Changing of the Guard – 3/29/16

On Tuesday, March 29th at 8:00 PM EST, meet King Blackthorn in the courtyard of Castle Blackthorn.

Event Summary: The Royal Guard reported to Castle Blackthorn, where the King announced that with the retirement of Commander Burrows, he intended to find a replacement to lead the Royal Guard. He identified a man named Arthur Forthwin, a paladin in Trinsic, that he decided to appoint as Commander. He ordered the guard to travel to Trinsic and report directly to Forthwin, and tell him that he had been appointed as commander. When they arrived, they found him at the training grounds of the Brotherhood of Trinsic. When they informed him that he had been selected, he refused and said he would not lead a sorry group such as them. He then claimed he was about to head off to fight an evil they would stand no chance with, and ordered them not to follow him through his gate. The Royal Guards did anyway, and followed a path of slain undead to find a lich and Forthwin on the ground, knocked out. The guards battled the undead until finally they killed the lich, saving Forthwin in the process. Forthwin stood back up and thanked them for their actions, admitting that he was wrong about them, and that he would be willing to serve as their leader once he recovered from the battle.