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Shouting in the Halls of Blackthorn

[Commander Forthwin and Magister Rainard shall be present in Castle Blackthorn in the days prior to the Council meeting. Use the keyword “hello” to start the conversation to learn more about the current situation.]

The King of Britannia walked through the halls of Castle Blackthorn, his steps swift with purpose, his arms held behind his back, and his head tilted downward in contemplation. Around him, the muffled shouts of two men echoed throughout the typically quiet corridors. As his two arms thrust open the double doors into the parlor, the shouting suddenly became clear and loud.

“..and I’m telling you, Forthwin, if you break the seal, we will all be DOOMED!”

“Am I to presume, mage, that you want this evil to continue existing in our realm?!”

“Better that than the Kingdom cease to exist!”

“Preposterous! You cannot seriously expect–“

“Commander! Magister!” The sudden, commanding voice of the King brought Arthur Forthwin and Magister Rainard to silence. “Is this about the tomb?”

Magister Rainard immediately forward. “Your Majesty, I humbly ask that we do not disturb that tomb. It is presents a danger to the Kingdom.” No sooner had the words passed Rainard’s lips, did Forthwin interject. “And allow this evil to continue its existence? Are you mad?! Save ourselves, and doom a future generation?!”

Rainard rolled his eyes, having already heard these very arguments from the Commander, seemingly a thousand times. “Once again, these objects CAN be stored safely in His Majesty’s vault! Why resort to violence when we do not even have to?”

Pinching the bridge of his nose and gritting his teeth, Forthwin had all the appearances of an impatient man about to burst into a fit of shouting. But just as he began, “Rainard, you snivelling..,” did the King interrupt. “Enough!” The two fell silent again. The King spoke again.

“Commander. Magister. Return to your chambers. I have heard both of your sides already. I shall bring this matter to the Council for further discussion. And if they cannot come to a conclusion, then I will make a decision myself.” With that, the three men parted ways, and silence returned to the dark halls of Castle Blackthorn.

Duty Calls

On Thursday, April 28th at 8:00 PM EST, meet Commander Arthur Forthwin at the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn.

Event Summary: Uponing meeting at Castle Blackthorn, Commander Forthwin led the guards back into Deceit for a final time, so that they may relocate the stone. Commander Forthwin brought the stone to Bald Island where he then broke the seal, and after dealing with the evil released from the broken seal, the guards entered the tomb. Inside the tomb, the guards faced off with the Knight of Mondain himself, the Dread Lord, and vanquished him from Britannia forever.

Governor Meeting

On Tuesday, April 26th at 8:00 PM EST, King Blackthorn shall preside over a Council Meeting.

A PK Elemental: hi
DevilsOwn: evenin’ m’Lord
Lord Blackthorn: Hail, Britannia
Beo McLovin: hail
Jack Sparrow: good evening Sire
Welcome back your Royal Highness
Lord Blackthorn: Be seated.
Seledor: greetings and well met sire
Lord Blackthorn: I see we are short many governors today.
DevilsOwn: we seem to be missing a fair amount of governors
Jack Sparrow: one has gotten lost in your dungeon
DevilsOwn: yah, what you said
Lord Blackthorn: Oh?
Lord Blackthorn: Which governor has gotten lost?
DevilsOwn: do we need to mount a rescue?
Jack Sparrow: Gov of Vesper
Jack Sparrow: she is making her way here as we speak
Lord Blackthorn: Very well.
DevilsOwn: evenin’ Bunnie
Madam Bunnie: Hello
Jack Sparrow: good evening Gov Bunnie
Madam Bunnie: sorry to be late
Lord Blackthorn: There is an important item to discuss
Lord Blackthorn: But first, I would hear each of you report on your local towns.
Lord Blackthorn: *glances down the table at Madam Bunnie*
Lord Blackthorn: Madam, welcome.
Lord Blackthorn: Would you be so kind as to begin?
Madam Bunnie: Vesper is doing well at this time
Beo McLovin: the gov of moonglow on her way
Madam Bunnie: though I fear there may be unrest out near the cemetary
Lord Blackthorn: Is that so?
Lord Blackthorn: There have always been a few restless dead wandering the cemetary.
Lord Blackthorn: Do you think the situation there has gotten worse?
Madam Bunnie: citizens are returning with tales of strange noises
Madam Bunnie: but nothing to worry about at this time
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Keep me informed as the situation develops.
Madam Bunnie: I will, Sir
Lord Blackthorn: Do you have anything else you wish to say at this time?
Madam Bunnie: Nay
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: *looks down the table at DevilsOwn*
DevilsOwn: *smile*
Lord Blackthorn: Lady DevilsOwn, tell me about Skara Brae.
Jack Sparrow: it’s a lovely island
DevilsOwn: all is peaceful in Skara Brae, Sire, other than a nice spring crop there is nothing to report
Lord Blackthorn: No news can be good news.
DevilsOwn: indeed
Lord Blackthorn: Is that all you wish to say at this time?
DevilsOwn: aye m’Lor
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: *looks down the table at Skye*
Lord Blackthorn: Welcome, Lady Skye
Skye: good evening
Skye: and my thanks
Lord Blackthorn: How does Moonglow fare these days?
Skye: all on the surface seems well, but my spies, say there is unrest
Lord Blackthorn: Oh?
Skye: I am ofcourse looking into it , it is maybe a coincidence but it also seems to be from the cemetary ,
Lord Blackthorn: I see.
Skye: unease, restlessness
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Bunnie reports a similar problem.
Lord Blackthorn: I wonder if they are related.
Skye: but nothing you can put your finger on
Lord Blackthorn: Continue monitoring the situation – and bring me any news.
Skye: I also sire do wonder now that she said something
Skye: but other then that , all is well
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Is there anything else you wish to say?
Skye: not at this time sire
Lord Blackthorn: Very well.
Lord Blackthorn: *looks to Jack Sparrow*
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Jack. Tell me about Trinsic.
Jack Sparrow: Good evening Sire, fellow Govs and fair citizens
Jack Sparrow: i am happy to report that the Horde of Ogres were driven out of Trinsic
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Very good.
Jack Sparrow: and most places have re-opened for business
Lord Blackthorn: Has there been any serious damage?
Savoua Fair: Smell
Jack Sparrow: we managed to kill them all and tracked down their leader to a unknown island
Jack Sparrow: not too much damage, but a lot of wounded citizens
Savoua Fair: youve crossed every sea tile…yet theres an unknown?
Lord Blackthorn: What was the cause of the ogres’ appearance?
Jack Sparrow: we sailed to this island and defeated the Titan leader
Jack Sparrow: he called himself Corgul
Lord Blackthorn: Corgul.. yes, I have heard tales of such a creature.
Jack Sparrow: he had a vast army of undead and rogue pirates
Lord Blackthorn: It is good to see that the matter has been taken care of.
Jack Sparrow: thanks to the aid of many of our finest warriers and mages we were able to defeat him and his army and actually sunk the island back into the depths of the seass
Jack Sparrow: Commander Burrows did a fine job assisting us
Lord Blackthorn: I would advise caution – islands that rise and fall into the sea often have a habit of coming back.
Jack Sparrow: and I was saddened to hear of his retirement
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: As am I.
Lord Blackthorn: Commander Burrows has served his country with honor.
Jack Sparrow: I understand his new replacement has already been found and has lead us to another victory
Lord Blackthorn: His leadership shall sorely be missed.
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Savoua Fair: missed? hes leaving?
Lord Blackthorn: Commander Burrows has retired from leadership of the guards.
Savoua Fair: Has a replacement been apointed?
Jack Sparrow: i have no other news at this time
DevilsOwn: hopefully to a quiet home in the country
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, I have appointed Commander Arthur Forthwin as his replacement.
Seledor: his successor is a very capable leader sire
Lord Blackthorn: He is a veteran of many battles.
Jack Sparrow: however; I must depart momentarily to assist my ailing wife
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Sparrow, thank you for your time and report.
Lord Blackthorn: Now there is another matter which I wish to bring up for discussion.
Lord Blackthorn: It has come to my attention that an ominous stone has been discovered in the depths of Deceit.
Lord Blackthorn: This stone, I am told, is in fact the seal for a tomb.
Savoua Fair: it musta been unsealed
Savoua Fair: a dread lords roaming around
Lord Blackthorn: When Magister Rainard informed me of his readings, I became quite concerned.
Skye: *ponders sealed tomb , restless graveyard*
Seledor: indeed
Lord Blackthorn: So far, Magister believes the seal remains intact – for the most part.
Lord Blackthorn: It’s power has diminished, however. Thus, the evil it has drawn.
Mozart McNuge: pardon thine tardiness
Lord Blackthorn: It is for this reason that the stone has come to our attention at all.
Beo McLovin: I can feel shock waves on the ice island in my caslte mylord
Lord Blackthorn: I must confess, news of its inhabitants brings me distress.
Seledor: indeed and old enemy rises
Seledor: it would seem
Lord Blackthorn: Magister Rainard and Commander Forthwin have come to a disagreement
Lord Blackthorn: Concerning what should be done with this stone.
Lord Blackthorn: The Magister believes it should be repaired, and stored in my vault.
Lord Blackthorn: In this way, it can be secured, and its inhabitant kept locked inside.
Lord Blackthorn: Commander Forthwin, however, believes the seal should be broken.
Lord Blackthorn: And the Knight within, swiftly destroyed.
DevilsOwn: so, an ancient Knight, then
Lord Blackthorn: Yes.
Mozart McNuge: i see one several outcomes
Seledor: there r supposedly 6
Kiser: too bad we cant put him to work in the yew chain gang
Lord Blackthorn: Knowledge of these knights has been largely lost over the centuries
Beo McLovin: are commander likes to kick azz and chew bubble gum and hes all out of gum so time to kick azz
Madam Bunnie: Seledor, there are 5 more tombs?
Mozart McNuge: the fight may prove perilous to us in that case
Savoua Fair: Knowladge is never lost…just missplaced.
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Quite
DevilsOwn: we have a guarantee that sealing the tomb would hold him? he may find another way out…..
Madam Bunnie: aye, perhaps scouts could find more information on these nights before we release them
Lord Blackthorn: The Commander would disagree. He seems to think that no vault can hold them forever.
Mozart McNuge: is there a way the knight can release it self here? if so that would put the castle in danger?
Lord Blackthorn: I know as much as can be known about the Knights of Mondain.
Lord Blackthorn: For I was there at the battle, those many centuries ago.
Lord Blackthorn: *turns in his chair to face Mozart*
Savoua Fair: Wrong seat Mozart!
Lord Blackthorn: The seal of the stone in Deceit, while mostly intact, has become somewhat undone in a small way.
Mozart McNuge: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: It is possible to repair the seal.
Lord Blackthorn: Commander Forthwin seems to think that we are merely delaying future destruction.
Madam Bunnie: would the Knight be able to affect our world from inside a sealed tomb?
Lord Blackthorn: Passing on this dark legacy to our descendants.
Beo McLovin: hes smart
Lord Blackthorn: *shakes his head*
Lord Blackthorn: So long as the seal holds, they shall remain trapped in their tomb.
DevilsOwn: but it’s not holding
Lord Blackthorn: The seal can be repaired.
Madam Bunnie: what are the thoughts of what may happen if we release them?
Mozart McNuge: The royal mage can do this?
Lord Blackthorn: The Knights are – or were, very powerful creations of Mondain.
Kiser: but its been broken once, will it be broken again?
Lord Blackthorn: The six Knights nearly demolished the armies of Lord British.
Mozart McNuge: *gasps*
Lord Blackthorn: *looks to Kiser*
Lord Blackthorn: I know not how the seal cracked – but it likely has to do withs its location.
Lord Blackthorn: It has been in Deceit for centuries now.
Lord Blackthorn: The Magister’s concerns are quite legitimate
Lord Blackthorn: And my vault is the most secure location possible for such an artifact
Lord Blackthorn: Yet, not everything lasts forever.
DevilsOwn: do we know if there is just one Knight in each tomb?
Lord Blackthorn: That cannot be said for certain.
Madam Bunnie: all it would take is one napping guard, Sire, to release this Knight upon the cast;e
Lord Blackthorn: The Knights disappeared quite suddenly.
Madam Bunnie: and citizens of Britain
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Mozart McNuge: i had a thought
Lord Blackthorn: *looks to Mozart*
Mozart McNuge: what about releasing the knight in the vault to deal with it
Mozart McNuge: that way it can be contained
Savoua Fair: Maybe he will repent his evil ways.
Lord Blackthorn: That may prove disastrous – for many powerful magics exist in my vault.
Seledor: I say why wait for trouble to come to u
Mozart McNuge: this i did not forsee
DevilsOwn: might it be possible to move the tomb, to a location where we have an advantage
Madam Bunnie: Nay, I say if we release it, we should do so somewhere secluded
Uriah Heep: dragon island!
Lord Blackthorn: *taps his chin*
Madam Bunnie: perhaps the mages can create a safe demension for us to travel to
Jack Sparrow: maybe the cemetary in Moonglow
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, we could move the stone – this is possible.
Savoua Fair: Maybe hes tired of being in there and just wants a cottage to crochet in?
Savoua Fair: doilys an affgans
Lord Blackthorn: If we do break the seal – it is imperative that the Knight be destroyed quickly.
Seledor: wont moving the stone break the seal
Lord Blackthorn: The longer it has to wake up, the more powerful it shall undoubtely become.
Lord Blackthorn: *turns to look at Seledor*
Lord Blackthorn: Moving the stone does carry risks.
Madam Bunnie: I will send my personal knights from Vesper to assist
Lord Blackthorn: But it is possible to safely move it.
DevilsOwn: the very large ditch in Papua would make a fine fighting ground
Seledor: *winks at Lord Blackthorn*
Mozart McNuge: you said there were 6 knights at the battle long ago, do the six still exist?
Lord Blackthorn: I believe they do. Each one rests in a tomb.
Mozart McNuge: were the knight to free himself could he summon the remaining ones?
Mozart McNuge: i see
Lord Blackthorn: If a knight were to become free, that is a very real risk.
Mozart McNuge: this may need some more thought
Lord Blackthorn: They are even more powerful when they are together.
Skye: It must be destroyed then, before it can summon the others
Mozart McNuge: perhaps researching the other tombs locations and status to assist us in making a decision
Lord Blackthorn: If we were to move the stone, where would be an ideal location?
Madam Bunnie: then we should rid the world of this Knight quickly and then work to remove the remaining stones
Jack Sparrow: maybe the cemetary in Moonglow
Madam Bunnie: and destroying them as well
Savoua Fair: The pit in the ocean pass just north of Horshoeisland
Mozart McNuge: i agree, an island location with few residences is best
Beo McLovin: i say blackthor castle
Savoua Fair: Can only get to it buy walking off a boat into it
Lord Blackthorn: An island would be a wise choice.
Lord Blackthorn: What say the Council? Shall we be relocating the stone and then breaking the seal, then?
DevilsOwn: aye
Jack Sparrow: aye
Madam Bunnie: Aye
Mozart McNuge: aye
Skye: aye
Kiser: aye
Lord Blackthorn: Very well.
Lord Blackthorn: In that case, I shall put Commander Forthwin in charge of the next mission.
Kiser: I shall bring one of my my biggest sticks
Lord Blackthorn: In two days time, he shall lead the guard into Deceit, so that the stone may be relocated.
Kiser: just in case
Lord Blackthorn: That would be wise, Governor Kiser.
Mozart McNuge: can the stone be moved with magic?
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: That is the only way it can be moved.
Mozart McNuge: that is most fortunate
DevilsOwn: good, less chance of dropping it
Mozart McNuge: i see
Lord Blackthorn: Safely, that is.
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, damage to the stone can affect the seal.
Lord Blackthorn: Commander Forthwin shall handle the magical transport of the stone.
Lord Blackthorn: In the mean time, I would advise caution when venturing into the depths of that dungeon.
Lord Blackthorn: Scouts report that evil is drawn to the stone.
Jack Sparrow: smart advice sire
DevilsOwn: after that last round I avoid it altogether
Seledor: that would explian the unrest in the grave yards
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, these locations shall need to be investigated in the future.
Lord Blackthorn: Just in case they are related.
Savoua Fair: 6 knights you said?
Lord Blackthorn: Six, yes.
DevilsOwn: not six Knights, Sav, six chances for glory
Lord Blackthorn: The Six Knights were unstoppable in the days of Mondain.
Madam Bunnie: they must have some weakness if they were sealed
Lord Blackthorn: Yes.
Lord Blackthorn: The nature of their disappearance was never known.
Lord Blackthorn: This was a mystery that haunted me in the years after Mondain.
Lord Blackthorn: I had largely forgotten it until recently.
Savoua Fair: These guys linked to the “Mysterious strangers”?
Mozart McNuge: we dont know if they were trapped by good or evil?
Lord Blackthorn: *turns to Savoua*
Lord Blackthorn: Not that I am aware of.
Madam Bunnie: are we certain that they were sealed in the tombs and that the tombs are not gateways…
Lord Blackthorn: *turns to Mozart*
Madam Bunnie: into where they had retreated
Lord Blackthorn: There is a legend, that they were beaten by an ancient order of paladins.
Lord Blackthorn: Yet, who, and how, is unknown.
Mozart McNuge: interesting m’lord
Lord Blackthorn: The story itself may not even be true.
DevilsOwn: most legends have a kernel of truth
Lord Blackthorn: We may find other things when we enter the tomb.
Seledor: indeed
Jack Sparrow: i’ll search the Trinsic Archives
Lord Blackthorn: Be on the lookout for any information.
Savoua Fair: All the paladins now are following an undead path.
Lord Blackthorn: Unfortunately the location of the other five tombs is entirely unknown.
Madam Bunnie: *ponders undead*
Jack Sparrow: the paladin school there has an impressive library
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: If you find any further information, report it directly to Commander Forthwin.
Jack Sparrow: as you wish sire
Lord Blackthorn: Now, before we come to a close, is there anything else which requries discussion?
Lord Blackthorn: Any matters that anyone wishes to bring up?
Madam Bunnie: I have nothing more Sir
Jack Sparrow: neither do I sire
Lord Blackthorn: *looks to his left and right*
Skye: or I sire
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Kiser: we did have a request in for the great mages to create a mmonmgate in brit
Seledor: some of the towns may be witout a Governor at this time
Kiser: moongate
Lord Blackthorn: *looks to Kiser*
Savoua Fair: As per the design!!
Savoua Fair: !!
Kiser: we havent heard back on the request
Skye: that would be welcome indeed sire
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Kiser, I shall look into this matter and see what can be done.
Kiser: that would be great
Moonglow Magic: =)
Lord Blackthorn: *turns to Seledor*
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, I believe Yew and Minoc are without governors, currently.
Seledor: *raises hand
Lord Blackthorn: There shall be an election at the end of May.
Lord Blackthorn: I hope that some citizens rise to fill these seats.
Moonglow Magic: *nods*
Kiser: I think the governor of Jhelom will be away until after the election
Kiser: so that seat will be open
Seledor: ah Ic
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Seledor: thank you sire
Lord Blackthorn: If there is nothing else, then I call this meeting to a close.
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you all for coming.
Jack Sparrow: thank you sire
Moonglow Magic: *cheers*
Lord Blackthorn: Long live Britannia!
Madam Bunnie: Good night all
Kiser: Thank you
DevilsOwn: good evening m’Lord
Moonglow Magic: “Long Live The KING !!!“

The Black Stone

On Thursday, April 21st at 8:00 PM EST, meet Commander Arthur Forthwin at the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn.

Event Summary: The Guards met with the Royal Wizard, Magister Rainard, who while expressing his skepticism of the matter, was nevertheless intrigued at the possible existence of magical relic of Mondain the Wizard. Rainard accompanied the Guards into Deceit, where he began to attempt deciphering the stone. Merely reading the stone began to unleash awful powers as an overwhelming hoard of undead appeared. It was a grueling battle and the Guard fought hard, ultimately fending off the undead long enough for Rainard to get his reading. After the battle, Magister Rainard revealed that the stone was in fact a seal for a tomb of an entity called known as a Knight of Mondain. He said nothing about the nature of this so-called knight but said explicitly that the seal was not to be broken under any circumstances, lest profound destruction be wrought upon the land. Afterwards, he left to report this news to King Blackthorn.

Strange Discovery

On Thursday, April 14th at 8:00 PM EST, meet Commander Arthur Forthwin at the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn.

Event Summary: At Castle Blackthorn, Arthur Forthwin announced that he had accepted King Blackthorn’s appointment as Commander of the Guard. His first mission for the guards involved an unusual disturbance in Dungeon Deceit. The dungeon was well known to be a gathering spot of the undead, but recently their numbers had surged, compelling the Commander to investigate. He lead the guards there to find a huge, malformed festering pool of death collecting around a mysterious stone, and then sent the guards to investigate the area. They found a huge undead swarm and after a long, arduous battle, smashed the undead legion and banished the festering death. Commander Forthwin examined the stone personally and found it covered with cryptic markings that he could not understand, save one: an old symbol of the ancient wizard Mondain. He declared that a royal wizard would be summoned to investigate this stone later, that its secrets may be revealed.