[EVENT] Honoring the Deal – 7/28/16

On Thursday, July 28th at 8:00 PM EST, meet Nico Radu at his shop to complete the transaction.

Event Summary: The guards returned to the gypsy cart of the mysterious traveling merchant, Nico Radu. They did not find him at his cart, but heard a distant melody coming from the woods, and followed it to find Nico next to a pond, playing a strange tune on his silverleaf flute. Many spirits of the wood emerged to dance to the tune, and attacked the guards. The forest itself seemed to come alive, moving to Nico’s song while lashing out at the intruders. Another strange spirit arose from the pond, called the Lord of the Wood. It danced to Nico’s tune until it finally attacked the guards, sending them on an elusive chase through the forest. The guards found several silverleaf flutes on the Lord of the Wood’s remains, but upon returning to the pool and the cart, Nico Radu was nowhere to be found. Just what power had Radu tapped in to?

[EVENT] Governor Meeting – 7/26/16

On Tuesday, July 26th at 8:00 PM EST, Lord Blackthorn shall conduct a council meeting at Castle Blackthorn.

Jack Sparrow: good evening your grace
Lord Blackthorn: Hail, Britannia
Seledor: greetings and well met
Lord Blackthorn: Please be seated.
Lord Blackthorn: How fares the Council this evening?
Beowulf McLovin: i was your running a little behind my lord
Beowulf McLovin: so i sat down
DevilsOwn: apologies
Lord Blackthorn: Skara Brae is a long ways away.
DevilsOwn: *smile*
Jack Sparrow: it’s the closest town to Brit 😉
Lord Blackthorn: Welcome all, to the Council.
Cirdan: 🙂
Delian Mars: ty
Zalan: Please forgive Dev she sometimes forgets were the moongate is located
Lord Blackthorn: The first matter I wish to address is the recent and sudden invasion upon Moonglow.
DevilsOwn: *poke*
Cirdan: ?
Jack Sparrow: aye it was a nasty affair
Lord Blackthorn: Last Thursday the Royal Guard responded to a vicious threat originating from the graveyard.
Beowulf McLovin: ahhh my lord we need to place more security in the town
Lord Blackthorn: Do you require extra guards, Governor?
Beowulf McLovin: indeed
Cirdan: is it still occuring?
Beowulf McLovin: we have been having more active spawns in are grave yard and i dont know if are mages can handl
Beowulf McLovin: handle it all by them self
Beowulf McLovin: the power is strong from with in the grave yard
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: I will order the Commander to assign several extra guards to Moonglow’s perimeter.
Beowulf McLovin: the people of moonglow feel unsafe as we try to hold them to the grave yard
Beowulf McLovin: thank you my lord
Lord Blackthorn: In the mean time, I will expect the guard to respond to any further threats that reveal themselve
Lord Blackthorn: I am in the process of organizing a dig at the site of this “old grave” as it was described.
Beowulf McLovin: Yes Sir!
Lord Blackthorn: I have no doubts, once the dig begins, that more of the evil resting beneath it will stir.
DevilsOwn: Ynise suspects that another of Mondain’s Six lies there
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, I noticed that in the report.
Beowulf McLovin: maybe a curfew order may be needed for the people of moonglow
Lord Blackthorn: That is entirely your decision, Governor.
Beowulf McLovin: seems the power grows within the dark hours
Lord Blackthorn: If you believe it will ensure the safety of your people, then do what you must.
Beowulf McLovin: indeed i will order it after the meeting sir
Lord Blackthorn: If one of the ancient Knights does indeed rest beneath Moonglow, it is our duty to find it.
Jack Sparrow: I can spare some guards to assist Moonglow
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: That will be appreciated, Governor Sparrow.
Jack Sparrow: I was there last week and saw what was happening
DevilsOwn: Our forces at times seemed overwhelmed, but the night ended in victory
Lord Blackthorn: The undead have always been a vicious and relentless foe.
Beowulf McLovin: a curfew of 10pm will be order in moonglow to keep the people safe and maybe add some barricade
Lord Blackthorn: For they cannot truly be killed – only beaten to a motionless pulp, really.
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Now, with that matter concluded, let us begin our reports.
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Cirdan, what do you have to report about Jhelom?
Cirdan: may i ask some questions first?
Lord Blackthorn: Certainly.
Cirdan: i had pnemonia in rl and seem tohave missed the monnglow event when was that?
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: This occured last Thursday
Lord Blackthorn: The Royal Guard responded to a very sudden invasion of undead.
Cirdan: my buddy the gov of vesper was onvacay so he didnt help lol
Cirdan: ok where could i have found the report?
Lord Blackthorn: The report I have read was one delivered to me personally by Commander Forthwin.
Lord Blackthorn: But I shall have this reported posted soon for all to see.
Lord Blackthorn: report*
Cirdan: was it posted on stratics oh ok ty
Cirdan: sorry im still trying to informed better
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
DevilsOwn: our EM Erebus does a very fine job of relating all that happens on Legends
Cirdan: Jehlom has been quiet not incidents to report
Lord Blackthorn: Most of the guard’s activities are documented and stored for posterity.
Cirdan: i have a question about what i would like to change in city if possible
Lord Blackthorn: You have the floor, Governor.
Cirdan: would it be possible to dble the npc smiths in each of the stoores
Cirdan: stores
Cirdan: i noticed on Ociana thsey have twice as many
Cirdan: wasnt sure if it is possible
Cirdan: want to make it a place of bibery 🙂
Cirdan: bribery
Lord Blackthorn: I shall confer with my Royal Economic Advisor, to see if such a thing is possible.
Lord Blackthorn: I shall tell you now – this is not a typical request and may not be possible.
Cirdan: also can i run an event where i reward people for completeing trade orders for the treasury?
Cirdan: no sure who to go about it tho
Cirdan: not
Lord Blackthorn: How would this event work?
Cirdan: i would try to give participants a reward from my personal holdings based on number of orders com
Cirdan: pleted in a 24 hr period
Cirdan: if it casn be tracked
Cirdan: would promote commerce
Lord Blackthorn: To my knowledge, I am not certain there is a way to track individual trade order counts.
Cirdan: but honstly im still trying to figure out trade orders
Cirdan: ok
Lord Blackthorn: If there was, I believe your idea could bring incredible economic incentive.
Cirdan: ty
Cirdan: thats my report ty for listeninig
Lord Blackthorn: Nevertheless, I can send an inquiry to the Royal Economic Advisor, to see if such a thing is possib
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Lord Blackthorn: possible.
Cirdan: ty vm
Lord Blackthorn: It is, however, a very good idea.
Cirdan: 🙂
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you for your report, Governor.
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Sparrow, how fares Trinsic? Do the Mongbats continue to be a threat?
Jack Sparrow: I am happy to report that plans for the 3rd Annual Trinsic Festival are proceding on schedule
Jack Sparrow: the mongbats seemed to have disappeared
DevilsOwn: *smile*
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Very good.
Lord Blackthorn: And it is good to hear of your festival.
Jack Sparrow: now you don’t even see normal ones
Jack Sparrow: very strange
Jack Sparrow: we will continue to monitor the area though
Lord Blackthorn: It is odd that they would suddenly disappear.
Jack Sparrow: the Festival will be on Sept 19th
Jack Sparrow: very odd sire
Lord Blackthorn: What events can we expect for the festival?
Jack Sparrow: on one hand I’m happy they are gone
Jack Sparrow: but am weary to keep a blind eye
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Jack Sparrow: The festival include drinking of much rum
Lord Blackthorn: A Rum-drinking contest?
Jack Sparrow: then sailing to an “unknown” location to defeat Titan with a great island
Jack Sparrow: nay not a contest per se, just drinking
Lord Blackthorn: *grins*
DevilsOwn: Jack would win should it be a contest
Jack Sparrow: *nods*
Seledor: begins tosing*yo ho yo ho*
Lord Blackthorn: That sounds like an adventure indeed.
Jack Sparrow: last year we were very successful in defeating an island of undead pirates
Jack Sparrow: and their Titan boss
Jack Sparrow: there was booty for everyone
Jack Sparrow: and my tailors made shirts to mark the occasion
Lord Blackthorn: I wish you good fortune in the expedition.
Jack Sparrow: this year they are busy with a new “surprise”
Jack Sparrow: thank you sire
Lord Blackthorn: That will certainly be a night to remember.
Jack Sparrow: i will inform you if we have trouble with mongbats again
Lord Blackthorn: When I was young, we danced around poles at our festival.
Lord Blackthorn: Nowadays, we hunt Titans.
Lord Blackthorn: How far we have come!
Jack Sparrow: aye
DevilsOwn: maypoles, I did too
Jack Sparrow: that is all i have to report sire
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you, Governor.
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Beowulf, do you have anything to report for Moonglow?
Beowulf McLovin: we basically cover moonglow report my lord!
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Very good.
Lord Blackthorn: I shall have more guards assigned to Moonglow in the coming days.
Beowulf McLovin: thank you my lord
Lord Blackthorn: Governor DevilsOwn, how is Skara Brae?
DevilsOwn: all is well in Skara, m’Lord, but I do have a question for Jack
Jack Sparrow: yes?
DevilsOwn: Sept 19th is a Monday, that’s the right date?
Jack Sparrow: i believe so
DevilsOwn: very good, thank you
DevilsOwn: quiet in Skara Brae, some would say boring, I say peaceful
Jack Sparrow: you’re welcome 🙂
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, boring is better than an undead invasion, I would say.
DevilsOwn: and that’s all, m’Lord
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you, Governor.
DevilsOwn: indeed!
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Delian, what do you have to report about Vesper?
Cirdan: just a few question M’lord
Cirdan: may i ask
Lord Blackthorn: *looks to Cirdan*
Delian Mars: mo
Delian Mars: sorry he sit next to me
Lord Blackthorn: *looks back to Delian*
Delian Mars: in rl
DevilsOwn: *grin*
Cirdan: can isent some warriors from my pits
Cirdan: to glow to help defend
Lord Blackthorn: *looks to Cirdan*
Cirdan: i should have offered
Lord Blackthorn: That will be acceptable, and appreciated
Cirdan: 🙂
Lord Blackthorn: I appreciate the offer, Governor
Lord Blackthorn: *looks to Delian*
Delian Mars: would it be possbile to have a place on the forum where we governors could
Delian Mars: state the current trade agreement we have
Delian Mars: efor the citizens
Lord Blackthorn: If it would help, I could compile such a list and place it in my book of faces.
Delian Mars: if there is one i didnt find it
Delian Mars: oh ty vm
Delian Mars: want to be able to offer alasy many choices as possible
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: That is a fine proposition, which I can accomodate.
Delian Mars: also i would like to try to get aa day of hunting/chopping ming for the muesum
Delian Mars: would i tell you to get it on the announcement
Delian Mars: i mean fro the criers to announce
Lord Blackthorn: *rubs his chin*
Lord Blackthorn: Let me consider that for a moment.
Delian Mars: of course
Delian Mars: also would you know how i can figure out the decay rate for the level for the community
Delian Mars: museum
Delian Mars: i just cant grasp it
Delian Mars: when the level goes a tier
Lord Blackthorn: Unfortunately Governor, I do not believe the town criers will be able to accomodate that
Delian Mars: how fast does it decay
Delian Mars: ok ty
Lord Blackthorn: My recommendation is to post your announcement to a forum.
Lord Blackthorn: This is the most visible place for it
Lord Blackthorn: Now, as for the decay rate…
Delian Mars: thats all for my report sir Vesper is quiet
Lord Blackthorn: I’m not sure I have ever heard an answer to the exact rate of decay.
Lord Blackthorn: I believe a percentage is taken away each day.
Delian Mars: ok ty i just wanted to maintain any gains if possible
Lord Blackthorn: The more points that accumulates, the more are lost each day.
Delian Mars: oh hok
Delian Mars: ok
Lord Blackthorn: Perhaps observing it over the course of several days will yield an answer.
Delian Mars: ty i can do that
Lord Blackthorn: Nevertheless I do support your proposition, I wish you good luck in your plans.
Delian Mars: 🙂
Lord Blackthorn: Is there anything else you wish to report?
Delian Mars: no sire
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you.
Lord Blackthorn: Governor Zalan, how fares Yew?
Zalan: Yew is growing
Zalan: Yew has been working on trade deals
Zalan: We have noticed an increase in bandits intercepting the traders
Lord Blackthorn: Ah, bringing more trade into Yew
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: The Deep Woods is a typical refuge for fugitives of the law.
Zalan: The guards have noticed a slight increase in orc foot traffic to the south
Zalan: In the forest
Lord Blackthorn: Yes, they have an underground fortress somewhere in that area.
Zalan: I have aquired a small keep to help the security in Yew
Lord Blackthorn: They tend to keep to themselves, but in hard times have been known to strike out.
Lord Blackthorn: Fortunately there has not been a serious orcish threat in a long time.
Zalan: This is all I have to report on Yew for now
Lord Blackthorn: *nods*
Lord Blackthorn: Thank you Governor.
Lord Blackthorn: Before I conclude this meeting, I wish to make one more remark.
Lord Blackthorn: I have heard rumors of a traveling merchant appearing near Skara Brae
Lord Blackthorn: I do not know this man personally – but I understand the nature of his business.
Lord Blackthorn: Men like him must be treated with great caution.
DevilsOwn: gypsy, a bit shady, but fun
Lord Blackthorn: Do not be seduced by his seemingly glamorous goods.
Lord Blackthorn: The gypsies are an industrious and in some ways mysterious people.
DevilsOwn: but they are *very* pretty shinies, m’Lord
Lord Blackthorn: Yet, some among them have been known for being tricksters and shysters.
Lord Blackthorn: It is the same with any people, truly.
Lord Blackthorn: But what sets the gypsies apart is their deep connection to their ancient ways.
Lord Blackthorn: I only advise caution with this man.
Lord Blackthorn: With that said, I thank the governors for their attendance.
Lord Blackthorn: This meeting is adjourned.
DevilsOwn: thank you, Sire
Lord Blackthorn: Long live Britannia!
Seledor: long live Legends

[EVENT] Guard Duty – 7/21/16

On Thursday, July 21st, at 8:00 PM EST, report to Castle Blackthorn for guard duty.

Event Summary: Upon arrival at the Castle, Commander Forthwin immediately dispatched the guards to Moonglow, where strange events were reported to be occuring. Very soon after the guards had gathered, an undead legion was unleashed on the inhabitants of Moonglow. The undead warriors fought mercilessly but the guards pushed the invading forces back and broke it. What they discovered in the aftermath was an old gravestone upon which a festering death had accumulated. The gravestone had no markings, and Commander Forthwin vowed to find out what was buried beneath it.

[EVENT] From Another Land – 7/7/16

Rumors have been spreading about the appearance of the mysterious traveling merchant, Nico Radu, to appear in Britannia. No doubt, a gate to his shop shall appear at the Counselor’s Guild Hall in Britain on Thursday, July 7th at 8:00 PM EST. Come and see his wares!

Event Summary: The guards found Nico Radu, a traveling gypsy merchant, sitting on the side of the road between Skara Brae and Britain. He offered a deal to the guards, in exchange for helping him, he would offer some of his wares. He asked the guards to clear the demons in Relvinian’s hedge maze so that he may have from it an old painting of Morganna, a famous gypsy seer. The guards dutifully vanquished the demon horde, and returned to Nico’s shop, where he offered them a chance to choose the item they wanted. However, once the guards made their choice, Nico stated that the wares were not immediately available, and that he would return with them at a later date. The guards were left wondering if this shady character would stay true to his word.

[FICTION] Transdimensional Perception Through Sensory Interaction

The following is an excerpt from an obscure, old book titled “Transdimensional Perception Through Sensory Interaction: Thoughts and Theories” by an unnamed scholar; a footnote relegated to an unimportant chapter near the back of the book.

“…and of course there are the old stories and jokes about the curious intelligence of many breeds of canine. Is it possible, perhaps, that a dog possesses a separate faculty altogether through which it perceives its surroundings, and other dogs? It is most unlikely, but this hypothesis would be consistent with recent research. For example, why does a dog chase its tail? Why does it bury bones? Why do dogs greet each other by sniffing each other’s posteriors? These are, of course, all questions which zoologists have answered, at least to their own satisfaction, yet this behavior may be better explained through transdimensional communication. A dog, of course, cannot speak. Thus any forms of communication must occur on a different plane.

The “K9″ dimension, as I have dubbed it, would accomplish precisely that. However, the implications of such a hypothesis extend well beyond such seemingly trivial matters as why dogs consume their own bodily waste. Indeed, if such a K9 dimension exists, it must follow that lifeforms native to it must also exist; that it must possess a form of some kind, and that Sosarian dogs, whether fully realized in the dimension or not, must at least be somehow connected to it in order to facilitate communication. Of course, being that this concerns dogs, this subject is of little importance, and it is highly doubtful that such a dimension truly exists precisely as described. Nevertheless, some form of transdimensional communication must be at play.”