwhelming hoard of undead appeared. It was a grueling battle and the Guard fought hard, ultimately fending off the undead long enough for Rainard to get his reading. After the battle, Magister Rainard revealed that the stone was in fact a seal for a tomb of an entity called known as a Knight of Mondain. He said nothing about the nature of this so-called knight but said explicitly that the seal was not to be broken under any circumstances, lest profound destruction be wrought upon the land. Afterwards, he left to report this news to King Blackthorn.