Developer Meet & Greet – 9/12/16

On Monday, September 12th at 7:00 PM EST, come to Castle Blackthorn to meet with the developers of Ultima Online, who will be taking questions from players.

Meet & Greet Transcript

Mesanna: Good evening Legends!
Mesanna: give us a few moments to get into chat
Mesanna: and you can start pulling
EM Erebus: *nods*
Mesanna: thank you
Mesanna: so Bleak is still on his honeymoon and will not be with us tonight
Mesanna: ok Erebus please pull the first person
Im watching you: HAIL
Mesanna: Good evening Imwatching you
Misk: Hello!
Im watching you: OH NO YOUR WATCHING ME
Im watching you: lol
Mesanna: cute
Im watching you: Howdy i have 2 simple questions 1 Why are the ETERNAL GAZER OVER 7000 HP & crap loot
Mesanna: good question
Mesanna: one I do not have an answer for
Im watching you: hmm
Mesanna: one sec
Im watching you: maby a fix soon?
Mesanna: give me a moment
Mesanna: one sec
Im watching you: KK
Mesanna: it was added with the Shame Revamp
Mesanna: I think
Mesanna: how about this
Im watching you: they was always there
Mesanna: we will look into the mob
Im watching you: used to train marte on them back in the day
Mesanna: and the loot itself
Im watching you: one second one
Mesanna: have not looked at them in a while
Mesanna: ok?
Im watching you: that new pet bird
Mesanna: owl?
Im watching you: can we get a useful pet
Mesanna: lol
Im watching you: NO rideable one
Mesanna: we are doing the pet revamp
Mesanna: the first of next year
Im watching you: sweet
Mesanna: so stay tuned
Mesanna: all pets 2 slots and up
Im watching you: thats all i wanted to know look forward to maby less hp on thoses gazer 2 hrs to kill is too ling
Mesanna: will be trainable to a 5 slot pet
Im watching you: aww
Mesanna: what are you using to fight it
Mesanna: to take that long
Im watching you: greater dragon
Im watching you: samp died
Im watching you: quick
Im watching you: skills on some of them over 130
Mesanna: *nods*
Im watching you: so it makes 4th lvs shame ussless
Mesanna: we will check it out
Im watching you: ty
Mesanna: most welcome
Im watching you: that is all thx again
Mesanna: have a great evening
Im watching you: U2
Mesanna: watch the newsletter for answers

Misk: Hello!
Tarlyn Vandree: hi
Mesanna: Greetings Tarlyn
Tarlyn Vandree: could you look at the unbound ev in shame while you check the enternal gazer
Tarlyn Vandree: they hav 20k hitpts and crap loot
Mesanna: sure
Tarlyn Vandree: ty
Mesanna: welcome
Tarlyn Vandree: i was looking for info on the 20th anni town hall / meeting
Tarlyn Vandree: in Va i think
Mesanna: I have not finalized anything yet
Tarlyn Vandree: oh ok
Mesanna: still getting prices but yes it will be in Va
Tarlyn Vandree: will it be on the site
Tarlyn Vandree: when you do
Mesanna: Yes I will post everything on the web page and in the newsletter
Mesanna: it will be a two day event
Tarlyn Vandree: ty vm and did i read what you said about pets right
Mesanna: Friday and Saturday though
Tarlyn Vandree: all pets will be trainable to 5 slots?
Mesanna: yes
Mesanna: if they are 2 slots and up
Tarlyn Vandree: wow ty thats cool
Tarlyn Vandree: gn
Mesanna: I hope to make the older pets useful again

Mesanna: Hi Cirdin
Cirdan: hi
Cirdan: my question relate to bods
Mesanna: ok
Cirdan: will you be changing the tailor reward of colored sandals
Cirdan: sibnce sandals can be dyed now
Mesanna: we are not actually changing current rewards but adding new ones
Cirdan: will there be any testing grp for the chages
Cirdan: changes
Cirdan: to sign up for
Mesanna: we will be putting it up on TC1
Cirdan: ok ty m
Cirdan: vm
Mesanna: Very welcome
Cirdan: damn typing
Mesanna: looking forward to your feedback

Mesanna: Greetings Aruillio
Aruillio Gustav: hi
Aruillio Gustav: could we get a mining talisman to help with smelting
Mesanna: Yes it is one of the bod rewards being added
Aruillio Gustav: currently mining is the only resourse that loses items when changing forms
Aruillio Gustav: awesome
Aruillio Gustav: ๐Ÿ™‚
Mesanna: smelting is horrible with valorite I agree
Aruillio Gustav: do you have any plan to remove some skills from the game?
Mesanna: not at this time
Aruillio Gustav: like item id taste id
Aruillio Gustav: okies
Mesanna: but we all agree some are useless
Aruillio Gustav: ty
Mesanna: Have a good evening

Delian Mars: hi
Mesanna: Greetings Delian
Delian Mars: have the granite comodity deeds been fixed to hold the type yet?
Mesanna: I thought we fixed that
Delian Mars: ok
Mesanna: with Time of Legends
Mesanna: please check and let me know if it is not working properly
Delian Mars: and i wanted to beg for a change with leaf armor
Mesanna: what sort of change
Delian Mars: could it be enhanced with wood since it comes from a tree ๐Ÿ™‚
Delian Mars: rather than leather
Mesanna: but its made from leather
Mesanna: if we enhance it with wood
Mesanna: you could not mediate in it
Delian Mars: oh ok sorry my mistake
Mesanna: thats ok
Delian Mars: didnt get that part
Delian Mars: ty vm gn
Mesanna: lol doesn’t hurt to ask

Mesanna: Greetings Zath
Zath Stoneworker: Good evening, M’lady, Misk.
Misk: Hi
Zath Stoneworker: First, a bit of unpleasant business. Origin store.
Zath Stoneworker: Is there a way for us, the community, to put pressure on them so that the store inventory is normalized?
Zath Stoneworker: I would be most okay with saying thing about the future of their knees physical integrity if that is what it will take to have stygian absyss and get high seas back to the Brazil store!
Mesanna: There is no way they are going to change the origin store
Mesanna: but
Mesanna: we are working to get it under our control
Mesanna: so you can buy off our web site
Mesanna: and have more options for payment
Mesanna: but I do not see that being finished till next year
Zath Stoneworker: That would be extremely handy. It has been frustrating to not have stygian abyss available to us.
Mesanna: I agree I have brought up these issues many times
Zath Stoneworker: Second, a small suggestion.
Zath Stoneworker: Mele fighters tend to be fun to play due to their standing power, thanks to hit life leech and hit mana leech.
Mesanna: but Origin store is not under out control
Zath Stoneworker: Yes, I understand that. I have also tried to bring that up to them to no avail.
Zath Stoneworker: But back to my small suggestion. So, if, say, mages could use a expensive consumable to enhance their spellbooks with spell life leech and spell mana leech, up to 10%, they could be as fun to use for PvM as mele fighters.
Zath Stoneworker: Make said consumables 250K gold per, with a biased bell curve distribution with 80% chance of the leech property being 4% to 8%
Zath Stoneworker: and you will also have a nice gold sink with people burning gold to max out their spellbooks for PvM.
Zath Stoneworker: And on top of that, this change could make content a bit easier to balance since mages would have almost as much staying power as Mele fighters with leeches or necromancy.
Mesanna: nice suggestion we will discuss it
Zath Stoneworker: Thanks. Lastly…
Zath Stoneworker: I don’t remember seeing any mention of a strange lady lying in a pound distributing swords handing one to Lord Blackthorn,
Zath Stoneworker: our fair and evil king, to whom I pledged alliance, but I wonder how legit is his claim to the throne of Sosaria if the former has not happened.
Zath Stoneworker: Everyone knows that strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is the only proper basis for a system of government!
EM Erebus: Everyone knows supreme executive power derives from the mandates of the masses
EM Erebus: Not some aquatic ceremony.
Mesanna: lol
Mesanna: I really don’t know what to say to that =)
Zath Stoneworker: I just couldn’t pass the opportunity to jest and quote Monty Python!
Zath Stoneworker: Thanks and good night M’lady, Misk, Erebus.
Mesanna: lol *nods*
Mesanna: Good night
Mesanna: thank you

Mesanna: Greetings Meeko
Meeko: Hiya
Meeko: 2 quick questions
Meeko: First, what are chances of slither to drop from Medusa
Mesanna: I don’t have the exact numbers
Mesanna: at this tinme
Mesanna: time
Meeko: oh okay, have ran it alot and never seen one
Mesanna: and I don’t want to mis speak
Meeko: as alot of others have
Meeko: secondly
Meeko: are you going to do anymore paintings?
Mesanna: random generator hates you huh =(
Meeko: indeed it does
Meeko: even with high luck suit
Mesanna: what sort of paintings would you like to see
Meeko: messana masks
Mesanna: umm paintings of masks?
Mesanna: or different masks?
Meeko: if i have a messana mask, are you planning on dying any masks in near future
Misk: I would love to see more Mesanna paintings in game, myself….
Mesanna: ok you don’t want a painting you want to know if I am going to be dying masks
Meeko: indeed
Mesanna: I will get with Erebus and come up with a date and time
Meeko: okie dokie, thank you very much
Mesanna: thank you

Mesanna: Greetings Seledor
Seledor: Greetings
Seledor: Iwould like to know if pet dragons will be ridavle
Mesanna: not this year
Mesanna: maybe for the 209th
Mesanna: 20th
Mesanna: 209 wow
Mesanna: thats old
Mesanna: no kidding!
Seledor: and can u fix my sea dragon title pplease
Seledor: it says engraved
Mesanna: Yes
Seledor: ty my lady
Mesanna: welcome
Mesanna: have a good evening

Boltar: Just wanted to say Happy 19th Anniversary and many more ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a good Evening
Mesanna: Greetings Boltar
Mesanna: Thank you

Mesanna: Greetings Zalan
Zalan: Hail
Kyronix : HellO!
Zalan: In the future may we see the return of Dread Mares or Bane Dragons?
Mesanna: no
Mesanna: but wait till the Pet revamp
Mesanna: before you get to disappointed
Mesanna: making nightmares useful
Mesanna: and many other pets
Mesanna: we will be doing that the first part of next year
Zalan: Also is there a chance we could see an Invisiaon with old advesarys combined like Juka, Chaos Dragons, Bane?
Mesanna: Anything is possible
Mesanna: and we do understand you guys want to see a few invasions
Zalan: Thank You!
Mesanna: Most welcome

Gift: Hello everyone!
Mesanna: Greetings Gift
Gift: So I have two questions…
Mesanna: ok
Gift: First would be any plans to fix kotl automatons so they can be healed by gift of renewal and cleansing winds?
Kyronix : Automatons are not living creatures, so no
Gift: but even the uo wiki says the other crafted creatures can be healed by them ๐Ÿ™
Mesanna: which ones specific
Mesanna: the leather wolfs?
Gift: I would assume the wolves scorpian and others
Mesanna: we will review the wiki and correct it
Gift: ahh okies
Mesanna: we will check and fix this
Gift: Second question is can we get a new vet reward maybe something like battered old shard shield that works like a transfer shard shield but generates a token maybe once every 6 months or something at a reduced age cost x3
Mesanna: we are not going to be making any other transfer items
Mesanna: other than the one we have already
Gift: aww… getting to 14 years is … difficult but okay ๐Ÿ™
Gift: thank you all for your time
Mesanna: thank you

Beowulf McLovin: can you revamp vvv to make it worth a fight and not just for a thief? I miss factions ๐Ÿ˜›
Mesanna: Greetings Beowulf
Beowulf McLovin: and greetings
Beowulf McLovin: ๐Ÿ™‚
Kyronix : We have some ideas and there has been some threads recently regarding what we can do to
Kyronix : increase the impactfulness of VvV
Kyronix : We’re hoping to get some of those implemented in a future publish
Beowulf McLovin: and when are the 15th ann robes gonna be back for sell?
Mesanna: after the next group is posted
Mesanna: which will probably be at xmas
Beowulf McLovin: ok thanks
Mesanna: since we have a few new items to put in also
Mesanna: Welcome

Kuzan: hello
Mesanna: Greetings Kuzan
Kuzan: i was wanting to get with you about that add i discussed makeing
Kuzan: to much to sit here with can i email you some ideas and let you tell me what you think
Mesanna: emailing me would be great
Kuzan: ok ive got the outfit just about complete
Kuzan: just i want the setting to be what you might desire
Kuzan: ill email you ina few then ๐Ÿ™‚
Kuzan: thanks

Mesanna: Greetings Hub
Hub: greetings. simple request: can you speed boats and ships up a bit please ?
Mesanna: probably not
Mesanna: we did speed them up
Mesanna: you want them faster now?
Hub: yup
Mesanna: we will have to talk it over with Bleak
Hub: kthxbye
Mesanna: we do have a revamp of the seas on our list

Mesanna: Greetings Hayden
Hayden: hi
Hayden: i was woundering about 1 of the pack drops u can get from shadowguard
Hayden: the mage wep
Hayden: on test they came in 2 different types
Hayden: do both actually exist?
Kyronix : Yes
Kyronix : If they exist on TC1
Kyronix : they exist world wide
Hayden: ive gotton everything from shadowguard but the wand
Hayden: mage wep wand
Hayden: no 1 know has ever gotton it on greatlakes
Kyronix : We can double check, but it should be there
Hayden: i was also woundering if it were possible
Hayden: to add a stable post
Hayden: at shadowguard?
Hayden: kinda like how theres 1 at blackthorns, at the stairs
Kyronix : The reason the one is here is because this region is no pets
Kyronix : Shadowguard doesn’t have that restriction
Kyronix : And you can instantly teleport there now
Hayden: yes
Hayden: i know
Kyronix : So getting your pet there from your home hitching post is a breeze!
Mesanna: oh you want it to change out pets
Mesanna: that work on different things?
Hayden: a post
Hayden: at shadowguard
Hayden: we use diff pets for different rooms
Mesanna: thats what I just said
Hayden: tele crystal is great but
Hayden: yes
Mesanna: umm we have not thought about it at this time
Hayden: ok i think thats it ๐Ÿ™‚
Mesanna: have a good evening
Hayden: u too! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks.

John: hello
John: do you have any details you can tell us of how you may package old expansions you had mentioned
John: possibly a bundle
Mesanna: ok first off let me say that we are giving away up to Mondains Legacy
John: yes
Mesanna: we will be adding a new Expansion with the a later publish
Mesanna: that we will give out also
Mesanna: until we have control of the stores
John: ok
Mesanna: we can not do anything with what or how anything is bundled
Mesanna: once we get control then we can do sales etc
John: do you have any plans to increase tinkering carp and fletching to 120
Mesanna: no
John: i ask to help with success in reapirs
Mesanna: we are adding new bods though for those skills
John: repairs
John: ok ty do by chance have 5 minutes i could chat with you when this is over
Mesanna: regarding?
John: emails i sent you
Mesanna: I have a few moments
John: ty vm
Mesanna: anything else?
John: nope ty
Kyronix : Thanks everyone!
Mesanna: Is that it?
Mesanna: Thank you Legends
Kyronix : Have a great evening!

[EVENT] The Collector Part 2 – 9/22/16

On ย Thursday, September 22ndย at 8:00 PM EST, meet at Castle Blackthorn.

Event Summary: With that council having voted to honor the Collector’s deal, the crystal had been sent away. The guards gathered in Castle Blackthorn where Commander Forthwin ordered them to travel to the Collector’s home and retrieve stone. Upon arriving they fought the Collector outside of his home, distraught. He claimed his vault had been invaded and his collection destroyed. The guards entered the vault and found a legion of undead lead by mysterious rogues wreaking havoc. Fighting back the legion, they found the point of entry leading to the Lost Lands, and the stolen stone guarded by three death lords. After breaking the undead force, Commander Forthwin secured the stone and sent the guards back home.

[EVENT] Council Meeting – 9/20/16

On ย Tuesday, September 20th at 8:00 PM EST,ย Lord Blackthorn shall preside over a Council Meeting at Castle Blackthorn.

Lord Blackthorn: Good evening.
Zalan: Hello
Lord Blackthorn: I do hope we shall see more governors tonight.
Lord Blackthorn: There is an important matter to discuss.
Zalan: I will see if Devil is on
Zalan: She is not on at the moment Lord Blackthorn
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: In the mean time, Governor Zalan, how fares Yew?
Zalan: Yew is going good
Zalan: We had a small child wonder into the Yew Crypts
Lord Blackthorn: A dangerous place. They must have wandered far to get there.
Zalan: The Yew guards were most excellent in there job of saving the child
Lord Blackthorn: It was not harmed?
Zalan: Not physically as the child hid
Lord Blackthorn: How old was this child?
Zalan: Child was around the age of 7 or 8
Zalan: The child is safe and sound now
Lord Blackthorn: How was the child discovered so far off in the vast Deep Woods?
Zalan: A local lumberjack was chopping wood and saw the child go into the crypts
Zalan: He ran to get the guards
Lord Blackthorn: Fortunate. Were it not for him the child would surely have perished.
Zalan: Aye I agree
Lord Blackthorn: What other news?
Zalan: Iknow that Devil is working on phoeinix festival
Lord Blackthorn: Ah yes.
Zalan: It is slated for October 1st
Lord Blackthorn: Very good. Less than two weeks away.
Zalan: Sage Erebus has been leaving magical items laying around
Lord Blackthorn: Which items are those?
Zalan: There was one really the Magical Flute the Gypse had
Lord Blackthorn: I see. You speak of that gypsy merchant from some months ago.
Zalan: Aye
Lord Blackthorn: I cannot say I trust that man. It was wise to return the flute to the sage.
Zalan: I did my lord
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: It seems we will have a short meeting indeed.
Lord Blackthorn: Do you have any else you wished to report, Governor?
Zalan: Aye
Zalan: The only other thing is the Spirit of the Woods is still running around Skare mainland
Phillies suck: just the one? I had one chasing me but I managed to lose it
Lord Blackthorn: Perhaps the guard should must to take care of these dwindling spirits.
Lord Blackthorn: muster*
Phillies suck: sounds like a plan
Lord Blackthorn: The spirits should not prove to be too powerful.
Zalan: I believe this is all the business the current governors I mean governor has
Lord Blackthorn: As I understand, they were only minions of the Lord of the Wood.
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you, governor.
Phillies suck: I’ve seen low turnouts before, but this has to be a record.
Phillies suck: do you remember exactly where it is?
Lord Blackthorn: Where what is? The spirits?
Phillies suck: yes
Lord Blackthorn: I have not received any reports on their current whereabouts.
Zalan: The crossroads near skarea
Zalan: and the forest area
Phillies suck: alright, thanks
Phillies suck: shouldn’t take long
Lord Blackthorn: Now I shall bring to the table an important matter, regarding the Collector
Lord Blackthorn: Last week the Collector sent the guard on a quest to recover a magical crystal.
Lord Blackthorn: This was to be in exchange for a tomb seal in his possession.
Lord Blackthorn: Clearly, we must acquire this stone, so that we may vanquish the Knight of Mondain within.
Lord Blackthorn: However, giving this crystal to the Collector concerns me greatly.
Lord Blackthorn: *glances at DevilsOwn*
Lord Blackthorn: Good evening
DevilsOwn: apologies, sire
Lord Blackthorn: I am speaking of the recent events concerning the Collector.
Lord Blackthorn: As I was saying, I am concerned about handing over this crystal to the Collector.
DevilsOwn: aye
Lord Blackthorn: As some schools of magic teach, every person is a vessel,
Lord Blackthorn: capable of channeling certain amounts of energy
Lord Blackthorn: As well as at certain rates.
Lord Blackthorn: Yet, this crystal was devised by ancient meers to increase that capacity.
Lord Blackthorn: It is entirely useless to someone not skilled in magic.
Lord Blackthorn: It is deadly to novices that are not mentally equipped to handle that much power.
Lord Blackthorn: But it is especially dangerous to the Kingdom, should it fall into the wrong hands.
DevilsOwn: perhaps this Collector already has a buyer? and his eye set on a higher prize?
Lord Blackthorn: It is possible. But we cannot be fully certain. He seems to have a collection of his own.
Lord Blackthorn: However it is known that among Rares Collectors, items of value often trade hands.
DevilsOwn: indeed they do
Lord Blackthorn: There is also no telling what will happen to the crystal should the Collector die.
Lord Blackthorn: Giving him that crystal could lead to dangerous, unforeseen consequences.
DevilsOwn: he does seem a vicious sort, you see no repercussions if he doesn’t receive it?
Lord Blackthorn: It is possible. It is within my royal authority to order the Collector to surrender the stone.
Lord Blackthorn: Normally I loathe to exercise such a power. But for the safety of the Kingdom, I would do it.
DevilsOwn: as a collector, might it be possible that he has gained some magic along the way?
DevilsOwn: may be dangerous to cross him
Lord Blackthorn: It is more dangerous to cross me.
DevilsOwn: which means danger either way, I suppose
DevilsOwn: *grin*
DevilsOwn: indeed, m’Lord
Zalan: I believe the safety of the land over rides the collector
DevilsOwn: *nod*
Lord Blackthorn: It shall also mean that the Collector shall no longer extend assistance, or “trades” to the guard.
Lord Blackthorn: Any assistance he may be inclined to offer in the future, he likely will not.
DevilsOwn: well, so far he’s brought nothing of value to us, just a “promise”
Lord Blackthorn: I am certain he will honor his proposed deal.
Lord Blackthorn: Rares Collector, after all, depend a great deal on their honor and reputation.
DevilsOwn: some do….. others, not so much
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
DevilsOwn: and we know little about which he might be
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Zalan, I seem to have your vote on the matter.
DevilsOwn: on the other hand, his collection is impressive
Zalan: *thinks*
Zalan: I vote to help the collector for now
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Very well.
Lord Blackthorn: Governor DevilsOwn, what are your thoughts?
DevilsOwn: he gets the crystal and we get what?
Lord Blackthorn: He shall hand over the tomb seal.
Lord Blackthorn: This stone contains the tomb of one of the Knights of Mondain.
DevilsOwn: my thought is that the seal is more important to us than the crystal
DevilsOwn: I’m with Zalan, help the Collector
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Very well. I shall have notify Magister Rainard.
DevilsOwn: risk his wrath rather than him letting loose an army or Knights on our towns
Lord Blackthorn: The crystal shall be delivered to the Collector in one week
Lord Blackthorn: And I shall order Commander Forthwin to have it retrieved.
DevilsOwn: seems the best plan, don’t you think?
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, I only hope that this crystal does not end up in the wrong hands.
Lord Blackthorn: But the honorable thing to do would be to conduct the trade.
DevilsOwn: perhaps it will just collect dust on his shelf
Lord Blackthorn: I hope so.
Lord Blackthorn: Now that that matter is settled, Governor DevilsOwn, do you wish to report on Skara Brae?
DevilsOwn: just one thing on everyone’s mind, Sire, preparations for the Phoenix Festival
DevilsOwn: it shall be held on October 1st
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Very good.
Lord Blackthorn: I encourage all to attend
DevilsOwn: if Your Majesty would care to stop by and watch a game or two that would be grand
Lord Blackthorn: Time permitting, I shall see what arrangements can be made.
DevilsOwn: *smile*
DevilsOwn: other than that, all is well in Skara
Zalan: Will there be a round or two of pin the tail on Uriah this year?
DevilsOwn: heheheh
DevilsOwn: we cant get him to stand still for it anymore
Lord Blackthorn: Seeing as how we have no other governors present to report, I will call this meeting to an end.
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you, Governors, for your input on the matter concerning the Collector.
DevilsOwn: have a good evening, m’Lord
Lord Blackthorn: Commander Forthwin shall muster the guard in two days to begin the transaction.
Zalan: I wonder if they have all been kidnapped
Lord Blackthorn: Long live Britannia!
Zalan: *bows*