[NEWS] Governor Zalan Assassinated!

We are sad to report that on November 15th during a dinner meeting hosted by Lord Blackthorn, Governor Zalan of Yew was assassinated by a wraith while attempting to give his report on Yew. The assailant seemed to come after an enigmatic box recovered from the crypts of Yew. Employing magic within Lord Blackthorn’s castle, the wraith swiftly struck down Governor Zalan before taking the box and fleeing. Zalan showed no signs of life after his fall but was immediately rushed to the local healers for examination. Lord Blackthorn has sworn to address this injustice.

[EVENT] Mystery of the Faith – 11/17/16

On Thursday, November 17th at 8:00 PM EST, meet with Commander Forthwin at Castle Blackthorn for a perilous mission.

WARNING!!!: This event will be more challenging than normal. Players are STRONGLY recommended to insure everything they have and leave anything they do not wish to lose in the bank. There may come a point where fallen bodies will be unrecoverable. Come prepared for anything.

Event Summary: The guards entered the tomb of the Pallid Knight, except upon entry they encountered the ancient warrior himself standing above his opened tomb. The Pallid Knight scolded the guards, claiming they were arrogant and that their entire adventure across the 5th preceding tombs was all a deception. He revealed that his five companion knights had never truly been destroyed, and claimed that they could not be destroyed. The Knights of Mondain, united, unleashed their fury on the Royal Guards and sent them on the run through a forgotten corridor of the tomb. What the guards found after escaping the Knights was an ancient battle ground riddled with the bones of ancient paladins belonging to an order called the Mysterium Fidei. The old bones started to come to life and the guards, weary from their catastrophic loss against the Knights of Mondain, had to fight for their lives to survive. By good fortune, they beat back the cursed paladin remains and found an escape out of the dread tomb.

[EVENT] Council Meeting – 11/15/16

On Tuesday, November 15th at 8:00 PM EST, Lord Blackthorn shall preside over a Council Meeting.

Lord Blackthorn: *nods to Zalan*
Zalan: Hail Lord
Zalan: Blackthorn
DevilsOwn: evenin m’Lord
Lord Blackthorn: Good evening.
Lord Blackthorn: I decided it would be appropriate, perhaps, given the season, to have a change of scenery.
DevilsOwn: *smile*
Zalan: Aye
DevilsOwn: very thoughtful
Uriah Heep: indeed
DevilsOwn: and it all looks delicious
Lord Blackthorn: Enjoy the feast, freshly cooked from the Royal Kitchen.
Zalan: Looks might fine
Lord Blackthorn: *smiles*
DevilsOwn: Sire, it seems we’re short a few governor’s tonite
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, the royal chef is quite talented.
Lord Blackthorn: That is quite alright.
DevilsOwn: mmmm yummy
Zalan: *eats*
Lord Blackthorn: Britannia seems on the precipice of a new era of peace.
DevilsOwn: that would be nice, so many battles lately
Zalan: That would be good peace
Lord Blackthorn: Perhaps in a darker time I would require their presence more.
Lord Blackthorn: Nevertheless I do look forward to hearing your words.
Uriah Heep: thought I heard someone upstairs
Lord Blackthorn: Governor DevilsOwn, how fares Skara Brae?
DevilsOwn: Skara is in fine shape shape, Sire
Lord Blackthorn: Welcome.
Savoua Fair: Pardon my lateness.
DevilsOwn: I wish I had news, but all is well, and as you said, peaceful
DevilsOwn: evenin Sav
Lord Blackthorn: We are close to winter in Skara Brae.
DevilsOwn: aye, already the snow flies
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
DevilsOwn: but all fields are tilled under for their sleep
Lord Blackthorn: I always find a particular melancholy in Skara Brae in winter times.
Lord Blackthorn: *chews on an apple*
DevilsOwn: must be the slower pace, m’Lord
DevilsOwn: and the darkened skies
Lord Blackthorn: Indeed
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you for your report
Savoua Fair: Last meeting wasnt this sparce was it?
DevilsOwn: no indeed, Sav
Lord Blackthorn: I believe we have a few more governors at the previous council.
Lord Blackthorn: Had, I mean to say.
Zalan: Maybe they got snowed in
DevilsOwn: *smile*
Lord Blackthorn: However Britannia is coming upon a new time of peace.
Lord Blackthorn: All of the cities are prospering in their industries.
Lord Blackthorn: The Kingdom has largely been focused on exploring the newly discovered lands of Eodon.
Savoua Fair: The Festivals look intresting.
Lord Blackthorn: Ah, yes
DevilsOwn: aye, a large celebration
Lord Blackthorn: I hope to see what the good crafters of Britannia can accomplish this season.
Lord Blackthorn: As well, I have heard there is a new competition being organized.
Lord Blackthorn: An Ironman competition, as it is called.
Zalan: *eats the pie*
Savoua Fair: yes if he can get it going
Lord Blackthorn: I would very much like to observe the competition.
Savoua Fair: i think i talked him into doing it cross shard then winners copy to yest
Savoua Fair: test
DevilsOwn: he plans things so very well
Savoua Fair: im a paintball addict
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, I hope to see this competition come together.
Lord Blackthorn: Commander Forthwin is presently organizing the next mission for the guards.
Savoua Fair: thats when people will turn up
Lord Blackthorn: In two days time the guard shall attack the sixth and final knight of Mondain.
Lord Blackthorn: With this, the threat of these knights shall be eliminated forever.
Lord Blackthorn: However I worry for what may be uncovered in the tomb.
DevilsOwn: they have all been formidable foes
Lord Blackthorn: The “Pallid Knight” as he was once known, was not a very strong fighter.
Lord Blackthorn: As a tactician, however, he was without peer.
Lord Blackthorn: The guards must tread carefully when they enter his tomb.
Lord Blackthorn: There is no telling what trickery may lie within.
Lord Blackthorn: However the guard has proven itself on many occasions now.
Lord Blackthorn: I have total confidence they shall succeed in their quest.
Lord Blackthorn: *eats a slice of bacon*
Lord Blackthorn: Delicious.
Lord Blackthorn: *turns to Zalan*
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Zalan
Lord Blackthorn: I would like to hear an update on Yew, and the previously mentioned undead threat.
Zalan: There is something foul a foot in Yew
DevilsOwn: *frown*
Zalan: Skeltal Dragons havve appeared
Zalan: and killed many of the sheep and a few shepards
Savoua Fair: Tomb related?
Zalan: More related to the Lich in the Yew Cryptt
Zalan: Some of the lumbjacks that work for the mill refuse to go into the woods
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, there seems to be a lich roaming about, unfortunately.
Lord Blackthorn: *frowns*
Zalan: They have seen the Lich
Zalan: and other undead
Zalan: I was hoping after the passing of the Hollow
Savoua Fair: Lumberjacks drink too much.
Zalan: the undead would disperce
Zalan: There was one adventure that went into the crypt
Zalan: he recovered a box
Zalan: with ancient runes carved into it
Zalan: it seems to pulse with very dark energy
Zalan: the runes look very old
Lord Blackthorn: *looks at the box*
Zavan: My master box
Zavan: you cant have it
Lord Blackthorn: *looks at Zavan*
Lord Blackthorn: What is the meaning of this
Zavan: you will die Zlan
Zavan: Zalan
Zavan: Port Ort
Savoua Fair: Aberition?
DevilsOwn: good grief!!!
Zavan: Maters box
Lord Blackthorn: This is an outrage!
Uriah Heep: we have a governor killed in teh castle?!?!
Lord Blackthorn: NAme your master
Zavan: It is a scereat
Zavan: you shall know him, soom
Zavan: sooon
Zavan: Yew will perish
Lord Blackthorn: You have made a grave mistake today spirit.
Savoua Fair: My history and gossip is rusty. Whos Zavan?
Lord Blackthorn: I know not.
DevilsOwn: I don’t know
Lord Blackthorn: *checks on Zalan*
DevilsOwn: I fear he’s quite dead, Sire
Savoua Fair: Smak him a lil.
Lord Blackthorn: *checks Zalan’s pulse*
Savoua Fair: An evil twin from Bizzaro?
DevilsOwn: the force of the bolt nearly stopped my heart!
Lord Blackthorn: A minion of this lich, I suspect.
Savoua Fair: Splash some wine on him.
Lord Blackthorn: I can feel no pulse from his body.
Uriah Heep: A bounty on all undead may be needed
Savoua Fair: A powerful caster it must have been…how dit it cast in here?
Uriah Heep: aye that is odd
Lord Blackthorn: A difficult question to answer.
DevilsOwn: perhaps this liche is more powerful than others
Uriah Heep: strong magics too, to overcome the power of the castle
Savoua Fair: Call the Professer!!
Lord Blackthorn: *pulls the body out*
DevilsOwn: *weeps*
Lord Blackthorn: I must deliver the Governor the healers immediately
Lord Blackthorn: This meeting is, unfortunately, adjourned.
DevilsOwn: g,nite m’Lord
Uriah Heep: *sigh*
Lord Blackthorn: I shall form an investigation into his death very soon.
Savoua Fair: I almost feel bad you had to go through all that for my sake?
Uriah Heep: G’nite Sire
DevilsOwn: I’d do anything, for you, Sav, anything, yes I’d do anything for youuuuu
Lord Blackthorn: There is nothing to feel about except the death of this man.
Lord Blackthorn: Now please, excuse me.
Lord Blackthorn: Kal Ort Por